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. EbeneMagazine – RU – US Navy destroyer violated Russian border. ru

. The large anti-submarine ship of the Pacific Fleet "Admiral Vinogradov" was stopped by the destroyer of the American Navy, which went two kilometers beyond the line of the Russian state border, the Defense Ministry said.

EbeneMagazine –JP –« Call me Yabesta » Hiroyuki Yabe, enthusiastic about the new program at DAZN...

Hiroyuki Yabe, Yabecchi FC, DAZN, Ninety-nine, TV Asahi EveneMagazine- JP-"Call me Yabecchi" Hiroyuki Yabe is enthusiastic about the new...

. EbeneMagazine – IN – Honda City hatchback details revealed ahead of launch. en

. The City Hatchback will have feature-rich cabin and draws power from a 1. 0-liter, 3-cylinder, turbo-petrol engine that generates 120hp of maximum power and 173Nm of peak torque.