EbeneMagazine – USA – Like the NFL, « Madden 21 » uses next-generation statistics for PS5 and Xbox Series X releases.


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If you’ve watched Sunday Night Football or any of the prime-time NFL matches, you’ve probably seen the « Next Generation Statistics » popping up in between the plays. These stats give more insights into how NFL athletes are hooking, passing and running that make them the best in the world..

And now, EA Sports brings those next-generation stats to the next-gen console releases of the Madden 21.

While fans won’t be able to enter Madden’s 21 releases of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S until December 4, EA developers have given a few media members a look at what to expect and how to implement the next generation of stats is supposed to be a factor of change. In the football game.

At a virtual press conference on Monday, EA developers explained that for two years they have begun developing software to implement Next Gen Stats in the company’s game. Now, next-generation console hardware is making these features a reality. From how receivers operate the roads, to how the jogging moves, these stats and data have helped EA Sports create a more fluid and realistic experience than ever before..

NFL traces individual player movements to inches through sensors placed on each NFL stadium, tracking marks on players’ shoulder pads. Athlete data from thousands of plays captured by Next Gen Stats feed into the Madden NFL animation engine to recreate athlete’s motion when running, cutting, and changing direction, all executed at realistic speeds and acceleration rates.

The animation engine also takes advantage of player-specific track paths from next-generation statistics for each individual receiver. Most elite receivers now have the ability to play the same paths they do in the physical field on Madden’s default path. Captured with Next Gen Stats NFL game data, creating flexible routes with more realistic turns, sporting nuances and player recognition.

Next-generation statistics also override the default domain in next-generation editions of Madden 21. The replays will get a boost with highlights featuring the biggest plays and best players in the game, along with data showing the most admired acts in each competition.

Madden 21’s calling game will also get an upgrade. Players will now more easily find star-focused plays. If you want to find a pass play for Deandre Hopkins, there will be plays in your playbook that you can find that specifically target the recipient.. Players will also have the ability to save their favorite plays for the first time, and put them in a tab for quick reference.

Finally, Madden 21’s body types will become more specific on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. . Whether they are a « skinny » receiver, a « ripped » defender or a « soft » streak factor, next-generation stats will make players look more realistic on next-generation consoles..

This body types update also helped developers extend the player’s archetype system, by adding more nuances and differentiation to the existing archetypes. Developers picked up thousands of new animations based on different body types to bring that fluid action to Madden 21.

For example, a large bruising ball carrier will run straight and use his weight to gain those extra yards.. The graceful little ball carrier will change direction and avoid tackles instead of trying to push through a pile of defenders.

We hope all of these changes make Madden 21 the most realistic soccer game ever.

What do you think of the next generation of stats coming to Madden 21? Let us know in the comments section.

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EbeneMagazine – United States – Like the NFL, Madden 21 uses next-generation statistics in PS5 and Xbox X Series Releases
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