EbeneNews – CA – George Clooney Reveals He Almost Starred In This Iconic Romantic Movie


    In a personal editorial on racism in America published for The Daily Beast, the Oscar winner wrote: « There is little doubt that George Floyd has been murdered This is our pandemic He is infecting us all, and in 400 years we have not yet found a vaccine « 

    No your eyes are not playing tricks on you The Midnight Sky director discussed his alleged role in a virtual chat at the 64th BFI London Film Festival on Sunday Oct 18 In fact, George explained that he and legendary actor Paul Newman will star in the romantic drama

    “We were going to do The Notebook together,” Clooney revealed, according to Deadline “Basically I was going to play it as a young man, and it was funny We met and we said, ‘C’ this is gonna be awesome ‘ »

    « He’s one of the prettiest guys you’ve ever seen We got together [again] and I said ‘I can’t play you I’m nothing like you It’s crazy  » Clooney explained « We just wanted to do it because we wanted to work together, [but] it was not the right thing for us to do »

    Of course Ryan Gosling played Noah Calhoun with James Garner portraying the old version Rachel McAdams also starred in the fan favorite movie as Allie Hamilton Gena Rowlands also played the old version

    Although George and Paul didn’t play any roles in The Notebook, the 59-year-old director shared a great story about Leatherheads and his connection to the iconic actor

    “We had a really funny relationship, late in life for him I made a completely bombed out movie called Leatherheads,” George remembers “[Newman] was still racing at the time, he drove a car and crushed it So he took a picture of Leatherheads and superimposed it on the wrecked car, and said, ‘I was driving your car during the race’

    For the past few years, George has been working behind the scenes and his latest project is coming to Netflix soon The Midnight Sky is slated for release in December on the streaming service

    George Clooney, The Notebook, Ryan Gosling, Paul Newman, Noah, Jr

    EbeneNews – CA – George Clooney reveals he almost starred in this iconic romantic flick

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