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Mizuto Asami Anna « Refreshing » is doing well and Haruna Kondo is finally in danger of restructuring

Announcer Mizuto Asami (30) of Nippon Television has left a comment on the past week on October 8th of the information program « Sukiri » of the same station, which has been the new MC since the 2nd. Nankai Can, who acts as the « voice of heaven » on the same program. . .

Mizuto Asami wearing foundation garment Harisenbon, Haruna Kondo

Asami Miura (27) of Nippon Television, who is the most popular in the female Anna world, has a reputation for being « overweight. » It is said that he even wears « corrective underwear » to cheat his « belly ». Asami Miura is proudly the first in « Favorite Women’s Anna » performed by some rank magazines. . .

Asami Miura « Refreshing !! » Haruna Kondo is in a strict position with the appointment of MC

Asami Miura, a 30-year-old announcer who is popular as the « face of lunch » on NTV, graduated from « Hirunandesu! » In September, and from October, the morning information program « Refreshing !! » Inaugurated as MC. With the transfer of Asami Miura. . .

« Refreshing » Haruna Kondo « Too vulgar cake cut » burns « just dirty »

« Refreshing » (Nippon TV) broadcast on December 21 introduced a ridiculous « how to cut a cake », and criticisms are concentrated on the net as « too dirty » and « vulgar ». The program is the opening, how to cut Christmas cakes beautifully. . .

Haruna Kondo cries for Masaharu Fukuyama’s narration « I have repeated my love »

In « Sukiri » (Nippon TV) broadcast on the 0th, a VTR was played in which singer-songwriter Masaharu Fukuyama talked with Haruna Kondo, a comedy combination Harisenbon who serves as MC. At the request of Mr. Kondo. . .

Looking down on the world too much !? « Refreshing » Haruna Kondo’s « Defense of Watanabe » is inundated with criticism

« Refreshing » (Nippon Television) broadcast on December 4 featured « Unjash » Ken Watabe, who held an apology conference the day before. Sub-MC « Harisenbon » Haruna Kondo pushes out a sense of justice as usual, and is amazed on the net.. . .

Harisenbon Haruna Kondo Feelings for « transfer dog »

Harisenbon Haruna Kondo Feelings for « transfer dog ». Haruna Kondo (37 years old) from comedy Harisenbon updated her official blog on April 8th. I spelled out my feelings for a « transfer dog ». An updated blog titled « 7 ». Kondo said, « Good evening! Everyone, likes and comments, and Instagram.. . .

Harisenbon Haruna Kondo, wisdom tooth grows « painful »

Harisenbon Haruna Kondo grows wisdom tooth and « hurts ». Haruna Kondo (37 years old) from comedy Harisenbon updated her official blog on June 13th. He reported that wisdom teeth had grown, and revealed the current situation, saying, « It hurts » and « It hurts every time I eat. » In the blog I updated on this day, Kondo said, « . . .

Haruna Kondo playing with actresses and artists with a frosty voice! « I’m sorry to be proud » « I’m sorry for Haruka »

Haruna Kondo of Porcupinefish will appear in « Shabekuri 007 » (Nippon TV) broadcast on March 19th. The « Haruna-kai » where famous entertainers gather was taken up, but the viewers said, « Recently, Haruna Kondo’s friendship pride has become annoying.. . .

Haruna Kondo, Sôkai jôhô variety Sukkiri !!, Nippon TV, Harisenbon, Asami Miura, ZIP !, Kôji Katô

Evere Magazine –JP –Haruna Kondo & Asami Miura Graduated from « Refreshing! » In March Haruna « At my will … » –Excite News
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