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When PM Narendra Modi inaugurated Monday afternoon (NH 19) at Khajuri in Varanasi, Mirzamurad, the distance from Kashi to Sangam city has also reduced. Through Handia-Prayagraj-Rajatalab, this route will now free people from the jam. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also address a public meeting in Khajuri village earlier. Along with this, 73 km Sixth Lane Widening Road of NHAI was released. 72 of the highway built from Rajatalab in Varanasi to Prayagraj Handia. With the inauguration of the 64 km long Sixlane road, the distance between Kashi and Prayagraj was reduced.

Kisan agitation: PM Modi’s attack on the opposition, facing the country…

The six-lane highway has three flyovers, 22 underpasses, 36 bus stands, two foot overbridges, four truck ways, a toll plaza and other necessary works. A total of 2447 crore rupees have been spent in this work. This work of Six Lane started on 5 December 2017. After the Sixlane launch of National Highway 2, it will now be known as National Highway 19. The new sign board of NH 19 was already installed on the highway. Due to this highway, the journey from Delhi Kolkata corridor will be smooth. Tourist traffic will also be very smooth. Pollution will decrease with time and fuel savings. Local-market towns will get rid of the jam. On the other hand, the movement of devotees going to Maa Vindhyavasini Darbar Mirjapur, Sitamarhi Temple Bhadohi, Kumbh Magh Mela will be more accessible

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has built a total of five bridges from Varanasi to Prayagraj, including three at Prayagraj, one at Bhadohi’s Gopiganj and one at Varanasi. It is also the first elevator bridge of Purvanchal. The bridge at Handia is about two and a half kilometers long, which is a record. This will reduce the traffic jam on the route as well as increase the speed of the trains.

Kisan agitation: PM Modi’s attack on the opposition, the truth of the illusionists facing the country

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EbeneMagazine – IN – No more traffic from Kashi to Sangamnagar
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Six Lane Road Between Varanasi -Prayagraj: From Kashi to Sangamnagri, there will be no jam, speed will increase for the trains. Trains will increase speed « > From Kashi to Sangamnagari, there will be no jam, speed of trains will increase. . hi

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