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Redim Talang was sent off in the 40th minute for a foul on Hernan Daniel Santana.. With this, Goa lost its initial dominance

Fatorda: i. The. F. host in bone. Mumbai City FC in the match against C Goa. Sikh victory. Mumbai won by an unbeaten margin. Adam Le Fondre scored from the penalty spot in injury time to give Mumbai the lead.. This is Mumbai’s first win of the season.

In the third minute of injury time, Goa’s Lenny Rodriguez hit the ball into the box and the referee pointed to the penalty box.. Goa, who had made great strides from the start of the match, suffered a setback in the 40th minute. Goa finished with 10 men remaining after Redem Talang was sent off for a foul on Hernan Daniel Santana..

In the 75th minute, Mander Rao Desai failed to find the back of the net.. The ball, delivered to the Fondre box by Adam, hit Mander’s leg and went over the post. In the 71st minute, Mumbai replaced Farooq Chaudhary with Ogbeche, but Mumbai eventually needed a penalty to win..

The match started with Govan advancing. Igor Angulo and Seamlin Dungle got the ball rolling as midfielders Alberto Nogvera, Edu Bedia and Lenny Rodriguez shone.. Goa were often penalized in the final third. In the 55th minute, Edu Bedia’s long save was saved by long range goalkeeper Amarinder Singh..

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Mumbai City FC, Indian Super League, Mumbai

EbeneMagazine – IN – Injury Time Penalty; Mumbai City FC beat Goa by 10 wickets. C
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