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. EbeneMagazine – RU – Scandals: Rusnano interlayers. ru

. Anatoly Chubais manages the state corporation through a “gasket” company, thanks to which his earnings have not been publicly published since 2015, as Anatoly Chubais previously surrounded himself with numerous international consultants who are busy coming up with schemes for transferring money to dubious projects. The degree of honesty for tax authorities is becoming easier to determine over time. One of such suspicious schemes related to the financing of foreign [...]

EbeneMagazine –JP- Nissin Foods HD announces that Koike-ya will become a subsidiary on the...

. (10 o'clock, code 2897) Nissin Foods HD has continued to grow for 4 days. At one point, 130 yen (1) compared to the previous weekend. 5%) It rose to 8880 yen. On the 20th, it announced that it would make Koike-ya (JQ, 2226), a major snack food company, a subsidiary. Koike-ya