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Qantas, Australia’s leading airline, has announced that passengers will not be allowed to fly on international flights unless they can provide documents to prove they had the COVID-19 vaccine.

Alan Joyce, the airline’s chief executive officer, said that he believes that a vaccine will be required for other airlines as soon as one is introduced.

Qantas currently has much lower capacity than normal as much of the airline’s international routes are on hold due to the country temporarily closing its borders to travelers during the pandemic.

Most of these routes will not open again until the middle of next year. If so, most, if not all, airlines will require proof of vaccine, if not all, and if airlines do not require vaccinations for travel, governments might.

In an interview with Channel 9 in Australia, Joyce said, “We are trying to change our terms and conditions for international travelers. We’re going to ask people to get vaccinated before they can get on the plane. I think this will be a common issue when speaking to my colleagues at other airlines around the world. ”

VACCINE TO FLY: Qantas will be the first airline to require COVID-19 vaccinations for international travelers when they are generally available. The company’s CEO calls this a « necessity » and refers to it as a « vaccination record ». @ DavidMuir reports. https: // t. co / wIixdvC4aq pic. Twitter. com / Qv3Jo9kpPF

« We’re looking at how you can have a vaccination record, an electronic version of it that confirms what the vaccine is. Is it acceptable for the country you are traveling to? « . There is a lot of logistics, a lot of technology that it takes to make this happen, but the airlines and governments are working on it as we speak, ”he added.

Joyce said he was confident that a successful coronavirus vaccine would hit the market very soon and that borders could slowly open in the course of 2021.

The Australian government’s new national vaccination policy has proposed a « vaccination certificate » for international travelers, very similar to the idea outlined by Joyce.

Back in September, Etihad CEO Tony Douglas proposed the same policy. He told the Financial Times that health visas for travelers could help manage the pandemic.

This policy does not only apply to Australia. The same exact program has been proposed for Europe and North America.

Some drug companies have announced that they have made successful vaccines, but it is not yet entirely clear when they will be available to the general population. It is also unclear at this point how many companies and services will require proof of vaccination once they are available.

It has also been reported that the vaccines available will only last a short time, much like a flu shot that would require frequent flyers and pretty much everyone else to return to their doctors on a regular basis to get vaccinations on a regular basis.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say the vaccines that will be available in the next few months have some pretty intense side effects. The organization has asked doctors to warn their patients about the side effects.

However, with international travel still in the air, a new vaccination record could be key when traveling overseas. #tickertv #tickernews pic. Twitter. com / bi28WZbBhz

Mark Horowitz is a graduate of Brandeis University with a degree in political science. Horowitz could have had a job with one of the leading media organizations in the United States, but while interning, he found that journalists in the newsroom were limited by the fears and sensibilities of their bosses. Horowitz loved journalism but wanted more freedom to pursue more complex subjects than you’d find on the evening news. Around the same time, he noticed that more and more independent journalists were developing followers online by sharing their in-depth analysis of advanced or unusual topics. It wasn’t long before Horowitz finished his internship with a large New York network to start posting his own material online.

A woman named Hannah Viverette from Hagerstown, Maryland was filming a TikTok video of her dancing in her apartment when a stalker climbed onto her second-floor balcony and opened the back door.

Viverette posted the video on her Facebook feed along with a series of photos that revealed additional details about the stalker.

According to Hagerstown police, they have arrested a suspect named Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez. The 36-year-old suspect has been charged with third- and fourth-degree break-ins, second-degree assault, stalking and malicious destruction of property. However, a few days later he was released on bail.

Viverette says she left at around 10pm last Sunday. Was alone in her apartment at 8 p.m., listening to music and recording himself dancing.

“In one moment, with my eyes closed, I heard my balcony door on the second floor open. Startled, I immediately went to the door to close it, only to find that there was a man behind the group, ”she said.

She said the man who broke into her house was a person she recently saw loitering around her building. She said she hadn’t spoken to him before, but he made her feel uncomfortable in the past by being creepy from a distance.

« A man who has made it a goal for months to watch me and make a lot of unpleasant strides on me from a distance, » she said.

She says when she saw him on her balcony she knew she was in danger.

« I knew he was there to harm me. He held his hands in the pockets of his hoodie with a grin on his face, ”she said.

The video can be heard as she asks the intruder who he is and asks him to get out before she points her camera at him and runs to a neighboring house for help.

The man stepped out the door and disappeared as soon as he noticed that she had run for help.

She said that upon returning to her apartment, she found that the intruder had unplugged the Christmas lights that were tightly wrapped around her balcony post and cut about 2 feet of cord from them.

In her online posts, Viverette shared the man’s information and asked other women in the area who had problems with him to come forward.

« This may not be the first attempt to respond to stalker behavior. If anyone knows anything about this man or has ever felt uncomfortable / harassed / harassed and attacked by him in any way, PLEASE TALK !! I refuse to live in fear and I refuse to let him do this to me or to anyone, ”she said.

The Hagerstown Police Department issued a statement that while Rodriguez-Gomez appears on video evidence, he has not yet been convicted.

« While there is a video of this incident on many social media platforms, Hagerstown Police Department wants to reiterate that Rodriguez-Gomez is considered innocent until proven guilty in court, » the statement said.

