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As consumers, we often worry about the ingredients that make up our cosmetics Allergens, endocrine disruptors, preservatives, are all components that can be found in our creams and soaps Some brands have said stop the production of cosmetics harmful to our health and our planet

This is the case with Cosmébulle, a pioneering brand of bulk sales and cosmetic raw materials In the company of Cécile Marcesse, sales and marketing director, we will discover how to design your cosmetics at home using raw and certified organic ingredients, in a snap!

Cosmébulle is a brand of natural cosmetics from the CDS group made in Drôme Provençale A family business since 1988, one of the main objectives of our brand is to offer local products without palm oil, parabens and sulphates that take care of the skin of our consumers while respecting the environment

Designed, formulated and manufactured in our factory in Drôme, all of our products are available exclusively in bulk, in order to promote ethical and transparent consumption patterns Our products are certified by COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL and are not tested on animals

We offer shower gels, shampoos, liquid and solid soaps in bulk A pioneer in bulk sales, for us this is a social and environmental responsibility We focus our know-how on the production and sale of cosmetics and we think of them in bulk before thinking of them in their packaged format. We advocate waste reduction and believe that containers should not be single-use

What sets us apart on the French market is our range of raw materials to design homemade cosmetics We want to encourage households to create their own healthy products in reduced quantities to avoid waste.

We therefore offer for sale certified organic beeswax pearls which are used to design balms, moisturizers, but also lipsticks Beeswax has moisturizing properties to protect the skin from dehydration

Certified organic pure olive soap noodles are ideal for making soaps, shower gels, but also detergents Rich in olive oil with moisturizing and softening properties, this foaming soap is multi-use It cleans the laundry, the floor, the dishes and softens the skin … We also offer noodles made from sunflower and coconut oil

Bulk vegetable glycerin is an essential element to add to the manufacture of homemade cosmetics It provides softness and hydration thanks to its ability to retain moisture Finally the surfactant SCI is a foaming and cleansing raw material but above all very soft It allows the realization of shower gels, soaps and shampoos

For the preservation of homemade cosmetics to be optimal, you should be wary of four things: bacteria, air, light and too high temperatures These four elements should be avoided as much as possible, which are responsible in most cases for the expiration of cosmetics. The place chosen to store cosmetic products is therefore strategic A dry place, protected from light, protected from humidity and heat in which air does not circulate, should be preferred

To properly store your DIY cosmetics, the manufacturing step is crucial The tools used must be disinfected as well as the work surface with ideally 90 degree alcohol It is recommended to boil your utensils to sterilize them We recommend choosing an airtight glass container suitable so that the air does not infiltrate

Finally, some ingredients prevent the oxidation and proliferation of bacteriaThis is the case of vitamins C and E, grapefruit seed extracts, or even wheat germ oil.

We share many tips for using our raw materials as well as tips on our blog with our community

At Cosmébulle, we have decided to ban two categories of ingredients that are harmful to the health of our customers or harmful to the planet

Parabens and phthalates are ingredients to avoid Endocrine disruptors, these ingredients can be harmful to the skin, cause allergies, and in some cases even be carcinogenic As for palm oil, silicones and sulphates, these ingredients have devastating effects on the environment

We are available in organic stores and organic grocery stores offering bulk products If your readers are looking for products near them, please write to us.

On our blog and on our Instagram page, we offer many recipes to introduce our community to Do It Yourself in cosmetics

I am going to present you a recipe for hand cream made from beeswax

You will need as ingredients: 10g of beeswax, 15g of shea butter, 5g of vegetable glycerin, and 5 drops of essential oil (optional)

Start by melting the beeswax in a double boiler with the shea butter or the vegetable oil you have chosen to make them liquid and then let it cool Once at room temperature, add the vegetable glycerin and the essential oil and mix everything Then pour the preparation into an airtight glass jar and let it solidify. That’s it, your cream is ready!

News – Do-it-yourself organic cosmetics – Biba Magazine





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