LevelMagazine – CA – Patrick Mahomes admits serving ketchup on the turkey and ham for Thanksgiving and it’s officially okay to hate him


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Patrick Mahomes seems to be a personable guy. His fiancée and mother, however, are a bit much.

Mahomes is addicted to ketchup. It’s not the worst of food obsessions, but it does seem strange to anyone over 10 or one who owns taste buds.

Well, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback dropped some pens on my sympathy scale (PDF copies available) after admitting on KCSP 610 Sports Radio that he put ketchup on his turkey and ham on Thanksgiving.

« Yes, dude. I mean come on. You have to put ketchup on it – turkey and ham, ”Mahomes said. “Come on, you know me better. ”

No, not me, Patrick. I thought I knew you. I thought I found you out. I openly cheered you on at the Super Bowl last year.

Sure, the ketchup stuff is weird, but I was willing to look past your weird culinary choices because you seem like a really good guy and team leader, turned Arrowhead into a polling station, and got sick for money for Jewelry his girl and owns pong with beer.

Mahomes joked about ketchup at Thanksgiving last year. At least I thought it was a joke.

Happy Thanksgiving Day !! Thankful for so much in my life! Hope everyone has a great one! #DontForgetTheKetchup

Maybe this is all just part of his business as a Hunt’s Ketchup spokesperson and the quarterback is being compensated for putting ketchup on everything when in reality he’s a goddamn adult and doesn’t do this shit.

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OK, hate him

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