LevelMagazine – CA – 6 Ontario Greenbelt Council members join Crombie and step down, citing proposed new rules


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Six members of the Greenbelt Council in Ontario have resigned – along with David Crombie, chairman of the council – to protest proposed government rules, which they say would be good for environmental protection in the province.

Crombie, former Progressive Conservative Federal Cabinet Minister and Mayor of Toronto, says his resignation, which will take effect immediately, is in response to measures contained in a collective budget bill tabled by the provincial government last month.

The budget is reportedly focused on helping the province recover from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, though it includes action on several other issues.

Crombie claims that Appendix 6 of the bill would remove power from local conservation agencies and expand ministerial authority over zoning and other potentially sensitive environmental issues.

Crombie, who was appointed chairman for a three-year term in March 2018, said the Greenbelt Council had tried unsuccessfully to convince the government to withdraw Schedule 6 from the bill.

He said his resignation was due to what he described as fundamental disagreements over the political direction of Greenbelt Province.

« Ontarians can successfully realize the great values ​​and benefits of the green belt through the effectiveness of water catchment planning, the strength and resilience of conservation agencies, and the power of public participation and open debate, » Crombie said in his letter of resignation.

« It is now clear that the government is leading the way . . . catastrophically attacks all three of these primary conditions, « he wrote.

« This is not a political and institutional reform. This is a high level bombing attack and needs to be combated. « 

The six others who have stepped down include city planner Pamela Blais, scientist Deborah Martin-Downs, planners Kevin Eby, Lynn Morrow and Wayne Caldwell, and developer Leith Moore. Her letters have been published on social media.

In her resignation letter posted on Twitter on Sunday, Blais said Schedule 6 « would limit the powers and scope » of conservation agencies as to « concerns ». « 

She said it was « worrying » that the use of ministerial zone contracts has increased and development projects have increased in size and scope. « 

« This has often happened without proper assessment or consideration of wider planning impacts, without the benefit of an explicit framework to show why some projects are preferred to others, and without the possibility of meaningful public input, » she explains.

Blais said policy changes need not lead to environmental degradation and government actions are not « evidence-based ». « 

Crombie told CBC News on Sunday that the Greenbelt Council opposed the Ford government’s new measures and subsequently sent letters collectively to Secretary of State for Local Affairs, Steve Clark, demanding that Schedule 6 be removed from the bill becomes.

« Committee hearings have been held this week and other amendments have been tabled that severely limit conservation agencies and their work, » he said.

It has now been approved by a majority of the government in committee and will have a third reading on Monday. Crombie said the events of the past week made him feel it was « inappropriate » to stay in the role.

Crombie said he did not resign because the government had not followed the advice of the council – since he never followed the advice of the council – but called it a matter « fundamental to the future of environmental stewardship » in Ontario be.

He added that the new legislation « diminishes » the ability to view the natural boundaries of the green belt rather than the municipal boundaries. This could affect water quality, the amount of water and the wetlands, he said.

When asked about land development in the green belt, especially as many people are looking for work during the COVID-19 pandemic, Crombie said employment and the environment go hand in hand.

« It is important to understand that if you want to develop an economy after COVID, it depends very much on our ability to move towards a greener economy, » he said. « It is absolutely wrong to assume that the only way to do this just because you want to build the old way is to turn off wetlands and not care about the environment. « 

Clark, who is in charge of overseeing the council, said the measures listed in Appendix 6 do not apply to areas within the green belt.

« I have made a decision to protect the green belt for future generations, » Clark said in a statement. « In the 2020 budget, our government affirmed that we want to expand the quantity and quality of the green belt and hope to have more to say in the coming months.

Clark told CBC News that he thanks those who have stepped down for their service and that he wishes them well. But as a minister he is « frustrated » when he meets monthly with the council.

« I made it very clear that I wanted to work with the council to increase the quantity and quality of the green belt. In this year’s budget for a government, that exact statement and I just could never achieve a high level of cooperation, « he said.

Clark said he was eager to work with council members but read about a letter they sent to the media after « every » session.

« Anyway, I wish you well. And I look forward to working with a new group of men and women who want to grow the green belt with me, « he said.

Clark also said that many of those remaining on the council have expressed their willingness to work with him. There were about 14 members on the council, and the resignations cut the council in half, he said.

Crombie and his colleagues recently spoke out against the changes proposed by the provincial government.

Local authorities and environmental groups have expressed concerns in the weeks since the budget was presented.

Tim Gray, executive director of Environmental Defense, an advocacy group that works with government and industry to advance environmental initiatives, said they had worked with local leaders and conservation agencies to raise awareness of the impact of the new legislation.

« In fact, it’s really difficult to identify anyone other than developers who actually want to see this, » said Gray. He added that the changes the province is proposing to conservation authorities would affect their ability to protect the public from flooding and erosion, and would affect the effects of drinking water.

Gray, who said he was impressed with Crombie and the other council members who stepped down, said the Ontarians care about preserving nature in the area and understanding the consequences of a green belt disruption like that Potential for further flooding.

« I think people basically stand here, » he said of the resigned members. « You are involved in an organization that is supposed to advise the provincial government about environmental protection. And the provincial government does not take this advice. « 

This is not the first time that the province’s environmental policy has been the subject of protests.

Nine First Nations and associations in northern Ontario announced in September that they would take the government to justice over other recently lifted environmental protection measures that violate their constitutional rights.

The indigenous groups claim the result is that public projects can now be carried out without an environmental impact assessment at all – a move that they believe undermines both previous government agreements and their rights.

The Attorney General’s Ministry said at the time it was considering the application but declined further comments as the case is on trial.

