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Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev won the ATP Final Tournament. In the final match, he beat Austrian Dominik Tim in three sets. Medvedev added 1,500 rating points to himself and earned more than $ 1.5 million for not having suffered a single defeat in the last week.

The history of meetings between Medvedev and Tim began in 2018 and consisted of four matches. The Russian managed to win only one of them – in the quarterfinals of last year’s Masters in Montreal, he won a happy easy victory, losing only four games. This season, the paths of the two tennis players crossed only in the semifinals of the US Open.. Striving for his first Grand Slam title, Tim beat Medvedev in three sets, two of which ended in tie-breaks..

But if we talk not only about official matches, then for the first time the current finalists of the ATP Final Tournament played with each other back in 2011, when Tim was 17 years old, and Medvedev was only 14. They met at the junior tournament in Umag, where the Austrian arrived after reaching the final of Roland Garros for young players. Medvedev recalled that that match ended with his natural defeat, but Tim noted that the Russians were in for great success..

“Tim was already a junior superstar back then. So I told my friends that it would be great to start a match with a lucky loser or a wild card, win and get on Dominic. And so it happened. In the first round I played with my nephew Marina Cilic or someone like that. I beat him and then hit Dominic on clay. He destroyed me, in my opinion, 6: 2, 6: 0. But I won a point with a tweener if I’m not mistaken. Then I forgot that match, but he remembered it in some interview. I then behaved horribly on the court, probably ten times worse than now. After the match, he told me: « You may have a good future, but you need to calm down. ». Because I was going crazy, « – said Medvedev before the final in London.

This future came for both tennis players, when they took turns in one week to beat both Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. The first and second rackets of the world took away a lot of strength from Tim and Medvedev in the semifinals, but nevertheless they let two of the brightest representatives of the new generation of players go ahead. At the same time, the match with the participation of the Austrian took place several hours earlier, he had more time to recover before the final than the Russian athlete.

But in the title game, there was not much difference in physical condition. The advantage was rather with Medvedev, who reserved most of the long rallies, and Tim mostly scored points with aces or after one or two hits. This situation unnerved the Austrian, and already in the first games he allowed himself emotions when Medvedev made a request for a break. For Tim, one of the coolest players on the ATP tour, this was completely unusual..

But in the fifth game, Medvedev already had a reason for frustration. Leading with a score of 40: 0 on his serve, the Russian gave several rallies in a row and ended up with a double mistake. At the reception, he also rushed too much with the punches, which only allowed Tim to confirm the break. Medvedev was able to quickly return to his level, but the party was no longer saved. He fought right up to the setball when he was ready to shoot from half the court and equalize the score in the game, but the ball treacherously hit the net and jumped over the Russian. The game ended with a score of 6: 4 in favor of Tim.

In the second set, the Austrian felt great on the serve and gave only two points in three games. Medvedev, on the other hand, struggled to prevent his rival from gaining an advantage again.. At the right time, he always put the balls right on the court or forced Tim to make mistakes. Especially strongly the Russians were helped by the exits to the grid.

As a result, the game had to be played in a tie-break. Tim immediately won two points, including one on Medvedev’s serve, but it was too early for him to celebrate success.. The next seven draws ended in favor of the Russian. Medvedev earned his last point with a powerful ace.

The third game has already passed under the control of the fourth racket of the world. Medvedev earned several break points and in the fifth game he finally realized one of them after the next exit to the grid. After that Tim stopped playing his tennis.. Frequent hits on the cable only pissed him off even more..

Medvedev, however, held on to his serve with a strong grip and brought the match to victory. He won the final game with a score of 6: 4 and won the title at the ATP Final tournament for the first time in his career.. He included this game among the best in his career..

“What a match! This is one of my best victories! Two hours and 42 minutes, three sets against an amazing player. Congratulations to Dominic for what he has already achieved in his career. Your name is already in the history books of tennis, it’s great. You won the Grand Slam this year and you’re playing incredible. I hope that we will have many matches, as important as now, ”added Medvedev.

Before Medvedev, the only Russian who won the title at these competitions was Nikolai Davydenko. He won the 2009 Final when London was first held.

« I want to thank my team, especially the coach. As Dominic noted, life in bubbles is difficult, but we did well. I thank my wife, she wanted to come, but she could not, because now it is not easy to travel. Thanks to all the fans who are sending messages. We are also grateful to the organizers for being able to host this tournament.. I have always said that there will be an amazing story if the last tournament in London, like the first, is won by a Russian tennis player. So thanks to Nikolai Davydenko for inspiring a large number of children to play tennis, including me. I hope I continue his work, ”said the winner of the ATP Final Tournament.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Champion character: Medvedev defeated Tim and won the London ATP Final Tournament
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