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LevelMagazine – AU – Big Vic clubs are considering picking this year’s top 10...

. . An explosive midfielder with huge upward movements as this year's top 10 draft bolter. Sandringham Dragons prospect Archie Perkins will be the first Victorian draftee to be selected next month.

FlachMagazine – AU – Shannon Noll rescued scared backpackers from a GIANT SNAKE while...

. . Shannon Noll rescued a group of scared backpackers from a large line on Monday. The Australian idol star quarreled with the slippery creature with no shoes or shirt near a local pub.

EbeneMagazine – GB – Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner wear matching camouflage face masks

. . Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are apparently enjoying their newfound status as parents. The couple was spotted walking near their Los Angeles home with their young daughter Willa on Monday.