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The activation of pro-Western forces in Moldova against Transnistria coincided with the situation when Russia lost many of its positions in Chisinau and Tiraspol. Russian political scientist Oleg Bondarenko, who recently visited the former Soviet republic, talks about this in his blog..

The expert notes that not only the West, but also Turkey is working more actively in the region, which was considered a zone of interests of Moscow, the correspondent of PolitNavigator reports..

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« So, over the past five years, Russia at the » Russian gates to the Balkans « has become much less. All integration aspirations and periodic readiness for feats (such as a referendum on joining Russia or the Customs Union) of local autonomist elites in Gagauzia and even Transnistria are multiplied by zero by the pathological unwillingness of domestic officials to do anything really for this and somehow support them.

The last kindergarten built by Russia in Tiraspol was opened in 2015. The roof of the Pushkin Museum in Chisinau recently collapsed and it was necessary to manually save the already not very rich heritage of “our everything” in Moldova. At the same time, the employees of the museum themselves – these are the last of the Mohicans “Russian citizens” – collect money for … food for cats, and patch the roof with their own hands, ”says Bondarenko.

“Young people in Transnistria more often look towards Bucharest or Kiev than Moscow. Changes in the Tiraspol ruling duumvirate Kazmaly-Gushan (co-owners of the actual owner of Transnistria, the Sheriff group) in favor of the latter, due to its business orientation towards Bucharest, reduce the connection between the PMR and Moscow.

At the parliamentary elections on November 29 to the Supreme Council of the PMR in 23 out of 33 constituencies, until the last moment, only one candidate was nominated (from « Sheriff », of course). There is no one from Russia, unlike the previous elections in 2016, « the expert continues..

“Gagauzia, which held a referendum on joining the Eurasian Union in the event of a“ union ”between Moldova and Romania in the turbulent February 2014 under the former Bashkan (head) Mikhail Formuzale, is becoming a de facto enclave of Turkey at full time – Ankara is building a highway here to the only Moldovan port of Giurgiulesti, which has access to the Black Sea, builds hospitals and schools, kindergartens and stadiums, cultural centers and libraries.

At the same time, the current head of Gagauzia, Irina Vlah, transferred all fiscal powers to Chisinau, leaving only a signboard from the autonomy. That does not prevent her from regularly traveling to Ankara to meet with « Sultan » Erdogan and being in direct dependence on him. But this is not her fault – this is the fault of Moscow, which has not offered her anything serious, ”the political scientist believes..

“By the way, the stadium in the Gagauz capital of Comrat was not originally included in the reconstruction plans of the Turkish Cooperation Agency (TIKA). Just when two helicopters of Erdogan boarded it during a recent visit of the latter, part of the roof flew away from the stadium.. Seeing this annoying misunderstanding, the « sultan » immediately ordered his servants to restore it in full.

Do not be surprised – even during the period of active separatism in the early 90s, when machine gunners stood at the entrance to Gagauzia and the Chisinau authorities did not extend to it, emissaries with several bags of cash came from Turkey every month – this is how the budgetary process of autonomy has been carried out since 1991 to 1994.

at the expense of Turkish NGOs at the Comrat State University in Russian, the training of students from the Turkish province is provided, which allows not to suck in, but to sow new personnel. Because such students need not so much new knowledge as willing students. And this leads to indigenousization and the creation of new Turkish-oriented families..

As if graduate students from Severodvinsk or Surgut went to study at Minsk or Tiraspol State University. That would significantly increase their chances after training to stay there and become new carriers of the ideas of « Russianism », – writes Bondarenko.

“Moscow continues to traditionally suck in any interested personnel from the former post-Soviet republics, thereby devastating the former spaces of civilizational domination. After all, there are not many people willing to return to their Moldovan / Belarusian village after studying in Moscow. And in their place will come other guys who do not harbor sentiment to Russia. This is the surest way to empty the entire post-Soviet space from any possible presence..

For as some « experts » say – « why, they need, let them soar, we don’t care ». We won’t win this way, ”Bondarenko sums up.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – We Can’t Win: How Turkey and the West Overtake Russia in Moldova
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