Canada is well positioned to get Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine approved soon – and it could be shipped to the country very quickly thereafter, says a BioNTech manager. « When I use the U. K. . As an example, we received approval at 1:00 a.m.. We approved the vaccine clearance and sent it within 24 hours, « said Sean Marett, Chief Business and Chief Commercial Officer of BioNTech in Germany, which has partnered with the U.. S.. . -based Pfizer Develops One of the World’s Most Promising COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates. « After the discussions we’ve had, Canada is certainly in a good position to approve the vaccine shortly, » Marett told CBC Political Correspondent Rosemary Barton on Sunday. The Pfizer / BioNTech product that was recently lit green in the US. K. . in case of emergency – could get approval from Health Canada as soon as next week. The health authorities are currently reviewing three other vaccines from Moderna, AstraZeneca and Jannsen. « Once approved, we will release and ship the vaccine. We’ve already made the vaccine and reserved doses for Canada, « Marett said on Rosemary Barton Live. Regulatory approval is an important step before the details of the federal government’s rollout plan can go into effect. « We are negotiating more precise delivery dates pending approval from Health Canada, » Procurement Secretary Anita Anand told CBC’s Vassy Kapelos earlier this week. « For this reason we set up the logistics systems in such a way that no time is lost between approval and distribution to the provinces and territories. « Introduction of the » biological equivalent of a moon landing « Marett called the distribution plan for the vaccine the » biological equivalent of a moon landing « . « You have to get everything right, and that includes timing, of course, » said Marett when asked about the exact delivery dates. « These things tend to . . . move a few days. Based on our experience with one country, the UK, we’ve seen things go pretty smoothly so far. « WATCH | Welsh Minister of Health speaks tuition for Canada as U. . K. . prepares for vaccination: On Friday, Anand announced a contract with FedEx Express Canada to help ship most vaccines across the country. However, the Pfizer / BioNTech candidate is supplied directly by the pharmaceutical company as the product must be stored at around -70 ° C to remain stable. Ottawa says enough freezers are already secured to hold up to 33. 5 million units of the vaccine. Marett said moving and storing products in sub-zero temperatures is a process that is « well planned ». «  » Together with Pfizer we designed a storage box . . . where the vaccine arrives. You can use that as a -70 freezer. You can open the box and take the vaccine out twice a day as long as you re-ice it for up to 15 days, « he explained. Canada has signed an agreement with Pfizer and BioNTech to pre-order 20 million doses of vaccine, with the option to purchase an additional 56 million in the coming months. According to Pfizer, the shots are 95 percent effective based on results from the Phase 3 clinical trial. Marett said his company was « completely baffled » by the findings because the vaccine was developed in months, not years. « Ninety-five percent effectiveness as defined by do you get [COVID-19] symptoms or not . . . is an amazing result from our point of view, « he said. Prime Minister discusses rollout with Prime Minister Thursday Public health officials say if all goes well, six million doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines should arrive in Canada within the first three months of 2021. Both vaccines must be given twice, meaning three million Canadians from multiple priority groups will be among the first to receive a sting. However, some provincial leaders have conflicting views as to whether vaccines should be distributed per capita or whether they should be distributed based on the number of coronavirus cases in a given region. Newfoundland and Labrador Prime Minister Andrew Furey told Barton last week that the safest way to distribute vaccines would be population-based once the most vulnerable people in the country are vaccinated. Manitoba’s Brian Pallister said Thursday that a per capita plan could hurt his hard-hit province. « Many provinces have spoken out in favor of sharing vaccines per capita, » said Federal Minister for Interstate Affairs Dominic LeBlanc in a separate interview on Sunday. « But [that] will hopefully be finalized in the talks the Prime Minister will have with Prime Ministers in the coming week. « WATCH | Minister LeBlanc Discusses Upcoming First Ministerial Meeting: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with Prime Ministers on Thursday to discuss Canada’s joint efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and coordinate the country’s vaccination response. Maj. -Gene. Dany Fortin, the former NATO commander who now oversees vaccination logistics and operations for Canada’s Health Department, said Friday that each province has now identified specific locations where gunfire will come in. Dry runs are to be carried out in each province on Monday to ensure that those involved in the rollout process are prepared for the « very special requirements » of an ultra-cold vaccine, Fortin said.

KAPKANAVERAL, Fla. – SpaceX brought a newer, larger version of its Dragon supply ship to the International Space Station on Sunday. This is the first time that the company has two capsules in orbit at the same time.
The kite – packed with Christmas treats and gifts – should reach the space station on Monday and join the kite that delivered four astronauts last month.
« Kites everywhere you look, » said Kenny Todd, NASA’s assistant program manager for space stations.
With NASA’s commercial crew program officially running, SpaceX expects there will always be at least one kite capsule on the space station.
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket was launched using the latest kite from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where coronavirus precautions kept personnel to a minimum. The first stage booster, which was making its fourth flight, landed on a sea platform a few minutes after takeoff in the late morning. It was first used in May for the first astronaut launch by Elon Musk’s company.
The shipment weighing 2. 900 kilograms includes billions of microbes and crushed asteroid samples for a biomining study, a new medical device that provides astronauts in space with quick blood test results, and a privately owned and operated chamber that allows experiments to be carried out as large as possible than refrigerators outside of the surrounding laboratory. Forty mice also fly for bone and eye exams, two weak spots for astronauts during long stays in space.
Todd said all of this research was « the ultimate Christmas present » for NASA astronaut Kate Rubins, a virus hunter who performed the first DNA sequencing in space a few years ago.
Other personal gifts for the four Americans, two Russians and a Japanese on board: “I don’t want to get off before Santa Claus. I’m afraid it might mess up my own Christmas, ”Todd said late last week. « Let’s see what happens when you open the hatch . . . I am optimistic. ”
For the astronauts Christmas, the dragon carries roasted turkey, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, shortbread biscuits and tubes with icing.
The station crew followed a live broadcast of the take-off from a height of 400 kilometers.
This updated cargo model – the size of the SpaceX crew capsule – will itself dock with the orbit laboratory. Previous SpaceX cargo ships needed the station’s robotic arm for anchoring.
As usual, the capsule remains on the space station for about a month before it undocks with experiments and old equipment and splashes into the Atlantic. This is another change from SpaceX’s older cargo ships that parachuted into the Pacific. Returning closer to Cape Canaveral will save you recycling time.
This is SpaceX’s 21st. Supply run for NASA since 2012. The flight was delayed by one day due to inclement weather in the booster recovery area off the coast. This was 68. successful booster landing by SpaceX.
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Marcia Dunn, The Associated Press

