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IPL 2020 Highlights, KXIP vs RCB: Kings XI Punjab beat the Royal Challengers by 97 races to register their first IPL 2020 victory in Dubai on Thursday Ravi Bishnoi picked up three wickets after that Sheldon Cottrell and Mohammed Shami gave a dream start to

IPL 2020 Highlights, KXIP vs RCB: Kings XI Punjab beat the Royal Challengers by 97 races to register their first IPL 2020 victory in Dubai on Thursday Ravi Bishnoi picked up three wickets after Sheldon Cottrell and Mohammed Shami gave KXIP a dream start Virat Kohli was sacked for 1 by Cottrell after he and Mohammed Shami knocked out Devdutt Padikkal and Josh Philippe in the first two overs of the heats Kings XI Punjab finished in a powerful 206/3 against Royal Challengers Bangalore after being put down by Virat Kohli KL Rahul led from the front by plundering an unbeaten 132 – his second century IPL – making the most of two catches lost in two passes by none other than his counterpart Kohli

LBW! Murugan Ashwin gets the last wicket RCB, they were eliminated for 109 in 17 overs It’s a big win for KXIP, they beat RCB by 97 points

BOWLED’em! Murugan Ashwin hits Another googly, another drummer RCB fails to pick him Navdeep Saini the man leaves, it’s going to be a heavy defeat for the men in red

SIX and OUT! Ravi Bishnoi has his third, Washington Sundar as soon as he hit him he was far from the middle of the bat A simple deep grip and RCB are 101 for 8 as the referee signals for a final strategic timeout

Another good from Maxwell Only 7 escapes RCB is 95 for 7 after 15 overs and needs 112 runs in the last 5 overs to get this victory

BOWLED’em! A wild slog from Umesh Yadav and he goes straight through to hit the strains Bishnoi has his second 14 overs played, RCB is 89 for 7, it’s just a matter of time now

BOWLED’em! Straight Glenn Maxwell hits in his first It was flatter it went with the angle and Shivam Dube was late to knock his RCB six down for 83 after 13 overs

10 races since Jimmy Neesham’s second over RCB at 80 for five, he needs 16 races and more to win this one now

SIX! It’s more like that He can hit them big for sure Shivam Dube and he shows how, takes the length early and pulls it out above the deep end of the middle wicket for his first six in this game

Mohammed Shami’s 7 races above This is well below the required rate to say the least This is a carbon copy of yesterday’s game RCB now needs 137 races in 9 overs

Shami comes back in the attack So KXIP goes for the kill and he almost gets a wicket on the first bullet of his second spell But in the end it results in a limit, good effort in the depths

Halfway in pursuit of RCB A brilliant to start with James Neesham, only gives 3 RCB points is 63 for 5 Washington Sundar and Shivam Dube – two young Indian cricketers are at the fold, the required rate is close to 15 races per over Can they become the unlikely heroes?

KXIP captain KL Rahul threw the ball to New Zealand all-rounder James Neesham He tries, is not at bat but has the opportunity to score with the ball when his team are at the top RCB 60/5 after 9 overs

OUT! It must be the game Murugan Ashwin is in heaven and why wouldn’t he He has AB de Villiers He looked so good but this time around doesn’t understand the timing and is sunk into the depths, a good take Sarfarz Khan RCB 57 for 2 after 82 overs as the signal from the umpires for a time out

BOWLED’em! Directly it’s always the danger when you face someone like Ravi Bishnoi who brings the ball back into you instead of spinning it Finch flipped over on the hindfoot but missed it and he cut the KXIP strain borken the menacing booth RCB 53/4 after 8 overs

Turn both sides and Murugan Ashwin starts well, gives only 8 points But things are just starting to happen for RCB They are 48 for 3 after 7 overs

15 races off Ravi Bishnoi, RCB slowly creeping in the match because of these first 3 wickets, it’s KXIP who is always on top at the end of the RCB 40 powerplay for 3 after 6 overs

FOUR! The young Ravi Bishnoi was greeted with a limit by the experienced Aaron Finch, immediately putting pressure on the youngster

A very good finish for RCB, 14 races to go, best of the round so far De Villiers decided enough was enough He took Cottrell and got the RCB 25 for 3 results after 5 overs

