EbeneMagazine –JP –Information from outside the company 3 years ago Former female employee of Dai-ichi Life Insurance, over 1.9 billion yen fraud problem –Livedoor Newsja


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Suspicion of fraud three years ago = Report on fraud of former employee-Dai-ichi Life
 » Ignore time and make phone calls « Actual condition of former life insurance employee 1.9 billion yen fraud
89 years old Apologize for fraud by former employee Dai-ichi Life, 1.9 billion yen from customer
Dai-ichi Life Former employee 1.9 billion yen Exploitation problem I can’t prevent it even if I start monitoring from 3 years ago
Dai-ichi Life 1.9 billion fraud problem, inquiries have not been fraudulently detected from 3 years ago
Dai-ichi Life Former Female Employee Increasing Damage of Fraudulent Collection
Unauthorized collection of 1.9 billion yen Dai-ichi Life « Insufficient supervision system » ja

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