The pianist of Louiseville Nathalie Bellerive a lancé le vendredi 4. December Son’s Premier Album Instrumental Intitulé « Ose la vie! ». Il’sagit de son tout Premier Opus de Compositions Originales. Born in Louiseville, Nathalie Bellerive, who asks for a cédé aux, asks the son’s entourage to opt for the disque. Elle’s best Alors Enfermée au Studio Michel Lafontaine for initial registration. Le résultat, 19 compositions originales, écrites et interprétées au piano. “Quand j’ai begincé, je ne croyais pas être capable de faire tout ça, avoue la pianiste. Ça faisait longtemps qu’on m’en parlait. Je ne réalisais pas à quel point les gens aimaient ça. J’ai toujours été accompanied, je n’avais jamais joué un rôle de Premier Plan. C’était un défi pour moi. J’improvise au piano depuis longtemps, mais je ne prenais pas la peine d’écrire tout ce que je jouais. »Comment elle’s trouvée? “Je suis très contente du produit final. Ça reflète vraiment qui je suis. La sincérité. J’avais l’impression de faire de la peinture sonore. J’ai fait des découvertes et beaucoup appris avec ce projet-là. »Nathalie Bellerive is a family that plays music and plays a piano to play the son. Elle complète son baccalauréat en musique à l’Université de Montréal, puis en enseignement à l’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Cest comme enseignante à l’École primaire de Louiseville qu’elle gagne sa vie depuis 15 ans. Elle dirige également, en temps normal, des chorales d’enfants. « Pas une chorale de performance, mais pour permettre à tous les enfants de se développer, qui aimaient chanter ». Nathalie Bellerive accompanies the artists of the spectacle in the province. Ce premier album mark pour elle un passage. «Ose la vie! The power of change, the power of the converter and the surveillance by the vigilance and surveillance, especially the ses enfants. «Cest une autre étape de ma vie. Cest un completion for moi. En même temps chose ça laisse quelque à mes enfants ». La pièce Félix-Antoine lui a justement été inspirée par ses deux fils, lesquels sont eux aussi musiciens. Nathalie Bellerive affectionne les mélodies douces, nous rappelant le style d’Alexandra Streliski. «Un album de douceur hivernale. Oser la vie, cest faire le choix de contuer à marcher afin de se sentir vivant. Oser la vie, cest le dépassement et l’accomplissement de soi. »Nathalie Bellerive a déjà l’intention de poursuivre sur sa lancée. « Je compte en faire d’autres et faire des spectacles ». Elle a déjà en banque plusieurs titres. Son album fera aussi, œuvre utile. Pour Chaque Album Vendu, La Compositrice Versera 1 $ Pour Chaque Album Vendu Au Club des Petits Déjeuners. Elle invites the public to YouTube via Richard Phillibert’s registration. Son disque sera accessible sur toutes les plate forms numériques dès ce lundi 7 December, dans les magasins de musique de Louiseville et sur le web. Boris Chassagne, local journalists’ initiative, La Voix du Sud

SAKHIR, Bahrain – Sergio Perez stayed calm amid the chaos at a notable Sakhir Grand Prix, clinching his 190th win on Sunday. Race his first Formula 1 career victory. The Racing Point rider finished 10th. 5 seconds ahead of Renault’s Eultban Ocon and 11 seconds. 9 clearly ahead of teammates and Lance Stroll from Montreal. « I’m speechless, » said Perez. « I hope I am not dreaming. “The Mexican won’t even have an F1 seat next year after being replaced by Sebastian Vettel. « I want to keep going, » said Perez. “If I don’t start next year, I’ll be in 2022. George Russell seemed to end a remarkable Mercedes debut with a confident win until his team made a terrible mistake after bringing him and Valtteri Bottas to another change when the safety car was on the track with about 25 laps to go. Russell’s stop was a bit slow, but nothing compared to the one for Bottas, which lasted an excruciating 27 seconds as the mechanics couldn’t fit his left front tire properly. Remarkably, Russell was called in again because the team had fitted him with Bottas tires. It was a rare failure for a Mercedes team that has dominated F1 since 2014 and won all driver and constructor competitions. Despite that mishap, Russell roared brilliantly back from fifth to second and approached Perez as his rear tire punctured with eight laps left. Perez, who made his debut in 2011, had a clear run to victory, taking his 10th. Career podium while Ocon got his first. « I have no words, » said Ocon. “I cried on the line. Russell finished ninth while Bottas finished eighth on one humiliating night for the F1 powerhouse Mercedes, which almost never makes mistakes. The illegal mixed compound tire change for Russell was investigated by the stewards after the race. Russell is signed to Williams but replaces Lewis Hamilton as the seven-time world champion recovers from the coronavirus. Hamilton, who sealed the title last month, remains in doubt for the season end next weekend in Abu Dhabi. The race was called off after Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc crashed on the first lap, who broke too early and cropped Perez’s car. That forced Max Verstappen to go far to avoid Perez, and he went into a gravel and crashed into a wall. Verstappen kicked the wall in frustration, then spoke to Leclerc. « I don’t see why you have to be so aggressive, » said an angry Verstappen. « It’s like one last lap. I don’t know why Charles thinks he can brake so late. « Fast but risky Leclerc was charged by his teammate Sebastian Vettel for cutting him up at the Bahrain GP last weekend and accepted the guilt on Sunday. « . « If anyone’s to blame, it’s me, » he said. “I was next to Max and tried to brake a little earlier than him. For the next race, Leclerc received a three places decrease in the starting position. Up front Russell had a great start from second place, overtaking pole sitter Bottas while the two Mercedes cars clustered in front of Verstappen, preventing him from getting through. Haas driver Pietro Fittipaldi finished 17th on his F1 debut. Place in place of injured Romain Grosjean who was lucky enough to get away from a horror crash last Sunday when his car exploded after a crash. Jack Aitken replaced Russell at Williams and turned 16 on his debut . . . The drivers drove again on the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, but on a smaller outside track of 3. 5 kilometers (2. 2 miles) instead of 5. 4 (3rd. 3 miles) and with 87 laps instead of 54. Halfway through, Russell led Bottas by nearly three seconds and appeared to be rolling home. But the drama was just beginning. With 26 laps remaining, Bottas reduced Russell’s lead to five seconds when a virtual safety car came out after Aitken’s front wing came off after a turn. Despite the 1: 2 race, Mercedes asked both drivers to change tires a second time in order to take advantage of the safety car situation. Panic set in and the wrong tires went on Russell’s car, while the front left side took forever in F1 time to secure Bottas’ car. The hiccups put Perez in the lead a week after his engine burned out just laps to go and third place was in sight in Bahrain. Russell was visibly upset with the situation and used a spell when his race engineer told him his new tires would be quick. After the Safety Car drove away on lap 70, Russell overtook Bottas with a pretty brilliant move inside and then raced past Stroll and Ocon into second place with breathtaking audacity that Hamilton would have admired. He now had 13 rounds to catch Perez, who was only 3 years old. 5 seconds ahead. A few laps later it was 2. 5 seconds and then a puncture put an end to Russell’s chances. Ferrari’s day was gloomy again when Vettel was hampered by another slow pit stop and released so carelessly that he almost crashed into Antonio Giovinazzi’s Alfa Romeo. Perez in particular will remember the race. “I’ve been dreaming at this moment for so many years. It took me 10 years, ”said Perez after his win. “I told the team the car felt like a sedan. « ___More AP car races: https: // apnews. com / apf-AutoRacing and https: // twitter. com / AP_SportThe Associated Press

