EbeneMagazine – US – Why Jennifer Lawrence had major beef with Anderson Cooper – and faced him on it!


This could be one of the most random celebrity feuds of all time, as Jennifer Lawrence revealed this week that she’s been hanging out with CNN Cooper’s Anderson

Appearing on the Absolutely Not podcast this week – the same podcast where she revealed she was « a bit of a Republican » – Lawrence opened up about her 2013 Oscar win for Best Actress and how to stumble on her way to the stage eclipsed honor

« I was ready, I was very nervous and also very superstitious I didn’t want to admit the possibility that I would win I didn’t want to write a speech so I have it all in my head and very, very nervous and I was ready ”, she recalls « I’m having a good time, they call my name and I’m delighted and in shock You’re kinda passed out I don’t remember when they called me And then I fell and it wiped everything from my mind and my whole brain went blank « 

While she said she could look back « fondly » to that time now, « for a very long time everything was very sensitive » So sensitive, in fact, she had a big problem when Cooper suggested his fall was a publicity stunt

« I’m sorry, but Anderson Cooper, I saw her on CNN three days later saying, ‘Well she obviously faked the fall’ and it was so devastating because it’s this horrible humiliation that swept me away I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to have a speech like this again ”, she explained

« I wasn’t happy not having a speech and I’ll tell you what, I saw him at a Christmas party and let him know, » she continued. « My friend told me a vein was sticking out of my head But he apologized and I think we’re good friends now [laughs] On my side, we’re all good « 

She said she approached him and asked him, « Have you ever tried to go up the stairs in a ball gown? » He, of course, didn’t « He apologized immediately, » Lawrence said. « Wonderful apologies, I was all excited He probably told everyone I was a psychopath »

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EbeneMagazine – United States – Why Jennifer Lawrence had major beef with Anderson Cooper – and got it faced on it!

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