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Poor English. As soon as they relaxed and were the first in Europe to start a total vaccination against the coronavirus, there were rumors of a mutated virus called VUI2020 / 12/01, and panic arose.. Now British residents are not allowed into Europe. Brexit finally took place. In Europe itself, everything is very strange. Such a crazy Catholic Christmas I don’t remember. . .

I don’t know about you, but my attitude to December 25 is extremely ambiguous. On the one hand, the day off was imposed on us by Western partners in the context of decommunization and European integration of Ukraine. On the other hand, it is wrong to consider December 25 only « Catholic » from a historical point of view.. In Russia until 1918 Christmas was celebrated on December 25. Then the Christmas fast ended. Therefore, the New Year’s table on January 1 could be generous..

There is a collision now. After the transition to the Gregorian calendar, Christmas was postponed to January 7, and the fast was extended by two weeks. It is clear that the Bolsheviks did not recognize either God, or the church, and even less fast. And the textbook Olivier salad appeared on the festive table. With Provencal mayonnaise and doctor’s sausage. As well as a Soviet delicacy – “smoked” slices and other scarce pickles.

I remember that I was always amazed why old people (for example, my grandmother) didn’t eat such yummy, explaining that it’s fast. I thought modest was shameful. And therefore, she was not zealous either. But solely out of sympathy for the suffering children of capitalist countries and Pinochet’s Chile. So I then explained to myself the meaning of the word « modest ».

So, by and large, December 25 is not only a holiday for the Western world, as it has become now, but also the Russian historical Orthodox tradition.

Nevertheless, the fact remains: a day off was imposed on Ukraine in the context of an alternative to the “Russian world” and the weakening of Orthodoxy. He is less popular with us than on January 7. For example, there is no tradition for families to get together. And in the West there is.

It is on December 25 in Europe, the United States and other countries that it is customary for relatives to gather, sit at the festive table and sort out gifts under the tree. By the way, the tree is also a Christmas attribute, and not a New Year’s one, as many people think..

And that’s what bad luck. All Western countries, which, in comparison with us, do not peck money, have competed in a race to create a miracle cure for coronavirus and celebrate Christmas as it should. It was the UK that was the first Western country to start a mass vaccination program against COVID-19. She acquired 40 million. doses of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine: enough to vaccinate 20 million. man. It was reported that about 70 hospital centers across the country are preparing to get vaccinated. They have even vaccinated a 90-year-old woman. But it turned out that they tried in vain.

Along with the vaccine, a mutated virus called VUI2020 / 12/01 appeared, about which conflicting reports are received. The infection allegedly spreads faster than its previous version by 70%. However, scientists do not believe it is more lethal or causes more severe symptoms..

But this was enough for fright. They just lifted travel restrictions between historic counties so people could spend Christmas with their loved ones when the news of the mutant virus panicked the highly educated population of London..

The irritant turned out to be Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who blurted out that « if the virus changes its way of attack, we must change our way of defense ». And suddenly announced a lockdown.

Since midnight last Sunday, all shops in Britain have closed, except for those selling essential goods, hairdressers, beauty salons, sports and entertainment establishments, and meetings of people living at different addresses have been prohibited. Communication in open spaces has been reduced to a minimum: instead of the previous rule of six people, now you can only meet on the street two by two, subject to social distance.

Since the announcement of the new lockdown, the British, in fact, had several hours to complete the final preparations for the holiday and reach their destination. Many have burned out tickets. On Saturday evenings and Sunday nights, people stormed trains and buses to travel to another country or visit family for Christmas at the other end of Britain.

Photos of a crowd of passengers at London St. The Pancras, which severely “sieged” the train to Leeds, a city in the north of England, flew around the world. This was not even the case during World War II.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan (Labor Party representative and the first mayor of the capital of Pakistani origin) said that the resulting passenger chaos is a direct consequence of how chaotic the announcement of the authorities was about tightening measures.