Four deaths related to COVID-19 were reported on Sunday. Two people were in their 60s from the Regina and Far North Zones and two were in their 70s from the South Zone. The number of deaths in the province is now 59. The province also reported the second highest number of COVID-19 cases of all time, with 415 cases on Sunday. The number of cases brought the total number of cases in the provinces to over 10. 000 with 10. 139. Five Saskatchewan residents who tested positive outside the province were added to the total. Four in the Saskatoon Zone while one case is pending residence information. Eleven cases were found to be located outside the province and removed from the counts. Three of these cases had previously been assigned to the Northwest, Central West, and Southeast, and eight cases had pending whereabouts information. Four cases with pending whereabouts information were assigned to North Central. The North Central Zone, which includes Prince Albert, reported 39 new cases. The current seven-day average is 272 or 21. 7 cases per 100. 000 inhabitants. North Central 2, Prince Albert has 239 active cases, the same number as on Friday. North Central 1, which includes communities like Christopher Lake, Candle Lake, and Meath Park, has 232 active cases and North Central 3 has 50 active cases. The north-central zone is the third in the active case breakdown with 521 active cases. From the 10. 139 reported COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan apply 4. 191 as active. Of the 135 people hospitalized in the province, 109 are cared for, including 10 in the North Central. Of the 26 in intensive care, five are in North Central. The number restored is now 5. 530 after 46 more restores were reported. The total number of cases since the pandemic began is 10. 139, of which 2. 076 originate from the north (736 north-west, 999 north-central and 341 north-east cases). . Yesterday were 3. 846 COVID-19 tests performed. To date there have been 364 in Saskatchewan. 392 COVID-19 tests performed. Saskatoon reports 205 cases after data problems on Saturday In other zones there have been 205 cases in Saskatoon, 60 in Regina, 26 in the northwest, 18 in the extreme northeast, 15 in the extreme northwest, 12 in the southern center, 10 each in the northeast and central east, six in the southwest and southeast and five in the central west. Three new cases have pending whereabouts information. The case numbers reported by Saskatoon today reflect yesterday’s correction due to a data-related issue that has now been resolved. Of the 135 people hospitalized elsewhere in the province; 45 are in Saskatoon, 19 in the Southeast, 18 in Regina, eight in the Northwest, three in the Southwest and one each in the Northeast and South-Central, are treated in patient care. Elsewhere in the province in intensive care, there are 12 in Saskatoon and nine in the Regina Zone. The Saskatoon Zone leads the breakdown of active cases with 1. 476 cases. In second place is Regina with 1. 052 active cases. The total number of cases since the pandemic began is 9. 730. Of these, 23 come. 065 cases from the Saskatoon region, Jan.. 940 cases from the Regina region, 1. 282 cases from the south region (502 south-west, 449 south-center and 331 south-east) and 1. 054 cases from the north region (659) far northwest, 83 far north central and 312 far northeast) and 690 cases come from the central area (297 central west and 393 central east). There are currently 32 cases with outstanding residence information. There are currently 317 cases of healthcare workers. However, the source of the infections is not always related to your work environment. From the 10. 139 cases in the province: 501 cases relate to travel, 4. 244 are contacts in the community, including mass gatherings, 2. 382 have no known exposures and 3. 012 are being examined by local public health. The age breakdown shows that 2. 131 cases affect people aged 19 years and younger, 3. 565 cases between the ages of 20 and 39 years, 2. 596 between the ages of 40 and 59 years, 1. 355 between the ages of 60 and 79 and 392 between the ages of 80 and over. Five cases have an age confirmation pending. The breakdown by gender shows that 50 percent of the cases are women and 50 percent are men. Michael Oleksyn, reporter for the local journalism initiative, Prince Albert Daily Herald

SURREY, B. . C.. . – The British Columbia Police Department announced that it is investigating RCMP actions related to a crash almost two months ago. The Independent Investigations Office announced in a press release that it had reported in a vehicle accident near the village of Anahim Lake in B.. C.. . Chilcotin Region on Oct. . 11 this year. The police were called and informed of the accident and that the driver was driving without any apparent injury. When the officers arrived, they could not find the man, and the investigative bureau said that a search was not started until the next day when police were told the driver was missing. The man was found about 500 meters from the crash site and was taken to hospital for treatment. The office says it learned on December. 3 that the man may have been seriously injured, prompting him to investigate whether police acts or inaction may have played a role in his injuries. This report from The Canadian Press was first published in December. 6, 2020. The Canadian press

It won’t be the same, of course. But it doesn’t have to be sad.

Former Federal Cabinet Secretary and Mayor of Toronto, David Crombie, has resigned as chairman of the Greenbelt Council in Ontario in protest of the Omnibus Budget Act, which he believes would remove power from local conservation agencies.

A Barrie woman leads the charge of providing ex-foster children the same protection as young offenders. « This is really a human rights issue, » said former Barrie Crown Ward Jane Kovarikova, founder of the Political Action Committee on Child Welfare. “At the moment, even juvenile offenders have more data protection rights than children who are in care. « We are asking the government to seal the files, as well as the records of juvenile offenders, but in our case at the age of 21, » she added. « We also want our names to be protected. Kovarikova, a graduate student at Western University and chairman of Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions, said there are many examples of a child’s story as the crown ward, without this protection, haunted their adult future. The committee sees some early success with the first reading of the Fostering Privacy Fairness Act, which was co-developed with the MPP of Sarnia-Lambton, Bob Bailey. The proposed law to amend the Child, Youth and Family Services Act in Ontario aims to protect the identity of foster children in adulthood and to allow third parties access to sealed files only through the courts, much like what is granted to young offenders. The records of juvenile offenders are sealed at the age of 18, and the details in these records can be changed after the age of 18. Year of life can no longer be searched. Some will be archived after being sealed, and anyone who wants access will have to turn to the courts for access. « Our law is based on the federal law on juvenile justice because they have clearer and better developed data protection rights, » said Kovarikova. “And the whole purpose of protecting juvenile offenders is to give them a fresh start and a fair chance for their future. « But foster children, who are often in foster care because they have been harmed, do not have the same protection. Instead, Kovarikova added, intimate details of her young life – which can be turbulent – could be recorded by third parties and remain unconfirmed. If children are no longer cared for at the age of 21, the file will be closed. However, it remains searchable and accessible to any employee in the child protection system who has signed up. While privacy rights are respected by most, the committee points out that there have been violations. It refers to information from the Ontario Information and Data Protection Officer that it has received reports of snoops and cyber attacks since January 73. There are concerns that similar unrestricted access can be indefinitely with printing files. According to Kovarikova, the information in these files is also being mined by employers, lawyers in custody battles, the adoption process and corporate governance. « There are many instances where these files are used against us in our adult lives, » she said. While it is known that the bills of private members often die on the order table, Kovarikova was supported by members of the government as well as members of the opposition. « Our government is committed to changing the child welfare system and ensuring a better and better future for all children and young people affected, » said Jill Dunlop, Simcoe North’s assistant minister for children and women, in a press release. « I take pride in working with great organizations like Child Welfare PAC and passionate members on changes that can really change the lives of these people, » she added. The hope is to promote similar laws across the country. According to Kovarikova, a survey in other provinces and territories found that foster children across the country are largely devoid of privacy. « Everyone knows it’s the right thing to do. It’s actually an administrative control, ”Kovarikova said of the Ontario bill. The committee advocates three further initiatives to improve the lives of children in care. Some kind of initiative, even surveys, to track the results of those who leave the Crown Ward system as they age at 21, will help establish a base for support development. Currently, according to Kovarikova, there is no indication of the risk of homelessness, for example this group. The organization also hopes for a trauma-informed service that would lead to the modification of the relevant post-secondary social work curriculum to ensure that all practitioners are trained in a trauma-informed service. The initiative to increase post-secondary enrollment has also made significant strides by encouraging institutions to give up classes for a certain number of ex-child careers with no age restrictions. Vancouver Island University started the ball in motion by offering classes for all caregivers in 2013. The Nova Scotia and Newfoundland facilities each have five to 35 class-free rooms open to former Crown wards. In Ontario, Laurentian University dropped 10 spots in August, which has since doubled, with the option to double that again. Georgian College has 15 places, Loyalist College now has 20 places, Western and its affiliates have 35 places. A total of 120 new study places were created in nine institutions in three provinces last year. « This group . . . is also a particularly underserved group, foster children tend to be invisible, « said Kovarikova, adding that minority groups are all over-represented in the care system. “It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that people raised in foster families have a better future. Marg. Bruineman, reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative, today. com

