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    Usher, OneRepublic, Ava Max, Julia Michaels, Bishop Briggs and more join “America’s Got Talent” alumni for powerful duets with finalists ahead of big reveal of which act wins award a million dollars!

    It was a celebrity affair that saw the return of some “America’s Got Talent” favorites as well as bona fide superstars before we finally found out who our Season 15 winner was

    Along the way, the contestants got to perform along with some of their favorite acts, which led to a heartbreaking moment as Archie Williams came face to face with the artist whose music had inspired him to keep fighting all these years was wrongly imprisoned

    And then they performed the song that helped Archie the most during his tough times and we promise you there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – theirs or ours

    Usher kicked off the series with an incredible mix of success, while other artists like OneRepublic, Blake Shelton, Bishop Briggs, Ava Max, JP Saxe and Julia Michaels took to the stage with all of the singers this season

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    Alan Silva’s brother, half of the alumni of “AGT” Deadly Games, joined him on stage to add danger to his aerial tricks as BAD Salsa took his dangerous dance to the next level in s teaming up with the winners of “AGT: Champions” VIbeatable The Golden Buzzer of Season 14 of Detroit Youth Choir finalist Terry Crews helped us to make the hype with their high-energy performance

    And we needed that too because it took us a full 90 minutes to get to one of the results Not that we didn’t enjoy most of the performance we saw along the way, because they showed some of the contestants new sides now that it was too late, but most of us came just for the results and it takes, what? Five minutes?

    Who do I think I am? you ask Well I spent almost a decade of my life sweating and bleeding to the sound of music as a dancer From a young boy learning shuffle-ball-change to performing with the St Louis Ballet Company, I experienced the ups and downs of one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet During this time I was also a member of the St Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, as well as a gymnast, writer and cartoonist I had a lot more energy in my younger years And I have spent the last eighteen years analyzing and reviewing reality shows for various media publications I have this

    Contestants had fun with the Universal Studios bundle at these live shows But Usher took it to the next level with a very cool opening act that took us on a tour of some of his biggest hits, the streets of “New York” and all the way to the “America’s Got Talent” scene thanks to our favorite DeLoreon “This is how you start a final!” Said Terry Crews, and he was not wrong It was very energetic and a lot of fun to launch a two hour trip to find the champion of season 15!

    Cristina beamed throughout this “Lose Somebody” duet, delivering a silky voice that matched better with Ryan Tedder than we expected Her soft grater and smoothness complemented each other quite well Plus we appreciated that she masters her great voice for the most part just to deliver the song, creating an intimate moment that shows yet another side of her talent

    As a tribute to Bill Withers, the finalists gathered for a musical tribute to his ‘Lean on Me’ We love that even the four non-singing acts got into the fun, with Alan Silva, BAD Salsa and the Bello Sisters singing the best they could while Brandon Leakes wrote and performed mid-song poetry to speak to our present time It was a beautiful and moving moment

    A little awkward at times with the Bello Sisters clearly halfway through their pinkies when they cut to Deadly Games and Alan Silva, but we loved seeing the brothers combine their acts It just further proves the elements possible danger in what Alan is doing, and how much fun a combination of these two acts could be on a big stage While we would have liked Bishop to sing her chorus more, she was clearly too enthusiastic to be part of the danger briefly – and when she sang, she sounded fantastic, so we’re not too crazy about that

    There was an amazing story behind this duo, because it was this song by Marvin that helped Archie through his long years of incarceration.You could see how much this reunion and this moment meant to Archie, and what feeling permeated by their performance together It was heartfelt and painfully beautiful How not to root Archie down and wish him only the best now and always?

    A person supporting him: Meghan Markle, who video message revealing that she and Prince Harry were watching the Archie show, of course, is also their son’s name

    “I just wanted to let you know that we were so moved by your story and that we cheer you on every week and it’s not just because we are fond of the name,” she said “So , a very special message for you that I will probably say all my life, but that night is specifically for you: Archie, we are proud of you and we support for you and we can’t wait to see what you do We’re in your corner, have a good night “

    Ava and Daneliya actually have very similar styles, with Ava coming forward as an older, more polished and confident version of the young finalists. This bodes well for Daneliya She already has that incredible maturity in her voice that is so rare in a person her age, but it’s already a marketable sound Daneliya is an incredible talent and we think no matter what happens here someone will want to work with her

    Last year’s finalists have had an amazing year since failing to live up to “AGT” and it seems the sky is the limit for them and the kids in this choir. brought all that youthful energy into a sharply choreographed rendition of Imagine Dragon’s “Believer” that had lots of great harmonies and even stronger soloist work It’s so exciting that their city has donated $ 1 million to the program so they can continue to be goodwill ambassadors for Detroit and continue to help young people across the city.

