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Within the framework of the fifth round of the Champions League group stage, Shakhtar Donetsk is expecting a home confrontation with Real Madrid. The Pitmen’s midfielder Tete shared his emotions from the upcoming European competition, which will take place in Kiev.

« Recently, we have not had much time for training, because a very tight calendar and fights follow one after another. We managed to show ourselves in Madrid, but we are perfectly aware of how dangerous this opponent is.. But Shakhtar is also a qualified team, we also have great players. Without a doubt, tomorrow on the field we will try to show all our strength to achieve victory « .

« We started the fight in Madrid very well, demonstrated our strength already at the start. Mister told us a strategy for the game that worked. And if other teams with Real Madrid close and hide in their half of the field, then we came and showed that we want to play, possess the ball, and not hide. We wanted to control the fight and dominate the field, we succeeded, that’s why we scored three goals. But when it was necessary to sacrifice ourselves and endure on the field, we also did it. I think tomorrow’s match will not differ much from the first match and Shakhtar will act with the same dedication « .

« For Shakhtar, the upcoming game is very important. All Champions League matches are like the final, but, of course, in the event of tomorrow’s victory, this success will have a special, more pleasant flavor.. We have a very good team, we will try to show our football and do everything that Mister asks us. Possess the ball, dominate, but above all show your play. Only the match will demonstrate who was the best on the pitch, but we will try very hard and will go out to play only to win, « the Shakhtar official website quoted Tete as saying..

As a reminder, the Shakhtar – Real match will take place on Tuesday, December 1, at 19:55 Kyiv time. You can follow the events of this fight in the text online broadcast, which will be available on Football. among others.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Tete: If other teams against Real are closing and hiding, then we want to play and have the ball
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