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SIX! FOUR! Exactly what RCB needed and it came from their AB de Villiers benchmark man That six in the middle was a good one you can get and he then called with a limit If RCB has to win from here then to Villiers must play a blinder

Ruling overturned Aaron Finch survived He knew right away he hadn’t hit him He was at a distance from Shami, came back abruptly, put Aaron Finch in a complete entanglement, the ball hit his pads and lobbed straight into the hands of goalie Rahul The referee raised his finger but replays showed there was no bat involved and the ball would also pass to miss the RCB 11/3 stumps after 4 overs

OUT! Is that the game? Huge wicket for KXIP Sheldon Cottrell salutes and this is possibly the biggest as he brought out RCB captain Virat Kohli A short he got big on Kohli who had an advantage and Ravi Bishnoi takes a good RCB plug in trouble in the kingdom at 4/3

GONE! Dead stone Shami’s right ball and the balls hit Philippe on the pads He is put for a duck, which brings Virat Kohli to the center

Fifty in the first game, disappointment in the next Devdutt Padikkal falls to Sheldon Cottrell as he manages to cheat a shot at Ravi Bishnoi midway Early strike for KXIP RCB 2/1 after the first pass

The camera pans over the man of the moment, KL Rahul, who has an intense chat with the rest of his players He did his part and now it’s up to the bowlers RCB’s bowling wasn’t too much flattering to be honest, but now is the time to make amends with the bat Devdutt Padikkal and Aaron Finch come out This start is so crucial for RCB

With his shot of 132 not released, KL Rahul posted the highest score by a captain and also by an Indian in IPL

BANG! He ends the innings with another maximum on Rahul’s seventh six of innings, meaning he finished on an unbeaten 132 Kings XI Punjab put RCB a strong 207 to chase

The final is underway and Karun Nair has scored six goals on the first two balls Third ball, he takes a single and hits Rahul

WHAM! There he is A hundred for KL Rahul the captain An outer edge that flies over the slides He follows him with two other sixes and a border Steyn took a KXIP 183/3 pounding in 19 overs

Bad bowling of Saini, who played a game full of slower balls 14 points were scored KL Rahul can not stop, will not stop!

Whoa! What happened there? Virat Kohli dropped KL Rahul on a deep square foot After plundering a six on the previous ball, Rahul received a full toss, which the batsman casually brushed against Kohli ran for the ball and covered it But he just couldn’t hold on to it Maybe it’s the lights Nonetheless, it can turn out to be a costly failure

After completing 17 innings in his first two overs, Dale Steyn was brought back on offense by Virat Kohli He has a few overs left. Can he help RCB restrict KXIP under 170?

After a good first, Dube throws another tight at KXIP, distributing just six points and picking up a KXIP 132/3 wicket in 16 overs Four left How much more can the Kings XI Punjab get?

Maxwell charges but finds the outfielder in cover Second wicket for Dube, who here becomes Kohli’s reference man KXIP 128/3

Third ball from above and Rahul continues his fine touch, sweeping Chahal for a limit on the third ball Pressure on the bowler This stand between Rahul and Maxwell could make the difference between 210 and 180

Kings XI requested their strategic downtime after Nicholas Pooran sacked After 14 passes, they are 118/2, scoring at nearly 85 and over With Rahul set, KXIP would expect him stay until the end and bring them closer to the 200 run mark

A second fifty-innings partnership ends as Shivam Dube eliminates Nicholas Pooran Pooran got a good amount of bat on the ball but hit it straight to AB Villiers halfway through KXIP loses its second wicket for 114

It’s pretty obvious that KL Rahul isn’t settling down after half a century Navdeep Saini comes back into the attack and is taken for three limits in the 13th Back-to-back limits with four byes KXIP is 114/1 after 13 overs

With a long single, KL Rahul brings his fifty balls back on 36 He slowed down a bit but KXIP scores over 8 years At this rate, KXIP will reach 167 They would surely want to go further

Another expensive Umesh 20 more A no-ball, a six off Free-Hit and a limit in this plus His three overs lasted 35 races and that will be worrying for Virat Kohli

The ball slides out of Yadav’s hands and it’s a full toss with his head held high, considered high enough to qualify as a non-ball.After the free kick, Rahul backs up, gives himself room and crushes the ball on the sweeper’s blanket for six

