EbeneMagazine – US – Boycott of French products by Turkey: « From an economic point of view, the risk must still be put into perspective », estimates Olivier Babeau, economist


Olivier Babeau explains that France makes 67% of its exports to Europe and only 3% to the Near and Middle East

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially called on his compatriots on Monday October 26 to boycott French products after tensions between France and Turkey over the treatment of Muslims in France “From an economic point of view, we still have to put the risk into perspective, ”said the economist Olivier Babeau, president of the Institut des Sapiens the same day on franceinfo. This statement follows calls for a boycott in several countries in the Middle East

Olivier Babeau recalls that « the European Union and Europe outside the European Union » represent « 67% » of France’s exports « The Near East and the Middle East, it is only 3% » According to him , « It is obviously a relatively small part of our exports, even if it is one of the rare surplus areas where exports are greater than our imports. But it is still rather marginal » « Turkey exports more than it does. does not matter French products « , underlines Olivier Babeau » If we imagine that we cease all trade relations, it is Turkey which loses 27 billion euros of trade surplus compared to France It is thus rather it than that would bother us, even if it poses problems for the companies which are affected « 

The French companies concerned are those of « aeronautics, the automobile, a little chemistry, tools and machinery », details the economist « So, obviously, you cannot say that if it there were trade relations that were ending, it would not be a problem for the companies « For them, » it is a questioning of certain markets which, here, are significant « But for the moment, » it does not there is nothing of the magnitude that poses a problem ”

Olivier Babeau believes, however, that this call for a boycott is « above all a political instrumentalisation » of the Turkish president. « It is a way of showing your own people how you treat the rest of the world It is in this spirit that Erdogan used this terrible episode [the assassination of Samuel Paty] with us in France « But he assures us that » Beyond excessive declarations and diplomatic storms, there is no need to worry Economically, that does not go very far ”

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EbeneMagazine – US – Boycott of French products by Turkey: “From an economic point of view, this ‘it is still necessary to put the risk in perspective ”, estimates Olivier Babeau, economist

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