EbeneNews – CA – Airlines Race To Offer COVID-19 Testing To Passengers To Hawaii


United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines both plan to offer coronavirus testing to passengers on certain routes, but the state says it will not agree to at least one of United’s options

Days after government David Ige announced Hawaii would allow inbound travelers to bypass the state’s mandatory two-week quarantine by taking a COVID-19 test, airlines are rushing to offer coronavirus testing to their clients – despite continuing confusion over what types of tests the state will accept

The state’s pre-trip testing program, which is slated to go into effect on October 15, is still in development That hasn’t stopped airlines from announcing testing deals with labs – plans which they say meet Hawaii requirements

Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines among the first carriers to offer COVID-19 testing to passengers flying to Hawaii

On Thursday, United Airlines announced it would offer a $ 250 test at the airport with results in 15 minutes, or a $ 80 postal test for passengers to Hawaii from San Francisco

On Friday, Hawaiian Airlines announced it would offer passengers COVID-19 drive-through tests near Los Angeles and San Francisco international airports Molecular testing would be conducted by Worksite Labs, costing $ 90 for a delay 36 hours or 150 USD for the day of travel

The testing requirements set out in Hawaii’s proclamation are relatively straightforward, but still seem open to interpretation: Testing must be conducted by laboratories that meet federal standards And the test must be an amplification test of US Food and Drug Administration Approved Molecular Nucleic Acid

Molecular tests, which can be based on deep nasal swabs or saliva, are considered to be the most reliable for detecting active viral infections – if at least 72 hours have passed since the person was exposed to the virus

Travelers will be responsible for the cost of their test, which must be completed within 72 hours of their flight arriving in HawaiiIf test results are late, travelers should self-quarantine until they receive the results

FDA COVID-19 Testing Guide Shows Differences Between Different Types of COVID-19 Tests Available From September Hawaii officials say they will only accept amplification testing from nucleic acid – a type of molecular test – for inbound travelers under new quarantine bypass option

Lt Gov Josh Green, who heads the pre-trip test program, confirmed on Friday that the state has approved testing partnerships with Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines

“People can go to get tested wherever they want, as long as it is 72 hours before their flight,” he said

However, a postal test where the sample was not taken under professional supervision has yet to be approved, he said, disqualifying United’s planned postal tests

Supervision criteria not specified in governor’s proclamation United Airlines officials have argued that both test options fall under state criteria

United Airlines spokesman David Gonzalez said on Friday that the company’s postal test would be coordinated by a California-based health technology company that is dealing with COVID-19 testing for the city of San Francisco

Beginning October 15, travelers to Hawaii will be able to bypass the state’s 14-day quarantine by passing an approved COVID-19 test

“We continue to work in partnership with the administration, state and health care providers to make sure these COVID tests are acceptable,” said Gonzalez

Health ministry did not respond to request for comment The governor’s office also failed to respond to questions about screening criteria

The state has signed traveler screening agreements with Kaiser, CVS, Walgreens and an emergency care network outside of Oregon called AFCP

Hawaii’s mandatory quarantine was implemented in March and has put the brakes on most travel to the state – a blow to the state’s tourism industry and economy, but a tactic that praised for keeping travel-related infections relatively low The increase in the number of cases seen in Oahu this summer has been attributed to residents of Hawaii, not travelers

Avi Mannis, senior vice president of marketing at Hawaiian Airlines, said the company has pursued its deal with Worksite Labs independently but is working with state officials

“We were confident that what we were doing was within the parameters set out by the Emergency Proclamation,” he said Nonetheless, the company would view mail-based testing as a valuable endeavor if it became an option in the future, he said

“Travelers to Hawaii live all over the country, and many live in places you wouldn’t expect to have a Hawaii-focused travel lab,” he said. , we believe that the mail-in test kits are an important convenience for customers that will facilitate access to Hawaii”

Mannis said the state needs to do more to communicate with the travel industry – and travelers – about how the pre-trip testing program works, he said

“This is something that has to happen before travelers want to come to Hawaii with confidence,” Mannis said

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EbeneNews – CA – Airlines race to offer COVID-19 testing to passengers flying to Hawaii

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