The operators of a new animal shelter in Halifax prepare for high demand as the number of homeless continues to rise. The 25 bed animal shelter at 1221 Barrington St. . , operated by Out of the Cold, is slated to open in December. 12 and stays open until the end of April. Out of the Cold operated an overnight center during the winter months, which is mostly run by volunteers. This year, however, for the first time, it offers a 24/7 animal shelter. Michelle Malette, the executive director, said the shift was a reflection of COVID-19 and the need to physically distance oneself and a desire to offer more persistence. « There won’t be this urgency and the chaos of finding out whether or not you can get a bed and then having to leave with all your belongings at eight in the morning, » he told Malette. She said the new space was also « more dignified » than the open spaces with cots Out of the Cold had offered in the past. There will be small rooms for two to three people each, bathrooms with showers, laundry and a kitchen. Possibly last year as an emergency shelter, Malette said the new room was a gap to something else. This is partly because the building is only available for one season, but also because Out of the Cold is hoping to become a year-round support housing provider. Out of the Cold used the cellar of St. . Matthäuskirche for winter operation. Last year it temporarily borrowed space in a building on College Street owned by the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Center and later moved some customers to hotel rooms. Malette said it was always a struggle to find adequate space. « We have never been in a position where we could be really picky. « The creation of supportive housing – a model that combines housing and access to social services in one space – will depend on finding enough stable funding, » said Malette. This year, Out of the Cold raised a stream of funding from Ottawa to help alleviate homelessness. The provincial government announced last month it would be spending $ 1. 7 million in emergency shelters in Halifax to bring capacity back to pre-COVID levels. About 30 beds were cut last winter to ensure physical distancing. It is not yet clear how the money will be spent. What is clear is that the demand for protective beds is much greater than those currently available or even those that will be available soon. Malette said last winter that Out of the Cold had regularly heard from more than a dozen people looking for a bed every day, and that the number of homeless people in Halifax has only increased since then. According to the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Association, the number of chronically homeless people in Halifax doubled between October 2019 and November 2020. In the last month alone, the number rose from 477 to 492. Eric Jonsson, a social worker at Navigator Street Outreach, is helping Malette figure out who needs Out of the Cold’s new beds the most. He said it was a complicated and unenviable task. « I don’t like this power . . . I don’t like playing who can sleep safely inside and who can’t stay inside, « said Jonsson. But he prefers this approach over the first come, first served alternative. This is how most shelters work, but Jonsson said they don’t always serve the most vulnerable, but rather those who are most familiar with the system. He said he has a list of 40-50 people who sleep outside and might want to move in. Once he and Malette go through that list, Jonsson said he will start reaching out to people this week to offer them beds when the shelter opens. MORE TOP STORIES

A high school diploma is something most people will remember for the rest of their lives when they walk in their hats and gowns to get their diploma. While it looks different for the 2020 class, the students at Holy Heart of Mary say it is unforgettable nonetheless. Graduates from St.. . John’s High School took their diplomas on the school porch on Friday and entered the building for the first time since schools closed in March due to the pandemic. COVID-19 restrictions forced graduations to be canceled, which meant the outgoing class was not celebrated in person. It’s something that graduate Jordan Howlett said that still feels strange nine months later. « I feel like we’ve lost a lot, » Howlett said. « It feels difficult for me and a lot of other classmates to drop out of high school because we didn’t have the same closure that normally everyone else would. « At least I got it, » he adds. « I can’t complain! » Graduate Luke Breen said he understood the decision to close schools and cancel graduation, but felt that his high school life had ended abruptly and that he wished it could end properly will. « It’s kind of weird, it’s a bit disappointing, » he said. « I think because there isn’t a big ceremony or anything. It’s very anti-climactic. « > » It will definitely be unforgettable like no other.  » – Samantha NoelSamantha Noel said she was most upset about the lack of a graduation ceremony in hopes that it could be done at a later date rather than not at all. She also misses her freshman year on Memorial University campus, where she is forced to take online courses. « I’d like to have my real degree and a secure degree and everything, » she said. « But at the same time, I think it made something special because my last year was so different. I think even though I really didn’t like it when it got interrupted . . . my graduation was special because I had to do it with my family, « said Noel. « It will definitely be unforgettable like no other. « Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

All P. . E.. . I. School sports and extracurricular activities have ceased as seven new cases of COVID-19 were announced this weekend. During a live briefing on Sunday, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. . Heather Morrison, Associate Director of Public Schools Division, Norbert Carpenter, and Tamara Hubley-Little, Department of Education, announced these changes, along with other restrictions on Island High Schools. Four high schools in P. . E.. . I. The capital region will switch to distance learning on Tuesday. They are: * Charlottetown Rural. * Colonel Gray. * Bluefield. * École François-Buote. There are no lessons for these schools on Monday, but the elementary school for the 9th grade. Class will be open in François-Buote, Carpenter said. « It will take teachers and staff some time to prepare [for distance learning], » Carpenter said. « Parents and students should expect contact with teachers on Tuesday about future plans. « More details on learning for students with special educational needs will be announced on Tuesday, added Carpenter. How All Schools Are Affected, buses will change at all island schools on Monday and pickups may come earlier than expected, Carpenter said. Students across the province are asked to stay on the school premises during lunch breaks, and Carpenter suggested that parents pack lunch for their children. « We encourage students to stay on site for lunch, » he said. He also encouraged students and parents to pay close attention to their school’s website, social media accounts, and other channels to monitor any changes. Field trips are also up for discussion by public school administrators, Carpenter said. For example, a nature walk near the school premises could « likely continue », but students going to places with public health restrictions are unlikely to be allowed. Hubley-Little said the province had been preparing for this situation for months and teachers were finalizing distance learning plans and preparing for Tuesday. Check out the full briefing here. Further information from CBC P. . E.. . I.

