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TSM has had some turbulent years since the departure of AD Carry in 2018, Yiliang « Peter » « Doublelift » Peng. Immediately after their return in the Summer Split last year, however, the team returned to the finals, won another title and qualified for the worlds. The team didn’t win a single game at Worlds, however, and the team is now making several changes in the new year. With the resignation of Søren « Bjergsen » Bjerg, the roster for 2021 is eagerly awaited. Here is the current rumored TSM 2021 roster.

Verified player signatures are green. Confirmed players leaving are crossed out in red. Broadcasts reported by reputable sources are purple.

In the Jacob Wolf Free Agency Show in collaboration with Evil Geniuses, Heo « Huni » is said to have played Seung-hoon for TSM, replacing Sergen « Broken Blade » Çelik. Huni now qualifies as a NA resident and therefore does not occupy an import place. He is historically one of the best top laners in the entire LEC and LCS and was also competitive in the LCK on SKT in 2017. Now he’s the second reported player to land on TSM, behind Tristan « PowerOfEvil » Schrage, who allegedly verbally agreed to sign with the team at the start of this off-season.

UPDATE 11/17: In the Jacob Wolf Free Agency Show in collaboration with Evil Geniuses, Hu « SwordArt » Shuo-Chieh is said to have signed with TSM as the team’s new start. SwordArt has established itself as one of the best support players of all time and recently qualified for its first World Cup final at Suning.

UPDATE 11/18: According to a post by Jacob Wolf, TSM is having trouble signing SwordArt due to Visa complications and payment issues. If you can’t sign SwordArt, Doublelift may not play and TSM Lost will have to start. TSM is currently in talks with Evil Geniuses for a two-part deal, including Lost and Huni. Both trades cannot take place if TSM does not sign SwordArt.

UPDATE 11/19: TSM has confirmed that the team is separating from Broken Blade. The top laner is reportedly moving to FC Schalke 04 Esports for the 2021 League of Legends European Championship season.

UPDATE 11/21: TSM officially announced the signing of PowerOfEvil as the third mid laner after Bjergsen’s resignation.

UPDATE 11/24: TSM has expanded its staff with the signing of Anand « Curry » Agarwal and Jack « Kayys » Kayser. Curry has already worked with TSM and was most recently an assistant trainer for FlyQuest. Kayys most recently worked as an analyst for Origen in the LEC Spring Split 2020.

Check back here and on our twitter below for more updates as the news continues throughout the free agency period.

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UPDATE 11/25: FlyQuest split from head coach Lim « DLim » Joo-sung the day after assistant coach Anand « Curry » Agarwal joined TSM’s coaching staff. FlyQuest’s list is complete, but primary coaching positions are vacant.

About a month after Bjergsen announced his retirement from the professional League of Legends, Doublelift also announced his own retirement. Read more about his career and retirement here:

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EbeneMagazine – AU – League of Legends: [UPDATED 11/25] Here is the reported TSM 2021 roster following the resignation of Doublelift

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