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EbeneMagazine – US – APERÇU: USWNT revient au combat contre les Pays-Bas

. L'USWNT affronte les Pays-Bas aujourd'hui.

. EbeneMagazine – RU – Prominent physicist believed to be part of military nuclear...

. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, participated in the development of the country's military nuclear program and led the work on the creation of nuclear warheads. In the past, he served in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, held a senior position in the Ministry of Defense, and also led the Physics Research Center..

. EbeneMagazine –JP –PLEXTOR, M with 3D NAND flash made by Kioxia. 2 SATA...

. Ayut Co., Ltd. is M made by PLEXTOR.. 2 SATA SSD "M8VG Plus" series will be released from November 28th. There are three types of capacity, 256GB / 512GB / 1TB, and the estimated retail price excluding tax is expected to be around 3,980 yen, 6,980 yen, and 11,980 yen, respectively.