He’s given 17 on his two occasions so far And just as we mention Pooran has run over Umesh through the covers First limit for him Umesh has been too full tonight

KXIP 70/1 after nine passes: only five points, no limit A cry from LBW against Nicholas Pooran not given by the referee and just so There was a spike in the snicko suggesting the involvement of the bald Chahal and Kohli mice seemed to go up but decided not to

Oh my God! Dale Steyn is looking for a short third man and makes it a complete mess He hasn’t been at his best on the pitch Even in the previous game he failed to judge a deep take Washington Sundar starts the top by giving a limit but finished well four more out of the next five KXIP reached 65/1 after 8 overs

There it is! Chahal gave Kohli what he wanted, a breakthrough Tricks the batsman with a scythe one Played for the leg spinner and the ball crashed into his stumps KXIP loses its first wicket for 57

KXIP scoring well against the RCB rapids, Virat Kohli handed the ball over to Yuzvendra Chahal He played for them taking 3/18 in the previous match and Kohli turned to him hoping for a breakthrough

The fifties are over for Kings Xi Punjab with six overs played Already eight limits scored in the innings, four each at Rahul at Agarwal Second bowling change when Chahal is introduced in the attack

And the batsman obliges by dragging the ball through the covers Eight limits already for KXIP and we haven’t even finished with the fifth passed Just the kind of start they were looking for

and Agarwal welcomes him with a border Not too well timed but gets enough wood to bring the ball to the ropes This has been a good start for KXIP with Agarwal and Rahul scoring at a brisk pace Eight runs over so that KXIP reached 41/0 after five overs

A fourth limit for KL Rahul Has he cracked a cover from Navdeep Saini Manual stuff that Goes on the ball field, great stride and sublime timing KXIP 33/0 after 4 overs

Just an end for Dale Steyn as Virat Kohli replaces him with Navdeep Saini He bowled with a good rhythm and the idea will be to stop giving the batsmen too many ballsStarts with two points

After being hit for two limits on the first three balls, Umesh finishes well by giving just one of the last three KXIP 26 balls without a loss after three overs

Mayank Agarwal started third with two limits on three balls Umesh Yadav has already played 17 out of 10 balls so far Must retire

A cut from Dale Steyn for a four and KL Rahul topped 2,000 runs IPL Suit with another limit, but not as timed Umesh cannot stop the ball near the KXIP point limit in motion early KXIP 17/0 after 2 overs

The first five balls were perfect from Umesh, in line However, the last ball of the plus, he drifts over the legs of KL Rahul and the batsman whips him for a limit KXIP 8/0 after the first over

A small field defect in point allows KXIP to deviate Mayank and Rahul take a couple and KXIP is absent Umesh up with his line and length so far

Umesh’s good first ball Goes around the right length as the ball goes slightly away Rahul plays it defensively He had a nightmarish outing in the previous game and a good start here will be key

Not very encouraging signs if you are in the opposition seeing KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal going out at bat But Virat Kohli knows these two batsmen well Rahul goes on strike and it is Umesh Yadav to initiate proceedings for RCB N ‘ didn’t have the greatest of outings in the last game Here He Runs

We’re five minutes away from the first ball of tonight’s game You Know All You Need – The In-Game XIs Have Been Revealed All of you juggling your choices in the Fantasy XI, here’s your chance to make some final fines Live action, coming soon!

It’s a new wicket There is a bit of dew in the second half and when the ball is wet it is difficult to execute This is a big factor We defended a total of under 170 very well and saw the bowlers execute their plans so well We are unchanged for today’s game

Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers, Shivam Dube, Josh Philippe (w), Washington Sundar, Navdeep Saini, Umesh Yadav, Dale Steyn, Yuzvendra Chahal

Lokesh Rahul (w / c), Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Sarfaraz Khan, James Neesham, Mohammed Shami, Murugan Ashwin, Sheldon Cottrell, Ravi Bishnoi

Jimmy Neesham received his IPL cap and the news was confirmed by KL Rahul during the draw About Gayle, Rahul said: “We are sure he will come for us at the right time”

Virat Kohli won the draw and RCB chose to play against Kings XI Punjab RCB unchanged, while KXIP made two changes Still no Chris Gayle

PITCH REPORT: “It’s a dry surface with lots of trails Win the coin toss and continue,” reckons @ KP24 💪 # SaddaPunjab # IPL2020 #KXIP #KXIPvRCB