« Boris Johnson has effectively canceled Christmas for nearly 18 million people in London, the southeast and east of England as a new two-week quarantine was introduced in the region from 7am on Monday, » he said.

And this after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the vaccination start day marks « a huge step forward in the UK’s fight against coronavirus. ». It turns out, for what they fought, and ran into it? Or how?

The worst thing for the British is that the railway, air and sea communication with France was abruptly stopped. It was soon renewed, but only for French citizens in England and British citizens residing in France.. And also for carriers, provided that they have a negative coronavirus test done less than 72 hours before entry.

As a result, thousands of cars got stuck on the English Channel transport hub, which is used by about 10,000 trucks every Christmas, bringing mostly fresh food, parcels, mail, etc.. d. Supermarkets say there is a shortage of fresh produce, including lettuce and citrus fruits from the continent.

In order to lift the « transport blockade » from Britain, military and medical personnel at the borders began to conduct express tests of truck drivers who could not cross the border for two days.

The result of the express test can be known after 30 minutes, after which drivers with a negative result will be able to queue up to cross the English Channel, and those who have it will be positive will receive a hotel room for self-isolation.

Meanwhile, European countries have banned entry to the British and stopped air and ground communication with the island. In German, Dutch, Belgian, Austrian and other airports, thousands of people were blocked, who flew to their relatives and friends to celebrate Christmas.

Many believe that the panic was provoked by the statement of the Prime Minister. Now he is called nothing less than « Boris the thief of Christmas ». The whole question is, will the mutated virus, bought in a huge amount of vaccines, win? Or does he need other types of vaccinations?

In the meantime, there is no answer to this question, supporters of a hard lockdown have arrived. German Chancellor Angela Merkel became another « thief of Christmas ». She considered that the « soft lockdown » that began in November did not allow the situation to be taken under control and led to a peak in mortality in Germany..

As a result, the country announced a hard lockdown until January 10. Christmas Relief Canceled. Now you can invite up to four close relatives to visit. Only shops selling essential goods are open, as well as banks. Restaurants, bars and entertainment venues remain closed since November.

In general, about celebrating Christmas in a circle of loved ones, European countries compete in options. In Ireland, representatives of up to three households are allowed to gather in one place. Worship is also allowed again.

In Belgium, only one person can visit, the so-called « close contact ». If you live alone, someone else may come to you (but also only one), but not together with the « close contact ».

On December 24 and 25, this rule can be broken, and a « close contact » and another person can come to a lonely person at the same time. That is, a total of three.

Portugal weakened the state of emergency from 23 to 26 December – allowed travel between regions. At the same time, restaurants work. But there is a curfew. As in France.

In Prague, you cannot gather in groups of more than six people, neither at home nor on the street. In Denmark, up to ten people can meet in the premises at the same time, and this rule applies to the Christmas period.

Orthodox Greece allows citizens to leave their homes only after receiving written permission. At the same time, the lockdown will last until January 7. But bookstores and hairdressing salons are allowed.

From December 18, the mandatory quarantine for all arriving in Greece will be reduced from ten to three days, but they will still be required to provide certificates of a negative coronavirus test. Tourism is tourism!

But the Spaniards did their best. « Special mode » in the country was extended. . . right up to May 2021. It provides, in particular, a curfew from 11 pm to 6 am and restrictions on social contacts.. Citizens are urged to refrain from traveling between regions. Roadblocks were set up on the roads. Police officers check for what purpose people go outside their community. And during the Christmas holidays in Spain, there will be a strict ban on moving around the country..

As a result, in 11 months of 2020 in Spain there were 100 thousand. fewer enterprises. The tourism industry lost about 80% of its income. According to the staff of the Madrid Center for Sociological Research, in cities there are growing queues for free food, money for which is collected in church parishes.. Alas, many Spaniards (and other Europeans) will spend their Christmas evenings in such queues to have a modest meal for the holiday.. If such a word is appropriate this year. . .

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