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Igor Ivanenko: A split and a maidan are inevitable in Moldova © Facebook, Igor IvanenkoOn Sunday, November 29, in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, elections of deputies to the Supreme council and local government. A total of 113,916 voters in the republic voted, the turnout was 27.7%. A meeting of the CEC on the registration of elected deputies is tentatively scheduled for December 2.

The problem is, the expert explained, that even the provisions that were fixed in the law on this autonomy were not fully implemented, and between Chisinau and Comrat there is still a struggle for tug of power.

« And one of the slogans of the pro-Romanian forces is just about the liquidation of the Gagauz autonomy. They say in plain text that the Gagauz people allow themselves a lot and do not have the right to autonomy, « Ivanenko stressed..

Pridnestrovians do not want to find themselves in this situation, despite all the hardships, in Pridnestrovie there is an understanding that at the moment this is the only option for the existence of the region, the source concluded..

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Transnistria doesn’t want that. The expert told what is really happening now in Gagauzia
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