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    The Royal Commission on the Quality and Safety of Elderly Care has released a special report identifying six recommendations the government must implement to protect the elderly care sector from another COVID-19 impact

    The report says COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge Australia’s elderly care sector has ever faced and demands that the Australian government inform the Australian Parliament by December 1, 2020 of the progress of the implementation of these recommendations

    There are four key areas identified as needing immediate action in the elderly care sector, including funding providers for adequate staffing levels, ensuring residents have access to nursing services. health and mental health issues, a national elderly care plan released for COVID-19 and the establishment of a national advisory body of elderly care and elderly care providers requiring infection control officers accredited

    Commission says no one could have predicted a pandemic and its impact on the elderly care sector, and, of course, the Royal Commission was not created in 2018 with COVID-19 as a target

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    As such, the Commissioners believe it is important that this special report be released before the final report, which is due on February 26, 2021

    The government should report to Parliament no later than December 1, 2020 on the implementation of these recommendations

    The Australian government should fund providers so they can ensure there are enough staff available, which will allow staff to manage visits that are more meaningful to residents

    The Australian government should create health insurance benefit schedule items that increase related health and mental health services for people living in nursing homes for the elderly during the pandemic, which may prevent deterioration of their physical and mental health

    Implementation of Federal, State and Territory Protocols based on the New South Wales (NSW) Protocols

    Maximize the ability of nursing home residents to receive visitors and stay in touch with family, friends and the community

    A consultation mechanism with the sector around the use of Hospital in the Home programs in care for the elderly

    Establish protocols on who will decide on hospital transfers for residents who are COVID-19 positive while taking into account protocols offered by Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA)

    Ensure that significant outbreaks of COVID-19 in nursing homes are investigated by an independent expert to identify key lessons to be learned and that these results are sent to everyone in the sector

    Providers should be required to appoint infection control officers and arrange for the deployment of accredited infection prevention and control experts to nursing homes

    The federal government should arrange for the deployment of accredited infection prevention and control experts to Australian nursing homes to provide training, assist in the preparation of an outbreak management plan and help with outbreak control

    The federal government accepted all of these recommendations and welcomed the Commission’s COVID-19 report

    Australian Minister for Elderly and Elderly Care Richard Colbeck said the government has already made progress on four of the recommendations and will invest $ 40.6 million in response to the Commission’s report and recommendations royal

    Industry association, the Aged Care Guild, supported the recommendations of the Royal Commission special report

    The Guild is pleased that the response to COVID-19 is contemporary and adaptable to lessons learned from experiences to date

    Acting CEO of the Elderly Care Guild Nicholas Brown says with over a million deaths worldwide to date, it’s clear COVID-19 is an insidious foe unlike what the world has seen for over 100 years

    « Royal Commission report acknowledges that Australia has responded relatively well to the world This does not diminish the devastating impact of the virus on our country Every death has been one too many and is a tragedy, » says M Brown

    « Throughout this global pandemic there will be examples of care in some retirement homes for the elderly that do not meet expectations These must be weighed against the overwhelming majority of residents and employees who have been kept safe

    « The devastating effects of the virus on the Australian elderly living in nursing homes for the elderly is a direct reflection of the widespread transmission in the surrounding communities; it is not an isolated problem of elderly care L whole health system, including care for the elderly, has been overtaken

    « While Australia’s response to COVID-19 has not always been perfect, we recognize and acknowledge that most are doing their best to respond to this global pandemic

    « The elderly care sector is committed to necessary reform, but we cannot do it alone Long-term change requires long-term commitment »

    Dementia Australia, a leading body for people with dementia, also welcomed the Royal Commission special report, as people with dementia have been deeply affected physically and mentally by COVID-19

    Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe says: “Recent data on the prevalence of dementia suggests that more than two-thirds of all people living in elderly care facilities have moderate to severe cognitive impairment

    « Dementia Australia has repeatedly called on healthcare providers and the elderly to work together to maintain visitation and engagement of people with dementia during this unprecedented period of forced and prolonged isolation

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    « People with dementia are among the most vulnerable in our community during this pandemic If engagement is reduced in people with dementia, loss of cognitive function may intensify Over time, these are losses that most people will not recover « 

    She adds that for older people, family involvement in their care plan and the provision of related and mental health services is really crucial to providing quality care to older people.

    Research by Dementia Australia found that lack of access to services and social interactions has contributed to the rate of cognitive decline in older people

    Commissioners Tony Pagone QC and Lynelle Briggs AO delivered the special report on the COVID-19 pandemic in elderly care to Governor General David Hurley AC DSC on October 1

    This report follows targeted Commission hearings on COVID-19 held in Sydney from August 10-13, 2020

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    EbeneNews – AU – Commission unveils COVID-19 recommendations for action immediate

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