LONDON – Fans of Premier League title challengers Liverpool and Tottenham had been waiting for their teams to win from the stands since March. You were not disappointed. Spurs trailers – maximum 2. 000 under coronavirus restrictions and no away fans – received a 2-0 win over fierce rivals Arsenal in north London. It was the first home game at Tottenham since fans were allowed to return to the English stadiums. The 2. 000 fans at Liverpool’s home in Anfield have played the first version of « You’ll Never Walk Alone » at the stadium since the pandemic interrupted last season in March. Liverpool responded with a 4-0 win over Wolverhampton to stay level with leaders Tottenham. The dependable duo of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min delivered again as Tottenham beat their old rivals and stayed at the top of the table as they pursued the club’s first English league title since 1961. First, Kane played in Son to score with a long-range curling shot and then the 28-year-old South Korean helped Kane score from close range just before the end of the first half. « We just feel good. We are both at an age where we may have our best qualifications to understand the game and understand each other, « said 27-year-old Kane to Sky Sports. He and son have scored 12 goals this season. ANFIELD CELEBRATESLiverpool fans missed the official celebration when their club put an end to the long wait for the title last season, but had a lot to smile about with an outright win over the Wolves. There was a goal for Mohamed Salah after the Egyptian showed a keen sense of snapping the ball away from Wolf defender Conor Coady and then a spectacular curling shot by Georginio Wijnaldum. The home crowd was treated to the rare sight of a goal from Joel Matip, the first defender in 14 months. Nelson Semedo’s own goal completely erased the Wolves’ last hopes of a comeback. It was Liverpool’s biggest lead in the EPL since beating Crystal Palace 4-0 in June. The game was practically over before Diogo Jota, a major Liverpool striker since arriving at Wolves, in 73. came from the bank to face his old club. VARDY’S WINNERJamie Vardy scored in the 90. Minute the winning goal when Leicester stayed in Champions League qualifying with a 2-1 win over Sheffield United. Vardy’s goal was the end of a winless run in four games in all competitions for Leicester. Sheffield has only one point from their first eleven league games this season. This is the worst start to the season for a team in EPL history and a dramatic contrast to last season when Chris Wilder’s newly promoted Sheffield was a surprising support in the top half of the table, challenging established clubs for a place in European competition. ZAHA BACK IN STYLE Fans weren’t back when Crystal Palace won 5-1 in West Bromwich Albion – Hawthorns Stadium is in an area that has more stringent coronavirus restrictions – but Wilfried Zaha returned triumphantly from his own encounter back with the virus. Zaha scored two goals for Palace in his first game since recovering from coronavirus, and Christian Benteke also scored two. It was a one-sided game after a red card for West Broms Matheus Pereira in 34. Minute after he appeared to hit an opponent with his shoe in the stomach. ___More AP football: https: // apnews. com / Soccer and https: // twitter. com / AP_SportsThe Associated Press

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) warned people in Meadow Lake of an increased risk of COVID-19 exposure. A notification posted on the SHA website stated that someone had spent approximately 24 hours in the VLT room of Garfunkels Gourmet Grill for four days while infected with COVID-19. Anyone who was in the VLT room at the following times and dates must isolate for 14 days after exposure: * Nov. . 27 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.. m. * Nov. . 30 from 14:30 p. m. to 6 p. m. * Dec. . 1 from 11:30 a.m.. m. to 6 p. m. * Dec. . 2 from 11:45 a. m. to 6 p. m. Anyone present who developed symptoms was asked to call 811, their doctor or nurse. « You can develop symptoms two to 14 days after exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, » the warning said. In addition, the warning reminded the public that « COVID-19 is everywhere in Saskatchewan » and people should follow all public health instructions and measures, including wearing a mask in public, limiting meeting size, and monitoring on COVID-19 symptoms and staying home when they are not feeling well.

