EbeneNews – CA – Mitch McConnell mocks criticism of congressional Covid relief failure


    Amy McGrath Says Senate Majority Leader Focused On Supreme Court Candidate Rather Than « Helping America Get Through Crisis »

    Criticized by challenger Amy McGrath during a debate Monday night for blocking a new coronavirus relief bill, Mitch McConnell laughed

    « Trying to figure out what he’s laughing at, » tweeted Claire McCaskill, a former Democratic senator from Missouri who now works for NBC News

    Nearly 78 million coronavirus cases and nearly 215,000 deaths have been recorded in the United States Amid devastating economic fallout, Congress has not passed a relief plan since May, when the House held by the Democrats passed a $ 3 billion bill that the Republican Senate did not accept Donald Trump recently boosted negotiations, which he then tried to revive

    McGrath and McConnell have met to debate in Lexington amid increase in Kentucky cases The Democrat has raised impressive sums and kept in touch in the polls – although victory remains unlikely

    As McConnell laughed, she continued, « I mean, you’re not doing this You are negotiating Senator, this is a national crisis, you knew the coronavirus was not going to end at the end of July We knew that »

    As McConnell tried to interrupt, still laughing, McGrath said, « If you want to call yourself a leader … you have to get things done and those of us who have served in the Marines, we don’t. let’s not just point the finger at the other side We do the job « 

    McConnell blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying, “Look, I know how to make deals I made three major deals with Joe Biden during Obama’s time The problem here is reluctance of the speaker to reach an agreement « 

    Tuesday, after Trump tweeted “STIMULUS! Go big or go home !!! McConnell said the Senate would soon vote on a « skinny » bill, intended to tap into unused funds from previous legislation, a course Pelosi has already rejected

    “She mentions she was in the Marines pretty much every two sentences,” McConnell said Monday night. “I think his whole campaign is: she’s a Navy, she’s a mom, and I have been [in Washington] for too long « 

    McConnell’s « only job » as Senate Majority Leader, she said, « is to help the United States weather this crisis now by passing legislation to maintain our economy. afloat so people can make ends meet

    « And instead of doing that, he’s trying to get a candidate for the Supreme Court right now, instead of negotiating, which he should have been doing all summer »

    Echoing Democrats’ arguments at Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in Washington, McGrath also said current Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett will help bring down the Affordable Care Act

    McConnell said: « No one believes the Supreme Court will overturn the Affordable Care Act »

    Court set to hear challenge of Barack Obama’s healthcare reform on November 10 Few observers imagine ACA’s chances in conservative court 6-3

    During the Kentucky debate, McConnell repeatedly pointed out that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who would lead the chamber if Democrats took it in November, was from New York

    “It’s not complicated,” he said, “Do you want someone from New York to set the agenda for America and not really care about Kentucky? Or do you want to continue to have one of our state’s four congressional leaders looking for Kentucky, giving Kentucky the opportunity to beat above their weight, providing additional assistance for Kentucky?

    « That’s the question She’ll transfer it all to New York I’ll keep it in Kentucky »

    Observers were quick to point out that the Republican President McConnell serves with, Donald Trump, is also from New York

    McGrath released strong fundraising figures But speaking to The Associated Press on Monday, Josh Holmes, an adviser to McConnell, said that while « money can buy you a lot of TV advertising, » McGrath would never « have enough money to buy [enough] Liberal voters »

    Mitch McConnell

    EbeneNews – CA – Mitch McConnell mocks criticism of congressional Covid relief failure

    SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com/news/ebenenews-ca-mitch-mcconnell-mocks-criticism-of-congressional-covid-relief-failure/?remotepost=413001


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