The moment you record yourself dancing and your stalker climbs up to your second floor balcony to break in. #realshit #scariestmomentofmylife

As we reported last week, a mysterious monolith was found in the middle of the Utah desert. Now, less than a week after it was discovered, it’s gone.

The strange device was discovered by helicopter pilots on Utah’s highway patrol last week. It looked so strange from the sky that they decided to land the helicopter and see what it was.

As they approached the object, they saw that it was just a large metal sculpture, but they couldn’t explain anything else about it. When they took photos and shared them on the internet, there was widespread speculation about their origins.

The highway patrol decided not to reveal the exact location of the monolith, saying only that it was discovered somewhere in southern Utah.

They did not disclose the exact location because the area is so remote and they feared the curious would search the wild for what could be a very dangerous journey for someone unfamiliar with the terrain.

Despite their attempts to keep the location a secret, internet pundits have been able to narrow down the exact location using Google Earth and crowdsourcing research on Reddit.

Some YouTubers triangulated the GPS coordinates of the mysterious Utah monolith and discovered that it was an art installation image. Twitter. com / WgrUkG3hlq

However, less than a week after its discovery, the monolith disappeared as quickly as it was discovered.

In a statement on Saturday, the Federal Office for Land Management announced that the device « had been removed by an unknown party. ”

« We have received credible reports that the illegally installed structure known as the ‘Monolith’ has been removed by an unknown party. The BLM did not remove the structure that is considered private property . . . « More: https: // t. co / ZXJDGzxDaD image. Twitter. com / xXHdijk496

The office said they did not know who took the monolith and claimed they were not responsible for taking it.

Nick Street, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, said this week the monolith was embedded in the rock. It is estimated that the structure stood about 3 meters above the ground, or between 10 and 12 feet, and appeared to be made of some type of metal.

« Someone took the time to use a concrete cutting tool or something else to really dig, almost in the exact shape of the object, and embed it really well. It is strange. There are roads nearby, but it’s definitely interesting to haul the materials to be cut into the rock and haul the metal that is taller than 12 feet in sections – all of that in this secluded spot too do, ”he said.

I spoke to Riccardo Marino who says he went to check out the #UtahMonolith area last night and it was gone by the time he got there. image. Twitter. com / 1sUtLPVl3y

It is widely believed that the structure was the work of the late artist John McCracken, a sculptor and science fiction fanatic.

His son Patrick McCracken told the New York Times this week that his father told him in 2002, “He wants to leave his artwork in secluded places for later discovery. ”

David Zwirner Gallery says the mysterious monolith buried in the Utah desert is the work of John McCracken, a minimalist sculptor and science fiction fanatic. In this case, the late artist did not tell his dealer or friends. https: // t. co / E6nuEAgvmm

The Bureau of Land Management said it will not investigate the disappearance as « crimes related to private property » are being administered by the local sheriff’s office.

Hopefully it will be returned to the artist’s family, or perhaps taken to a museum or displayed somewhere, to honor its creator.

A mother was shot dead Saturday afternoon at her son’s funeral at Riverview Memorial Gardens in Cocoa, Florida.

It is not clear if she was the intended target of the shooting and the police have not announced any suspects or leads on the case. The young man who was buried was killed in a high-profile police shot earlier this month.

Officials say an « unknown shooter » shot at a crowd that gathered at the boy’s funeral service on Saturday afternoon.

The funeral was for 18-year-old Sincere Pierce, a young man who died on Jan.. 11 was shot dead by a deputy of a Brevard County sheriff along with 16-year-old Angelo Crooms.

Quasheda Pierce, the boy’s mother, was wounded in the shooting at the funeral and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The status of their injuries is currently unknown.

The shots were reportedly fired shortly after the pastor finished praying and allowed friends and loved ones to put flowers on the coffin.

MPs with rifles arrived a short time later in response to multiple emergency calls but couldn’t find the shooter, according to ABC News.

The teenagers were killed earlier this month by Deputy Jafet Santiago-Miranda, who fired multiple shots into their car for not wanting to drive by.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey had said MPs thought the vehicle might have been stolen, but the teenagers’ families and lawyers, Natalie Jackson, said they were allowed to use the car and said it was a false identity.

The officer claims that he should shoot the vehicle because he feared that it would otherwise have crashed into him. Sheriff Ivey later posted dash cam footage showing the teenagers appearing to be driving towards the deputy. The teenager’s families and their lawyers insist that the boy tried to evade the cop, not to hit him.

Tasha Strachan, Crooms’ mother, said the officer could have just gotten out of the way if he thought his life was in danger.

« He was walking towards the car; he was putting himself in danger. The deputy got behind her car. But these deputies followed them without a light, they got out with their weapons drawn. My son stopped at the stop signs and tried to escape. He is 16 years old and didn’t want to think like an adult. He was probably just thinking, « I can just drive away, » she said.

“You took my son with you. His name was Angelo. I want some justice. If the proxy was in danger, he would have gotten out of the way, ”she added.

Situations like this are actually quite common when the police get their bodies in the way of moving vehicles and then shoot when people don’t stop. This is a tactic used to prevent people from escaping arrest and is not a last resort for an officer at risk.

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