EbeneNews – UK – Dustin Diamond hoax timeline after false death reports


    Dustin Diamond was said to have been killed in a prison riot this week according to a report circulating on social media.However, a fact-check by Reuters later revealed that this report was false and came from a website that describes itself as a « fabricated satirical journal and comedy website »

    It’s unclear exactly what is satirical about the death of actor Saved By the Bell, but this is far from the first time the actor and media personality has fallen victim to hoaxes and fake news

    Perhaps this is due to Diamond’s sometimes erratic personal life, which brings out bizarre stories in the realm of the possible.For example, among the real things that happened in actor Screech’s life, he released his own sex tape Screeched: Saved By the Smell, which he says was filmed with a double body He also served three months in prison for carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct

    This incident led to the first major internet hoax about the actor: that he was charged with second degree murder after stabbing a man in a bar although he actually stabbed the man with a knife, Diamond alleging the incident was an accident Diamond claimed he acted in self-defense during a fight after the man allegedly harassed the actor’s girlfriend

    There have also been many previous rumors that Diamond was dead – so much in fact that in an interview with Florida Today the actor was asked about these hoaxes

    Diamond said: « Some things people say are vaguely based on the truth and some are entirely false One of the craziest was that I was supposed to be in the back of a motorcycle with Mark -Paul Gosselaar [Diamond’s one-time Saved by the Bell co-star] in New Zealand, and as we walked down the freeway, a beheaded I mean, that was a big story « 

    Diamond was also the source of a number of rumors himself.In 2009, he wrote a book called Behind the Bell, which he later admitted was massively exaggerated by his ghostwriter. Some of the likely false allegations in the book include group sex sessions among the actors

    In 2016, the actor apologized to his former cast members for certain aspects of the book on The Dr Oz Show, on which he said, “I’ll say, guys, I think you guys are fantastic, working with you has been just one of the icons in my life and I’m sorry it took advantage of me, the book and other situations that I’m sure we’ll talk about here But I’m sure you have also experienced falls in your day and still love you guys « 

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    Dustin Diamond Screech saved by the bell

    EbeneNews – GB – A timeline of hoaxes on Dustin Diamond after false death reports

    SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com/news/ebenenews-uk-dustin-diamond-hoax-timeline-after-false-death-reports/?remotepost=425214



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