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    When you say yes, say it quickly But always take half an hour to say no, so you can understand the other’s side – Frances Cardinal Spellman

    Happy birthday! The coming months point to a period of significant personal growth that may well lead to some surprising leadership changes both emotionally and in terms of your long term goals. Planetary influences turn your attention to issues affecting society as a whole over the next several months and you might find yourself drawn to some kind of voluntary activity. Romantic affairs are especially favored in the second half of the year You might be surprised by a change in your feelings around this time, but trust your heart because it knows what you really aspire to in a relationship. In general, it’s a year where you have to learn to listen to your intuition

    Famous people born on your birthday include: John Lithgow, Omar Gooding, Jennifer Holliday, John Le Carre, Evander Holyfield, Divine

    Ireland Baldwin is always trying to be a big model, but the big fashion houses can have their choice of celebrities and so the planets are suggesting Ireland choose a new career ambition!

    This is a day when you might want to avoid over-committing yourself in general, as you might feel a change of mind on something that seems settled or agreed to.The current vibe will be very bubbly, but it won’t. ‘will probably not have much depth In addition; Take all predictive statements with a liberal grain of salt!

    Today’s prevailing mood is likely to feel a lot less pressured, however, you may not be able to let go of something that others consider quite trivial or unimportant If you let it, it might actually eat up your time. This is definitely a day to draw a metaphorical line!

    Rather positive influences indicate a relatively easy day, as long as you’re not too pressed for time or straining to meet a deadline.Keep in mind that the mood of support will start to build. dissipate around the evening, so try not to get into too many businesses with inflexible deadlines!

    There is a slight tendency to be a little too judgmental on others on a day when you might make a little blunder or two yourself.Also, you can take a less tactical approach when it comes to a tricky question Try to minimize contemptuous statements!

    While this is a day when you may need to think and act quickly, a Jupiter / Moon mix could encourage you to take it a little too far, especially in your day to day life. It may be better take a little more time and be a little more careful, especially when it comes to a very impulsive decision!

    It’s a day when the very impulsive vibe is very likely to promise a lot more than it can actually deliver Your best strategy will be to leave room for minor mistakes Maybe better not to overdo it credit for a specific improvement or advance, which may be more due to a lucky break than a skill!

    Communications in general are likely to be boosted by the friendly atmosphere Personal and professional improvements are well enough expected However, tomorrow brings a little more insight If someone or something creates minor obstacles, it is worth maybe better to wait before reacting!

    There is a strong argument for sticking to a certain course of action today, as your ability to objectively assess a material / practical issue will improve over time. You are very likely to see the situation or problem as it really is in the evening, although you may need to take some minor corrective action!

    A slightly hectic mood can make what is likely to be a great day shine.You might let vague feelings of unhappiness slow you down, or you might decide to take a more optimistic view and take full control of the day. day when possible How you shape the day is probably up to you!

    A flying moon / Jupiter mix is ​​likely to encourage a very optimistic approach on several fronts It could cause you to over indulge, overspend, or overestimate some gains and outcomes Although it is likely a one-time day, you might stretch enough to cause a little regret tomorrow!

    The main mood of the day may seem a lot more favorable than yesterday That said; there is a propensity to let certain opportunities slip away You will have a little more influence than you think A very persuasive way with words could lead to something more tonight It is definitely not a day to waste!

    Your level of emotional sensitivity is likely to drop, thanks to a rather relaxed vibe It will be possible to create a reasonably fun mood in romance However, if you maintain a light and light approach, you probably won’t get the right one note when it comes to more in-depth discussions!

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    Horoscope for October 19

    EbeneNews – EN – Your Horoscope for October 19, 2020

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