Former Australian all-rounder Tom Moody said defending champions Mumbai Indians showed why they are considered ‘favorites’ to win the 2020 IPL in UAE Moody, which was the head coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad for seven seasons, explained that MI has depth and quality in their bowling, which is supported by the skills and power of their batsmen

Chris Gayle was seen swinging with the bat Will he return to Kings XI Punjab side? He has to And if he does, does that mean Nicholas Pooran is sitting down? We will find out soon

They may be called Kings XI Punjab, but a large number of its players have played for Karnataka in the Indian domestic cricket circuit KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Krishnappa Gowtham, Karun Nair and coach Anil Kumble Technically, it’s Karnataka facing a team based in Bengaluru

For the world’s best limited edition batsman, Virat Kohli hasn’t held up well to IPL spinners lately In the last 29 IPL games, Kohli has been fired 13 times by spinners Keeping that in mind, will KXIP add another spinner? Mujeeb-Ur-Rahman probably?

Both teams can share a 12-12 record against each other in the IPL, but based on the last five meetings between these two teams, RCB has a 4-1 lead against KXIP KXIP can he reduce the margin tonight? Half an hour for the draw

Don’t be surprised if you think nothing separates the two sides tonight At least that’s what the stats suggest The Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore have faced each other 24 times in the IPL and the record is currently 12-12 Hou la la! At least one team will come face to face after tonight

Chris Gayle scored an impressive undefeated 99 of 64 balls even though RCB came out on top In fact RCB beat KXIP in both games last season Can they make it a hat trick tonight? We are less than an hour from the draw

Not so long ago, Sunil Gavaskar made a prediction, that KL Rahul is the man to succeed Virat Kohli as captain of the Indian cricket team This is the first season of Rahul as a full captain of the IPL side and the performance of Kings XI Punjab under him will go a long way in determining how good Gavaskar was with his statement. That said, Rahul will have a point to prove against his Indian captain in the opposition

AB de Villiers has a chance to overtake MS Dhoni and Chris Gayle in IPL’s top scorers list De Villiers only needs 16 points against KXIP to overtake Dhoni and climb to seventh place in The IPL top scorer list And if he gets 39 points, de Villiers will also overtake Gayle and become the second highest scorer in IPL among overseas cricketers

When #KXIP and #RCB met in the 2019 edition of the league, the universe boss clubbed 99 * (64) Do you think he’ll play today? https: // tco / LMY2XMjAyd # Dream11IPL #KXIPvRCB picTwittercom / sAepLQn1NI

We are extremely shocked and sad to learn of the untimely death of Mr. Dean Jones We will truly miss his energy and enthusiasm for the game Our thoughts with his family, friends and followers in this hour of mourning picTwittercom / gAAagImKeC

Former Australian cricketer and renowned commentator Dean Jones died on Thursday following massive cardiac arrest in Mumbai He was 59 Batsman during his playing days, Jones performed 52 tests and 164 ODI for the Australia between 1984 and 1994 before venturing into the comments Click here to read the full story

There weren’t too many issues with Kings XI Punjab But that said, don’t rule out some likely changes to their playing XI for their match against RCB tonight. Here are the changes we think KXIP could make

The other night RCB had it rather easy at the end, but at one point it was going neck and neck until Jonny Bairstow hit In addition there were some gaps in the RCB Intermediate Order Can They Correct All This Against KXIP? Read our preview of tonight’s game

Hello everyone! A very good evening and a warm welcome to all of our viewers We are back with more IPL action as Game 6 of this season unfolds tonight with a confident Royal Challengers Bangalore taking on Kings XI Punjab Yes you have it read well Confident, as RCB showed every ounce of it as they beat Sunrisers Hyderabad in their tournament opener.On the other hand, the Kings XI Punjab would be in pain after their Super Over loss to the Delhi Capitals. other night But these are only the first few days of the competition and there is no reason KXIP could leave the points table after tonight’s game. However, more than KXIP v RCB the match, an interesting battle will take place between Indian teammates Virat Kohli and KL Rahul Many believe that Rahul could be the one to replace Kohli as captain of the Indian team when the time comes and we will see at how impressed Kohli is to see his counterpart captain next door Don’t leave We have a lot of stats and anecdotes for you


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