UPDATE: Joseph Capriati out of danger, after being stabbed by his father, details


The news does not spare the artists, and it is unfortunately the turn of the Italian DJ / producer Joseph Capriati to pay the price. Boss of the Redimension label, the Ibiza figure mainly active since 2007 was in critical condition.

The one who usually resides and mixes in Spain was back in his native Italy during this pandemic period. Caserta News explains that on Friday evening, spirits were heated in the Capriati family. From what appeared to be a banal family conflict, the tone quickly rose and the father, 61, grabbed a kitchen knife, stabbing his son in the abdomen.

Help and police arrived in time to transport Capriati to Caserta hospital, where he is currently being treated. Josh Capriati lives in Spain, but since the start of the pandemic, he has returned to his native region in southern Italy, near his relatives. Capriati’s father was immediately arrested for attempted manslaughter.




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