One of Canada’s largest senior citizen and nursing home operators is calling on provinces to conduct extensive surveillance tests as part of an internal review due to be released Monday. The review for Revera was done by Dr. . Bob Bell, former Assistant Secretary of Health in Ontario and former hospital director. Bell was not paid to chair the review, which was conducted by international and national public health experts who volunteered. Surveillance testing in Ontario tests symptomatic and asymptomatic workers, the frequency of which depends on where each county is located within the Ontario provincial framework. Ontario is also actively screening residents and employees. « The most important factor depends on how much virus there is in the community, » he said during an interview that aired on Rosemary Barton Live on Sunday. « These people unknowingly come to work in the best interests of their patients, and if they are not tested, they risk unknowingly bringing illness into the home at a time when they are infected but asymptomatic. Bell said Ontario introduced surveillance testing and has since been able to more effectively protect long-term care residents. It has yet to be passed elsewhere in Canada, where thousands of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes have been reported. « The government has not mandated any mandatory testing, » Bell said. « Revera itself actually contracts with private testing companies to actually run tests on their employees, and this is one of the most important things in keeping residents safe, according to our report. « WATCH | Dr. . Bob Bell shares some of the findings with Rosemary Barton ahead of the report’s release on Monday: Revera operates more than 70 nursing homes in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, and more than 500 properties in North America and the UK. It also operates nearly 100 retirement homes in the same provinces as well as in Saskatchewan. From the start of the pandemic in Canada through August. There were 31 outbreaks at 87 Revera locations – meaning each of the properties affected, which included 55 nursing homes and 32 old people’s homes, reported at least one case of COVID-19. The impact of the virus in Revera’s long-term care facilities has been significant. There have been 874 cases of COVID-19 and 266 deaths, representing a death rate of 30 percent. In Revera’s retirement homes, 104 people were infected and 20 died. An analysis published by the Canadian Institute for Health Information in June found that the rate of COVID-19 deaths in Canada in long-term care facilities was about twice the average in other developed countries. Bell urged increased testing Bell said there was no question that Canadians will continue to investigate what has happened in nursing homes as the second wave progresses and vaccines arrive. « The most important thing we can do now is test. In areas with high community penetration, we should run tests every day, « he said. These tests shouldn’t include deep nasopharyngeal swabs, which are uncomfortable for staff, Bell said, but should use saliva and other test forms. A spokesman for the Ontario Department of Long-Term Care said proactive surveillance testing – including testing all symptomatic and asymptomatic employees – will continue to be performed in all nursing homes. According to the spokesman, testing in long-term care facilities in Ontario includes: testing residents for symptoms of COVID-19 at least twice a day, and isolating and testing residents with symptoms. Screening of all employees at least twice a day with symptom screening and temperature checks. Adjust how often employees are tested based on the status of each community. The frequency of personal testing is based on the status of the community within the Ontario provincial framework. Ontario has also used rapid COVID-19 tests to screen employees in nursing homes. DR. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief public health officer, said the province is working on strategies to conduct more routine testing in nursing homes. « We certainly do not have enough rapid tests to do this on a regular basis, but we are looking for an approach to run a pilot in these areas, » said Roussin during a press conference on Thursday. Last week Alberta announced that it will soon begin testing rapid tests in select locations across the province, including various ongoing care facilities. British Columbia health officials said the province’s recommendation is currently only to test asymptomatic individuals during public health investigations of cases, clusters, or outbreaks. « This recommendation may differ from that of other provinces or countries and other national or international health societies, » said a statement from the provincial health ministry. Bell said in his view one of the most important approaches to mandatory requirements across the country is for all provinces to be test personnel. « If the risk is as high as it is now, for example in Alberta or in communities like Toronto or Peel, test every day, » he said. « Because the employees don’t want to suffer from illness. They don’t know they are infected. You should be given an easy way to test yourself. « ‘Absolutely awful’ experience at Calgary Plant Nanaimo, B. . C.. . Resident Renee Laboucane’s two parents were living at the McKenzie Towne Continuing Care Center in Calgary when the Revera facility experienced a significant COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year. Laboucane’s mother died as a result of COVID-19, and her father still lives at the facility. She called the experience « absolutely terrible. « We had no communication, no knowledge of what was going on. « . . . . We know the resources weren’t there for the first few weeks to support the residents of McKenzie Towne, « she said. As of Sunday, McKenzie Towne had killed 20 people of COVID-19 and more than 100 residents and employees tested positive for the virus. Laboucane said the experience was heartbreaking for family members and friends. « We’re all concerned with the impact of COVID and how it affects our lives, » she said. CLOCK | Renee Laboucane Speaks on Calgary Long Term Nursing Home Outbreak: While people like Laboucane mourn and seek answers, other Canadian families are concerned about their loved ones living in facilities currently experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks. In Winnipeg, Revera’s own Maples Long Term Care Home has died of COVID-19 since December 52 people connected to the home. 4th. Alvin Cadonic, whose aunt and uncle live at the facility, said he wanted Revera to provide accountability and transparency, as well as additional government oversight. « I mean, we’re lucky we didn’t lose her. I don’t want to lose her, « he said. « I’m afraid I might get a call. « 

* Ottawa has 62 new COVID-19 cases and one new death. * The city’s active cases rose to 414. Today’s Ottawa Update Ottawa Public Health (OPH) reported 62 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one more death on Sunday. OPH has declared 31 other cases resolved. The seven-day average of new cases in the city rose slightly. The Ottawa health officer told CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning Thursday that the city will not be declared a yellow zone this week. Therefore, current public health measures are expected to remain in place. Numbers to Observe29. 9: The number of COVID-19 cases per 100. 000 Ottawa residents, a slight increase since Saturday. . 97: The average number of people infected with a single COVID-19 case, or R (t). A number below one means that the spread of the coronavirus is considered under control. 6: The number of new school breakouts in Ottawa since last Sunday. The total number of active school outbreaks is also six. 30: The total number of active outbreaks in the city. Across the region, West Quebec reported 36 more cases on Sunday, according to provincial officials.

« We are still in discussion with IAC regarding Chrome Web Store policies and have already removed some of their extensions for violating our policies, » a Google spokesman said in a statement emailed to Reuters. « We are reviewing the remaining enhancements and our enforcement options and have not made a decision regarding IAC status in the business, » the statement added. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that Google had decided to impose heavy penalties on IAC for « misleading marketing practices » by Google. .

Fred VanVleet doesn’t think any of his teammates will ruthlessly flaunt the COVID-19 logs. But he will do his part to hold the rest of the Raptors accountable. Toronto held its first full workout in its makeshift home in Tampa, Florida. , On Sunday. Gone is the safety net of the NBA bubble of summer that protected the league from the global pandemic and failed to test positive. With teams poised to cross the U.S. and the coronavirus still rife – Florida recently passed the one million cases mark – the Raptors know that there is a huge risk to the health of players and their families as well for the NBA season itself. « We cannot turn COVID into an indictment. We cannot turn COVID into « We did something wrong », VanVleet said on Sunday. « Well, if you run parties at night and no one is wearing masks, that’s one thing. But if you have to go to the grocery store or have a family down town and get it, you get it. « (But) everyone has to be responsible for themselves because the way it happened and we are together most of the time. I don’t want to take this home to my kids and family. « The NBA recently said 48 players have achieved positive results since testing resumed last week. When VanVleet spoke to the media on Sunday, the Portland Trail Blazers announced a closure of their exercise facility after three members of the organization tested positive. And while the first day of training at Saint Leo University, about a half-hour drive north of Tampa, still had the electric atmosphere of opening day, Toronto head coach Nick Nurse said all gym work could be undone if the team loses players on COVID-19. The new NBA rules state that players may need to be quarantined for up to 12 days. Log messages should therefore be transmitted « loud and clear ». « My job is to be on top of them all the time.  » . . . (about) our actions and behavior and how effective it is not only for yourself, your families, our team, the organization – there is a lot at stake if you don’t do the best you can with the COVID-19 protocols You can. « Nurse said. A long handbook on safety rules was recently presented to the teams. Violations that lead to schedule adjustments or affect other organizations can result in fines, suspensions or other penalties. Players and staff are tested daily. It’s all part of what VanVleet called the « new normal ». « I just have to roll with the punches, » said the guard. « I’m not really a complainant and I try to have a good perspective on things. For better or for worse, I think I’ll just roll it over and see how it goes. « Of course everyone’s safety comes first, myself and my family, and I try to stay as safe and healthy as possible, but to recognize that the world is moving and we have to find a way to live with it and nevertheless to follow all guidelines as best we can. Toronto sniper Matt Thomas, who settled well with the raptors’ rotation in the bladder last summer, said Wisconsin feels it could dodge a massive COVID-19 impact but its home state is in since mid-October in a growing number of cases. « There are a number of people who I know are infected with the virus, » he said. « Fortunately everyone has recovered, but obviously it hits people very hard, it affects everyone differently. « That’s what’s scary about it because you never really know how you’re going to react. « Much of the Raptors’ new normal is playing their home games outside of the Amalie Arena in Tampa, at least for the first part of the season, as Canada’s non-essential travel restrictions apply. Toronto’s temporary exercise facility in a ballroom of a Marriott hotel is nearing completion. The nurse said the team planned to tour it later on Sunday. Players and staff are still looking for housing in Tampa. Most wanted to get an idea of ​​the city and its safety before moving family members there, though VanVleet said he plans to bring his partner and two young children in with him. The Raptors only have five days of training before closing their preseason with three games in Charlotte, N. C.. . But on the plus side, Nurse has quite a number of healthy players to work with. « Everyone looked great today, everyone is ready to go, » he said. « It was great, the energy was great . . . Even fitness seems really good to me. It was a long workout today with a lot of intensity, lots of exercises, but I didn’t really see a lot of people bending over and pulling on shorts. « No surprise, Nurse focused on defense on Day 1. « We have always made it very important to start building our defenses, almost completely ignoring offensive things and games – just to reiterate that we are who we are, » he said. « That is our identity and that is what they emphasize. « The Raptors are playing on Jan.. December twice in Charlotte. 12th. and 14. , then return « home » to host Miami on December. 18th. It remains to be decided whether fans will be admitted to games in the Amalie Arena. This report from The Canadian Press was first published in December. 6, 2020. Lori Ewing, the Canadian press

