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The 400. NCIS episode takes us 40 years back to 1980, the year U. . S.. . Marine Sgt. Leroy Jethro Gibbs met Donald « Ducky » Mallard. And in a twist, it’s Ducky who saves Gibbs’ life, and not the other way around, but it was all random – literally.

The younger version of Gibbs is played by Mark Harmon’s real son Sean Harmon, while Ducky (David McCallum) is played by Adam Campbell. Both men have played these roles before, but this is the first time together.

At the beginning of the story, Gibbs is kidnapped by a member of the Jonny Zucado criminal family, Ringo Zucado, and stuck in the trunk of his car. Ducky, who’s new to the U. S.. . , has not yet got used to driving on the « wrong » side of the road, and he hits Ringo’s car in his Mercedes. It’s not a serious collision, but Ringo is dead. It turns out he was stabbed to death so his death isn’t really in Ducky’s hands, but it’s still not a good sign for Ducky or Gibbs.

When NIS agents (the precursor to NCIS) arrive at the scene of the accident, they discover Gibbs in the trunk and take him to headquarters, where he can thank Ducky for rescuing him and invite him for a drink. The two go to a bar when they are kidnapped by two different thugs from the Zucado family.

The two men are beaten when Jonny tries to find out what Ringo said before he died. Ringo stole something very valuable from Jonny and wants to know if NIS has knowledge of it. Ducky eventually tells Jonny that Ringo was dead before the NIS agents arrived, so he had no chance to tell them anything. Jonny is about to kill Gibbs and Ducky as soon as he has the information he needs, but Gibbs tells him the Marines will hunt him down if he does.

Once Ducky is free and sworn to secrecy, he does his best to convince Gibbs, who revealed he broke up with Shannon, not to be a fool. Gibbs is scared of losing love before he gets hurt, but he listens because he can see that Ducky has lost his own love. So he calls Shannon and the rest is history.

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But we are ahead of ourselves. The two younger versions of Ducky and Gibbs try to solve the crime, and Ducky visits the doctor’s office in the process. He stopped practicing medicine after working in the refugee camp, where he killed a man who was being tortured to protect him from future torture. But the Zucado case made him realize that he could still be a doctor, but instead of caring for the living, he could shut down families of victims.

The two of them couldn’t help bringing Jonny to justice for killing Ringo’s death, even though Jonny had confessed. However, there is no limit to murder. Back in the present – just before December 2019, when Gibbs and Ducky are again involved in a crime with Jonny Zucado – they are determined to be shut down. And they do. They exhume Ringo’s body and the DNA under his fingers is still viable, so they arrest Jonny for his murder.

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LevelMagazine – CA – The 400. NCIS episode reveals the startling way Ducky and Gibbs first met

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