    A perfect partnership, Blake’s vocal style was a perfect match for the guys on a cover of their previous version of his “God’s Country” It was such a natural combination, it was really kind of a duet (tri -and?) that you might see on stage at the Broken Roots Grammys is really about to embark on a real career in Nashville – and who knows, with Blake now aware of them and having played with them, it might be a powerful ally to make

    Their styles worked pretty well together And while we didn’t really see much new from either band tonight, we did see just how great these high-flying danger stunts have been. clearly imbued with at least this segment of Indian culture and entertainment BAD Salsa makes this a really fun centerpiece for Unbattable’s iconic dance line covering acrobatics plus we love how the big group incorporated the duo into a stunt because why not ?!

    It was just an excuse for Terry Crews to laugh and have fun, but he’s such a good comedian that we were all for his attempts to find his magical personality and pull off any trick, with advice from “AGT” alum Mat Franco This guy Terry is pretty good, eh? Someone should put it on a sitcom or something

    This association makes almost less sense than the final performance This song is such a duet between two lovers, so it doesn’t really make sense to make it a quartet with two children It might just be a song that Roberta and Kenadi both love, but it feels like they pulled the straw by having to settle for the guests that “AGT” had and that’s what we got Honestly they deserved something something that best suited their individual styles (which are very different)

    This is certainly not his strongest piece, but an interesting way to set up the final Top 5 reveal and eventual winner of the show We would have liked a more in-depth look at what this experience means through her lens, but maybe it can come later in her career We will be listening, wherever it lands

    And that brought us to the moment where we were in the process of building for an hour and a half Who made the Top 5 and who is the winner of season 15 It is also worth always remembering, as we have seen tonight and over the years, that you don’t have to win this show to go on and do amazing things

    We kind of dug the scene for this, moved outside under the Universal Studios door with a separate live audience in golf carts It was so Hollywood, but probably a way to bring the loved ones candidates here Plus, this living energy that really helps those kinds of moments

    Our Top 5 predicted (in order, because we can do it) included Archie Williams, Alan Silva, Broken Roots, Cristina Rae and Brandon Leake How Did We Do? And what did you do?

    First, Terry Crews split the ten finalists into two, revealing this season’s Top 5 And the first to find out were the Acts of Danger, Alan Silva and the Bello Sisters It’s Alan Silva who scored this first place

    Next, Daneliya Tuleshova looked particularly worried about being paired alongside Cristina Rae, who has been a leader throughout the season. And she had good reason to be, as her journey ended and Cristina Rae continued

    BAD Salsa had to face the music alongside Broken Roots Could the country duo fight to get back into the competition and into the Top 5 (making us three for three along the way)? You bet they could, because Broken Roots took that third place

    Kenadi Dodds and Roberta Battaglia were the next pair called up, which immediately negates our predictions as we didn’t see either progress It’s really our fault because we haven’t put forward any children’s singers That said, we think Daneliya was the strongest of the three But America thinks it’s Roberta Battaglia, who has a great voice

    The biggest problem with this, however, is that we are now left with what we considered to be the 2 best acts of the night vying for a location We know Archie Williams had to fight the Dunkin ‘ Save to get this far, but we really thought its powerful performance was enough

    We were assuming Archie Williams was going home on top of Brandon Leake, as the alternative was too unbearable to consider. So did this happen? Of course it’s Brandon Leake is a force of nature this season, and rightly so!

    We had this slot machine for Archie Williams, was Roberta Battaglia going to replace it here like she did in your Top 5? No, it is outfielder Alan Silva, who declared himself winner for having arrived here He is not wrong, because he has already inspired so many

    Well, we had Alan Silva in that slot, so is that where Roberta Battaglia ultimately placed, or was she looking to disrupt our entire prediction on her own? Was she going to win it all? No, because that’s where things ended for Roberta Battaglia, who did incredibly well at 11!

    This means our prediction for the Top 3 was the Top 3, which thrilled us before we even knew if we had them in the right order

    We’ve put Broken Roots here, but it’s clear America has a real soft spot for this duo. Could they supplant one of the season’s pioneers? They absolutely did because this place went to Cristina Rae instead.We felt an emotional disconnect in her last performance, and maybe that’s what hurt her

    That leaves the kids back with the ‘America’s Got Talent’ poet laureate to fight for the crown Either would make an incredible story Broken Roots would go from eliminating to a million dollars, while Brandon Leake would mark very first poet and winner

    Our prediction was that Cristina Rae should settle for second place, but after taking third it leaves Broken Roots to fill that slot by default Could they complete their comeback dream and turn Brandon Leake upside down? Or be delighted with an incredible race even if it ends here? End here and Broken Roots has such a bright future ahead of them

    We’ve been predicting that it had been Brandon Leake’s season for weeks now and it was undeniable to deny the power of his words, the emotional resonance of his performance, and the desirability of the spoken word art form. to speak to America at a time when he needs to listen more than ever By now Brandon Leakes has been heard and he’s a million dollars richer for his lyrics

    We couldn’t be more delighted for him What a beautiful brand ambassador and artist to represent “America’s Got Talent” “

    America’s Got Talent, Heidi Klum, NBC, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell

    EbeneNews – CA – AGT Fifth Judge: Season 15 winner crowned in star-studded finale with Meghan Markle Cameo

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