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Joe Benigno of WFAN makes it official: he retires at the end of next week Joe couldn’t leave without stressing again that he is rooting in terrible teams😂 photoTwittercom / kbMZuSX486

As Joe Benigno rose to fame, his beloved New York sports teams fell down the toilet

Benigno made official at 2 a.m. Wednesday, which The Post had already reported: he is retiring after a 25-year career as a full-time sports spokesperson on WFAN The Last Show of the Post noon “Joe & Evan” co-hosted with Evan Roberts will take place on Friday 6th

“It’s time to go for me,” Benigno told listeners “I don’t think there is a question about that What else can you say? It’s a great race It’s been 25 years « 

Benigno, 67, retired for months and his plans come as no surprise: playing golf, moving to Florida and suffering losses from the Mets, Jets, Knicks and Rangers

“Twenty-five years on the air, my brother, and none of my teams have won a championship,” said Benigno “I saw everyone except the Jets in the final… but 25 years, not of title It’s incredible « 

“My first year on the air, 1995, the Jets go 3-13 They’re as bad as they can get It’s the [Rich] Kotite era,” Benigno said. “Now in my senior year, I came out with the Jets 0-8 because we all know they don’t have a shot to beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Absolutely none So my team will be 0-8 at the end of the stage on the left and, who knows, they will probably end with a winless season « 

There won’t be a Mike Francesa-style goodbye tour for Benigno during the COVID-19 pandemic Just tons of use of his business card, « Bro! »

« Joe of Saddle River » was a caller on the station and on the « Mike and the Mad Dog » show for years before being shot. After carving a niche and building a loyal fan base working the nights, he stabilized WFAN’s lunchtime show from 2004 to 19, first with Sid Rosenberg, then with Roberts from 2007

“I think we took lunchtime to places where no one else had,” said Benigno “It was always the place where places came and went like the wind It’s almost like the Jets coaches Every time you turned around there was a new noon show No one did 15 noon « 

Benigno teased Roberts’ future with « bigger and better things, » which The Post said includes co-hosting the new afternoon driving show with Craig returning Cardboard to WFAN after his time in prison

“All the Heavy Jets fans out there,” Benigno said, “all I want to see, for me, is another Super Bowl and, for anyone who doesn’t have one. saw a, a championship I can’t imagine what that would look like « 

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EbeneMagazine – United States – Farewell WFAN by Joe Benigno: « 25 years, no championships »

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