EbeneMagazine –JP –New member of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2, « Nibunnogo! » Morimoto participated in No. 3 « London Boots Multiple Issue Plan » started (November 1, 2020) –Excite Newsja


Astonished by the obsession with Ronbu and Atsushi Tamura persuading a big artist, « It’s amazing to be able to get along »

BrazenBLVD / iStock / Thinkstock Through letters sent to entertainers, a variety show « Dear Sir, Entertainers-A lot of letters have arrived- » (Fuji TV series) that approaches unexpected friendships and unknown faces

Not just Namie Amuro! Three « female talents » who disappeared from the entertainment world at the end of Heisei

2018 was also a year in which well-known entertainers such as Namie Amuro, former TOKIO Tatsuya Yamaguchi, and Hideaki Takizawa, who turned to producer, retired from the entertainment world one after another. Also, at this time of the end of the year, Esper Ito also had the end of the year.

21 Top Actresses « Sealed Erotic Video » Played in Magazine & # 9312;

First of all, from that Namie Amuro (41) who does not cool down the afterglow of retired fever. She has become a « legend », but there was such a past that she didn’t want to be touched behind. « Dating with Atsushi Tamura of » London Boots No. 1 and No. 2  »

Hitoshi Matsumoto and Atsushi Tamura are impressed with how to deal with « SNS slander » « The way of thinking of Sangokushi »

Atsushi Tamura (London Boots No. 1 and No. 2) professes to be a favorite reader of Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s manga work « Sangokushi, » which is based on the unification of the three countries of China and Western Jin dynasty. Ryo Tamura, a partner who had been dismissed due to the dark business problem in June last year, is restored.

Hiroyuki Miyasako’s YouTube production staff was Ryo Nishikido’s « cousin »!

Ten months after the black business problem, Ameagari Kesshitai, Hiroyuki Miyasako has revived as a YouTuber entertainer. However, in the official video « It’s Miyasako! [Hiroyuki Miyasako] », the desire to return to terrestrial broadcasting was initially leaked, and many internet users

« Itaewon Class » Koji Imada rushes into the second lap !? Chidori Nobu also reveals « complete run » and a big response from fans

On May 25th (Monday), Savannah Takahashi will play a video titled « [Enthusiasm] Itaewon Class Best! What’s the Latest Recommended Korean Drama? » On her YouTube channel « Savannah Takahashi / Shigeo Channel ». Release. Koji Imada, Diane

Koji Imada, online drinking party for more than 4 hours !? Junior entertainers who want to finish early are united …

The WEB movie « Final Noodle / # Closing the Online Drinking Party », a collaboration between Yoshimoto Kogyo and Nissin Foods, was released on the 11th. Yoshimoto Kogyo started from home in response to the expansion of the state of emergency due to the new coronavirus.

Koji Imada, « Alone Association » Takashi Okamura’s view on the misrepresentation

Talent Koji Imada (54 years old) will appear on the variety show « Tokumori! Yoshimoto Imada Yakko’s Talking Jungle » (Yomiuri TV) broadcast on June 6th. Nine Tinai, a member of the « Alone Society », a gathering of single entertainers

London Boots Ichi-gō Ni-gō, Atsushi Tamura, Ryō Tamura, YouTube, Jealkb

Evere Magazine –JP –London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 new members, « Nibunnogo! » Morimoto participated in No. 3 « London boots multiple issue plan » started (November 1, 2020) –Excite News
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« Nibunnogo! » Is appointed to Ronbu No. 3 Announced on You Tube channel, SNS, etc. Morimoto participates in No. 3 « London boots multiple issue plan » started « > London boots No. 1 and No. 2 new members, » Nibunnogo! « Morimoto participates in No. 3 » London boots multiple issue plan « starts >
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