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    One of the peculiarities of the return-to-play schedule is that the first redemption period begins before the end of the playoffs

    Today marks the first of the critical offseason dates, although the offseason has yet to begin. Games four and five of the Stanley Cup Finals take place tonight and tomorrow, but starting today, all other teams except Stars and Lightning can buy their contract errors out

    This first redemption window runs from today to October 8 at 5 p.m. EST All purchased players become unrestricted free agents, and the free agency begins the next day, 9 October, at noon

    There is speculation that, with the stagnant salary cap, teams wanting to reduce actual salary costs and the lack of swap options for contracts that cost more than the player’s return in value will lead to more redemptions Buyouts are, unless a player participates in LTIR or retires, the only way to remove hits from the NHL market and allow silly new contracts to be signed on Free Agent Day. Sometimes a buyout and a new deal is the best thing that can happen to a player Sometimes it’s the only way a team can handle a contract for a player who does not waive a no-go clause

    There are new rules on buyouts in the CBA memorandum of understanding signed in July, but the basic process has not changed

    A buy-back takes the remaining years of salary and reduces them to 1⁄3 or 2⁄3 of the remaining value and spreads it out over twice the number of years The amount of the reduction is determined by the age of the player, any person aged 26 or over benefiting from the reduction to 2⁄3

    CapFriendly has a calculator that makes learning the ins and outs of math superfluous beyond understanding that signing bonuses are not included in any redemptions and are paid in full

    Teams must first place any players they plan to buy back on unconditional waivers, and after 24 hours (the next day at noon) they can redeem the player For players with a no-move clause in their contract, which normally makes them immune to the waiver process, they can agree to be redeemed immediately Although it is technically possible for a player to benefit from a waiver unconditional for the purposes of a redemption, this has never happened to me

    It has always been possible to buy back 35 contracts (agreements signed after the player turns 35), but in the past only the salary was reduced, not the cap reached Now, some 35 agreements can be bought out and the team can benefit from a reduction in the ceiling if they are multi-year agreements without signing bonus after one year and with a static salary or an increase of one year on the other

    There is a second buyback period open only to teams that have had arbitration cases.It begins after their last arbitration case has been settled and is limited to contracts with a cap of $ 4,000,000 or more for that season only For most teams, this will happen in late October or early November of this year

    Last year, 11 players were bought, including Patrick Marleau But far from being the end of a career, three of the players bought are now in the Stanley Cup final: Kevin Shattenkirk, Andrej Sekera and Corey Perry

    Shattenkirk’s remaining two years at $ 665million are on the Rangers’ books for three more seasons They are hit with a significant amount this coming season of $ 6.083million, but the last two years are only $ 1,433 million. million each The Rangers also have Dan Girardi and Ryan Spooner on their redemption books

    Shattenkirk, meanwhile, signed with Tampa for $ 1.75million for the 2019-20 season, and he’ll soon be UFA He’s had a great year for them, and this resetting his contract value at 30. has worked great for him He should be a wanted free agent this offseason, and he will be able to pick another contender like he did last offseason

    Perry had a monster albatross contract with an AAV of $ 8,625 million and he was getting too old to be worth it Anaheim has a hit of $ 6,625 for the upcoming season, then only $ 2 million for both. next few years As they try to rebuild, coming out of this deal was good for them, and it worked well for Perry He signed a one-year contract at Dallas for $ 1.5million, and had a decent regular season and good playoffs, which allowed him to try again for a good deal at 35

    Sekera was bought for $ 5 million AAV with Edmonton, and he also signed with Dallas for $ 1.5 million His contract was devoid of bonuses and had cut wages to the point that the Oilers only have $ 2 $ 5million cap hits this year and $ 1.55 for two more Sekera, at 34, trades off his ability to play single defensive hockey, and he’s still adding reasonable value to his new contract amount He’s a bigger bet as UFA in a few weeks than Shattenkirk, however

    Redeemed players often have injuries in their recent past, and the redemption is the first phase of a new team taking the risk of employing that player by paying them much less During this offseason, two other factors may have a greater impact on redeemed people: how broken the team is in terms of actual cash flow, and what is their cap and cash budget for the season to be. come

    There are teams with a space cap that will accept your bad contracts if you pay them off, but Buffalo and Ottawa have indicated they don’t want to spend any money Detroit has the bunch almost for them here, but there are only so many that they will be ready to add to a list whose main problem has been years of aging players on bad deals.

