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Again, Zenit played a bad match, especially in attack. Just two shots on target in 90 minutes – an obvious failure. Even having Dziuba and Malcolm didn’t help.

Dziuba suffers damage to his groin muscle, and Semak prepares new replacements. Are Zenit losing their leader ahead of the match with Club Brugge? Shamkin changes Dzyuba.

Kadiri at the last moment intercepts Azmun’s most dangerous transfer to Dzyuba, and then the Tula fled into a counterattack, which Prokhin breaks with his speed. Zenit Defense Center played well today.

Again, Shamov saves Arsenal! How can? It was Sutormin who was hitting from the penalty area to the far one, and the Tulyak keeper managed to throw his hand and sweep the ball for a corner.

SHAMOV! Wow salvation. Driussi shoots to the goalkeeper’s line on Dziuba, Artyom hits the ball, and Shamov reacts to this blow and easily catches the ball tightly.

Prokhin blocks Panchenko’s kick from Zenit’s penalty area! Then Malcolm does not finish the ball, shooting from the edge of the penalty area into the far corner. The game escalates as much as possible.

Kerzhakov, under pressure from the Tula, knocks the ball out, and then criticizes his Zenit partners, who did not help him to bring the ball to the attack through a pass.

And one more scoring attack of the Russian champion breaks off at the very last moment: Malcolm rolls under the blow, but Erokhin unsuccessfully clings the ball, which is immediately used by the defenders of the Tula.

Break. Over 45 Zenit and Arsenal have created several clear scoring chances and at the same time struck only one shot on target for two. Not the best game in terms of implementation.

Panchenko forgives! Djordjevic clings to the ball in front and plays against Zenit’s defense against Panchenko, who jumps out on a date with Kerzhakov and hits next to the far post!

Dziuba almost completely lost his speed. Another moment with the acceleration of the captain of « Zenith » ended with the loss. But Erokhin, who gave the pass, made the wrong decision, because a little to the left of Dzyuba, Malcolm opened well.

Zenit starts to give up the game. Already Lomovitskiy takes the ball on the edge of the champion’s penalty area and strikes without resistance, which lacks accuracy a little.

Prokhin prevents Panchenko from handling the ball in Zenit’s penalty area, playing along with his hand pressed to the body. But this does not stop the Arsenal forward, and he asks for a penalty. Evgeny Kukulyak, the referee from Kaluga, serving our match, did not set a penalty.

Old Zhirkov catches the serve from a corner on his foot and shoots next to the bar since the summer! In a moment Panchenko sharpens at Zenit’s penalty area, missing the target. An interesting attacking game turns out.

Wow! Malcolm is taken one-on-one through the center (Kuzyaev’s pass), but the Brazilian instead of hitting plays on Dziuba, who runs into the last defender of Arsenal.

Zenit immediately sends the ball to Dziuba. How could it be otherwise? Today all Peter’s hope is for a couple of Malcolm-Dziuba.

Zenit has a catastrophic situation. Failure in the Champions League is slowly reflected in the team’s results in the Russian championship. In the last round, Zenit lost points in Grozny and let CSKA go ahead. What’s in it?

It seems that it’s time for the blue-white-blue to switch over and solve internal problems, given the serious staff shortage that Semak’s team has been facing in recent months. Lovren, Ozdoev and Rakitskiy will miss the next game with Arsenal Tula. A whole group of players remains in question, including Azmun, Driussi, Wendel and Douglas Santos.

On the other hand, Zenit was lucky to play in front of Brugge with Arsenal, and not CSKA, for example. The odds against the 13th team of the league are definitely better.

Arsenal is one of the main candidates for a demotion this season. The team desperately lacks stability. Even in the games against Tambov and Rotor, we had difficulty taking points.

In theory, Zenit can beat such an opponent even with a second squad, but in practice Semak will definitely use the services of his leaders. Therefore, we are waiting for a nervous but effective game.. Beginning at 14:00 Moscow time.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Zenit could not score against Arsenal »In Tula and again lost points in the RPL. How It Was – 28 November 2020 – Live Stream – Sport24
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