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It’s cold in Hokkaido, but it’s snowing in Kanto

The maximum temperature in Sapporo until 3:00 pm on the 15th is 0. 4 degrees. It was released from the midwinter day for the first time in 11 days. On the other hand, in Kanto, the temperature did not rise much during the day, and it snowed for a while. Sapporo, Hokkaido, where the cold has eased, is released from midwinter for the first time in 11 days. . .

26th: The cold is mild, but there are few sunny places

On the 26th, there are many places where the cold weather is relieved by the south wind. Fukuoka and Tokyo are expected to rise to 17 degrees, and Kanazawa and Sendai are expected to rise to 15 degrees. 26th The cold weather is lessened, but there are few sunny places National weather on 26th (Sun) When will it rain or snow ?? Tomorrow (26th: Sun). . .

The cold weather will ease on the 10th, but the winter general is preparing

On the 10th, a southerly wind will enter and the cold will ease nationwide. But General Winter is preparing for his next visit to Japan. After a few days, he will be pulled back to the cold. Even if the cold weather relaxes on the 10th, the winter general is preparing. Detailed weather around the country on the 10th (Sunday) Tomorrow (10th: Sunday) is a national day. . .

« Quadrans Muralis » Tonight’s peak Tomorrow dawn-dawn is best for observation What is the weather?

The peak of one of the three major meteor showers, the Quadrantids Meteor Shower, is tonight. The best time to observe the first shooting star in 2021 is from dawn to dawn on the 4th tomorrow. The Pacific side seems to be sunny widely, so be sure to take measures against the cold.. . .

Weekly weather: Cold weather hits from around Thursday, 7th. Is it snow on the Pacific side such as Nagoya and Osaka?

There is a risk of heavy snowfall and rough weather on the Sea of ​​Japan side as the « intense chills » move southward from around Thursday the 7th. There are places where the cold air is stronger than the year-end and New Year cold waves, and snow clouds will flow in places on the Pacific side as well. I’m also worried about the impact on transportation. . .

Weather on Sunday 3rd Beware of heavy snow, snowstorms, and avalanches on the Sea of ​​Japan side.

The effects of chills continue today. There will be snow and blizzards on the Sea of ​​Japan side of Hokkaido and Tohoku, and there will be places where snow and rain will intensify in Hokuriku. You need to be careful about the impact on transportation and avalanches. On the sunny Pacific side, on the other hand, the air will be dry. all. . .

22nd, intense heat, sudden changes in weather, heavy rain

It is extremely hot from Okinawa and Kyushu to Kanto. Thunderstorms here and there due to sudden changes in the weather in the afternoon. In Tohoku and Hokkaido, it rains like a waterfall locally as it passes through the front. Extreme heat sudden change in weather Heavy rain When is it necessary to pay attention to heavy rain (22nd: Saturday)? Extreme heat, sudden change in weather, station. . .

Typhoon No. 18: Fear of fierce levels of rain and wind

Typhoon No. 18 maintains a strong force. If you get close to it, there is a risk of heavy rain or strong wind. Typhoon No. 18 is a strong force and fears that both rain and wind will be fierce. Characteristics of Typhoon No. 18, expected rain, wind, and waves [Typhoon 18]. . .

Typhoon No. 3 has exceeded the peak of rain and wind, but is unstable

The peaks of rain and wind caused by typhoon No. 3 have passed, mainly in the Kanto region. However, from Kyushu to Kanto, the atmospheric conditions are still unstable, and there are places where extremely heavy rains are observed. Even if the typhoon goes away, you need to be careful about sudden rain and thunderstorms. Typhoon No. 3 total rain. . .

Atmospheric temperature, Kansai, Shigotohajime, Christmas and holiday season

EveneMagazine –JP –Kansai on the 4th is cold and the daytime temperature is expected to rise to about 10 degrees Celsius –Excite News
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