    There were only eight buyouts in 2018, 14 in 2017, 15 in 2016, 11 in 2015 and 13 in 2014 There were 19 in 2013 after the season and two in January before it started , as compliance buybacks were allowed for an offseason under the new CBA In previous years, less than 10 per season was not uncommon, with a few years with numbers in mid-teens

    Last offseason, when the salary cap did not increase as much as initially expected, there were a few lower value trades bought back, but generally since the ABC of 2013 most buyouts are for big deals for older players in the later years of what was a monster signing from UFA

    The Leafs aren’t the only team that paid someone else to make the buyout like they did with Marleau, and the Leafs also signed a previously bought out player when they added Tyler Ennis. to the roster in 2018 Buyouts can create opportunities for teams looking for a certain type of depth player, but after the buyout of Ennis was much more interesting than Marleau

    One thing is obvious: the Maple Leafs have no one to buy The roster cleanup was completed last offseason But many teams are struggling with caps and cash flow, along with one or two of the traditional buyout candidates lagging behind The interesting wrinkle this year is the 1⁄3 or 2⁄3 dividing line Conventional practice is that teams buy out older players with fewer years, but get your money’s worth by creating a ceiling space, a younger player is a better option

    Karl Alzner with two more years at a cap of $ 4,635 has only $ 6,5million in total salary left over those two years, including $ 1,5million in signing bonus But since he’s over 26 years and falls under the 2⁄3 rule, his buyout only saves him $ 1,667 million in wages The cap reaches nearly $ 4 million this coming season and $ 2 million in 2021-2022 The last two years are easy to ignore $ 833,333

    Montreal should think long and hard about the buyout value of this contract They can bury $ 1,075 million this year and $ 1,125 next year – Alzner has played most of the last two seasons in the AHL – and then they are done

    Meanwhile in Chicago is Olli Maatta with two years left at almost Alzner salary levels If you remember him as good back when Leafs fans wanted him in the Phil Kessel business. , you might find this interesting:

    The buyout of the younger Maatta saves Chicago $ 5,44 million in salary, and raises a cap of just over $ 680,000 each year.It is considered 25 for buyout purposes, as all buyouts are going as if they happened in June If Chicago were a more cash-strapped team I would expect this to happen instantly But they’re not in a position where they need to buy Maatta back, and maybe they could move him to a trade He’s not unplayable, he’s just not a $ 4 million defender

    A trade would earn Maatta a higher salary, but a buyout would put him in a position to be one of the best defensive UFAs available, and he could decide who he plays for He doesn’t have the option to choose, however, Chicago does. They can wait until the draft is finished and the last day before the buyout window closes and free agency begins to make that decision as well.

    Speaking of Phil Kessel, while it’s hard to say what the new Arizona GM will actually do, rumors say the first job is to cut pay, so it’s tempting for Leafs fans. to imagine the Coyotes redeeming the last two years of Kessel just for the cash savings, giving the Leafs a break on the retained cap The bad news for everyone except Kessel himself is that a buyout does saves just $ 666,667 in pay because the Leafs gave him one of their signature bonus-proof buyout contracts

    The Coyotes would only earn $ 566,667 in cap space this year and next, so it’s not even worth doing it The Leafs would only earn $ 100,000 this season So, alas, the bonuses signing gives you good players, but they bite you in the end Just like they’re designed to do

    We should start hearing about this season’s buyouts starting today at noon

    National Hockey League buyout

    EbeneNews – CA – NHL buyouts begin today

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