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The sensation at the Russian Grand Prix did take place – even without the participation of figure skaters Eteri Tutberidze. It is just right to sprinkle with formulaic phrases: experience defeated youth, the teacher outplayed the student. In other words – Alexey Mishin defeated Evgeny Plushenko: Elizaveta Tuktamysheva bypassed Alena Kostornaya in the fight for victory, and Anastasia Gulyakova took bronze and unexpectedly placed herself above Alexandra Trusova.

Trusova’s failure became a dramatic tie: she fell on three quads in a row, with difficulty still made a quad-toe loop in a cascade, and then lay down with a triple lutz. The new dress, on the sleeves of which spikes appear spectacularly in front of the steps (as a reminder that Sasha personifies evil doom, not Juliet) turned out to be unlucky.

Her rental was rated lower than the rental of Anastasia Gulyakova – with under-rotation, but without falls. Nastya is 18 years old, she trains with Alexey Mishin and learns the triple axel. Before the start of the competition, no one would bet on her getting into the top three.

Tuktamysheva followed Trusova onto the ice and opened the program with a brilliant performance of a triple axel in a cascade. On the solo trixel, a blot came out, but insignificant, and everything else Lisa jumped off with a bang and saw quite high scores. I still could not believe in her victory – even without ultra-si, Kostornaya is able to win with the quality of elements, both jumping and non-jumping.

And Alena really performed visually cleanly, but flawless skating is not only the absence of falls. She was given three under-rotations on jumps, second levels on the step sequence and rotation, performed with an error. Kostornaya saw the points, which were not enough to defeat Tuktamysheva, and she had no face.

23-year-old Elizaveta beats stereotypes: she went through puberty and proved that ultra-si can be consistently done in adulthood, without having a shriveled body of a young girl. In sports, she outlived Adelina Sotnikova and Yulia Lipnitskaya, Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva, and now she is winning against the generation of TSCHK.

Bookmakers gave one to 20 odds for her victory – Lisa won for the first time since the Renaissance in the post-Olympic season. She was second, was third, lost to students Tutberidze, Medvedeva and foreign women. She was lucky at the Rostelecom Cup: Shcherbakova starred, Trusova never fell so often, and the judges could forgive Kostornaya’s lack of rotation. But the sports god spun the fairest plot of the ice fairy tale in Megasport.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Rostelecom Cup. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva started with Sotnikova, and now she is beating the generation of TSCHK
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Rostelecom Cup. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva started with Sotnikova, and now she beats the generation of TSCHK
Tuktamysheva won the Rostelecom Cup

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