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LevelMagazine – AU – Sia grabs autistic actor after backlash over new movie ‘Music’

. . Sia's decision not to cast an autistic actor to play an autistic character has sparked a wave of backlash - and her response to it blew things up even more.

LevelMagazine – AU – Flight tests showing B61-12 will work with Air Force’s newest...

. . A replicated B61-12 strike in the dusty Nevada desert has successfully completed the first of a series of flight tests on the U. S.. . The Air Force's newest fighter jet demonstrates the first bomb release from an internal bomb bay at a higher speed of sound.

LevelMagazine – GB – EastEnders: Callum Highway discovers Ian Beale called 999 about a...

. . The policeman (played by Tony Clay) was previously threatened by Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami), who said he would put down his friend Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) if he was arrested.