BUCHAREST, Romania – Romanians voted in a parliamentary election on Sunday that many hope will restore stability to one of the poorest countries in the European Union after five years of political and social turmoil. More than 18 million Romanians are registered to vote for a new national parliament. However, voter turnout was expected to be low due to voters’ fears of becoming infected with the coronavirus. To date, the seventh most populous country in the EU has more than 500. 000 cases of COVID-19 and more than 12. 000 deaths confirmed. According to most pre-election polls, the center-right National Liberal Party, known by the Romanian acronym PNL, becomes the nominal winner with more than 30% of the vote. If the polls are accurate, the main party of the EU-led, austerity-stricken social-conservatives in Romania will become the largest party in the country’s bicameral parliament with 465 seats for the first time in nearly three decades of history. Still, it would miss a government majority. Analysts predict the party will try to form a ruling coalition with the progressive USR-Plus alliance, which is expected to get around 20% of the vote. Both fought for promises to depoliticize and completely reform the Romanian civil service, maintain the independence of its judiciary, impose budgetary discipline and prop up the collapsing public health and education system. But they seem to have somewhat different views on how best to get rid of the corrupt welfare state model and inefficient bureaucracy, both of which stem from the decades of political supremacy of the left-wing, populist Social Democratic Party (PSD) in Romania. The Social Democrats have dominated Romania’s political life since the fall of communism in 1989, often in multi-party coalitions, including the PLN at times. They won the last election in 2016 and went through three prime ministers and dozen of ministers before the PLN took over the leadership of a minority government a year ago. The PSD-led government has voiced heavy criticism from the EU for its interference in the judiciary and a cascade of corruption scandals involving some of the party’s most prominent members. Although its chaotic tenure has sparked massive street protests for two years recently, in recent months the PSD has apparently regained some of the lost popular support as the minority government tried to mitigate the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic by containing social problems curb spending. Most recently, the PSD managed to get parliament through a motion to increase all state pensions by 40%, ignoring warnings from the country’s central bank that this was not feasible. It has a loyal base for supporting Romanian rural voters and is said to receive over 20% of the vote. As a result of measures to contain pandemics and viruses, Romania’s budget deficit is expected to widen to around 9% of gross domestic product this year, compared to 4%. 3% in 2019. The corona virus continues to spread in Romania. Almost two thirds of all infections and almost half of all virus deaths to date were recorded in the past two months. In 18. 000 polling stations across the country have not taken any special precautions against viruses beyond the general requirements of wearing masks, disinfecting hands and maintaining social distance. According to the Romanian central election office, approx. 3. 5 million people cast their ballots at 3 p.m.. m. Local time (1300 GMT) on Sunday or 3. 3% less than at the same time during the 2016 general election. Official results were expected overnight. ___Follow AP coverage at https: // apnews. com / hub / coronavirus-pandemic and https: // apnews. com / Understanding the outbreakThe Associated Press

A COVID-19 outbreak has been reported at the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary. The outbreak was on Dec.. explained. 2, according to Alberta Health Services. Two patients connected to the device tested positive. According to the AHS, visiting the hospital is currently restricted and families are encouraged to continue meeting their loved ones virtually. The risk of COVID-19 is higher for people with cancer, especially since some treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can weaken the immune system, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. The outbreak is one of 19 in hospitals and acute care centers across Alberta. The following hospitals in Calgary are also currently battling outbreaks: * The Peter Lougheed Center has two units at an outbreak. Two patients and three health care workers connected to a cardiology unit tested positive, and two patients and three health care workers connected to a lung unit tested positive. A patient associated with the pulmonary unit eruption has died. * Rockyview General Hospital has four units at the outbreak. Two patients and two health care workers affiliated with a general practitioner department tested positive, one patient and one health care worker from a geriatric acute ward tested positive, 20 patients and five health care workers from a transition unit tested positive, and one Patient in an internal medicine department has tested positive. * The South Health Campus has two units at the outbreak. A patient and two health care workers tested positive in an orthopedic unit, and a patient and two health care workers tested positive in a neuroscience department. According to the AHS, visits to hospitals where outbreaks occur are limited to specific family / supporters and end-of-life situations. Cases in Alberta have grown exponentially, with a higher daily case count than any other province and a test positivity rate of 10. 5 percent. On Saturday there was 18. 806 active cases in the province, 6. 951 in Calgary. DR. Joe Vipond, a Calgary ambulance and co-founder of the Masks4Canada advocacy group, compared the situation with the province’s growing case numbers to a fire that urgently needs to be put out. « We went from tiredness and despair to more anger. A lot of what’s happening right now is 100 percent preventable, « he said. Vipond was one of hundreds of doctors and health care workers who signed a letter asking the province for a lockdown. « That never happened. Basically we have been ignored, we have been told we are scary, and here is the result. It didn’t have to be like that. « As of Saturday, 563 people in the province had been hospitalized for COVID-19, 177 of them in Calgary. AHS President Dr. . Verna Yiu said that work is currently underway to free up hospital capacity and decisions to delay operations are being made on a daily basis.

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LevelMagazine – CA – 6 Ontario Greenbelt Council members join Crombie and resign, citing proposed new rules

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