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Moscow, November 22. The widow of Alexei Batalov Gitana Leontenko continues to assure that Mikhail Tsivin and Natalya Drozhzhina left her family homeless. But the spouses claim that they did not take anything, but, on the contrary, gave everything to the Batalovs.. Moreover, according to Tsivin, Natalya Georgievna bequeathed her property to Maria Batalova even before the conclusion of the rent agreement. Natalya Georgievna considered Maria a member of her family, and she answered her in the same way.

“Natasha-Natashka, she was a friend,” Mikhail Tsivin recalls the times of friendship with the Batalovs. – Do you know that Natalya Georgievna wrote a will before signing the contract for life maintenance for Maria Alekseevna? Thus, she left me a bum – God forbid that. She bequeathed all her property to Maria Alekseevna. In our family, most of the property belongs to the wife: real estate, even her car. I was very upset and offended at her. She said: “I have no children, and Masha is God’s craft. I will take care of her like my own daughter « . That’s all ».

According to Mikhail Tsivin, he and Natalia Georgievna are now very worried about Maria Batalova, who is pulled out of the usual company. The actor’s daughter is a very scrupulous and punctual person. The slightest violation of her regime can greatly upset a woman, and only Natalya Drozhzhina could strictly observe it.

« Maria Alekseevna is a difficult person, » Tsivin continues to tell. – Maria Alekseevna wrote a two-page instruction on how to take care of her. Starting from getting up in the morning, ending with evening treatments. All this by the hour. She lives by the rules, and when these rules are violated, she suffers madly « .

Recall that the Investigative Committee of Russia, at the request of the actor’s relatives, opened a criminal case under the article « Fraud » against Drozhzhina and Tsivin. After that, Tsivin told FAN that Gitana Arkadyevna hid Batalov’s will and deceived the actor’s eldest daughter from another woman.

Mikhail Tsivin, Aleksey Batalov, Gitana Leontenko, Mariya Batalova

EbeneMagazine – RU – Mikhail Tsivin said that his wife bequeathed the property of Maria Batalova

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