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Toronto Police and Bylaws are investigating a restaurant in south Etobicoke that has opened its doors for indoor dining as Toronto is in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The owner of Adamson Barbecue opened just after 11am. m. Dozens of people showed up to eat inside Tuesday, including a number of people waiting to get inside.

On Monday, Ontario locked Toronto and the Peel Region, forcing restaurants to close indoor and outdoor restaurants and only switch take-out and delivery.

The owner, Adam Skelly, took to social media Monday to tell people, « enough is enough – we’re opening. « . ”

« Why are we singled out and the big multinationals are all important, well, they’re full. Come on guys, enough is enough, we’re opening, ”he said in a 3-minute video posted on Instagram.

Insp. Tim Crone of the 22nd Division told reporters that Toronto police, city officials, and public health officials entered the restaurant to investigate violations of the Ontario Reopening Act.

Crone said Toronto police officers were there to ensure public safety and to assist public health in investigating the crime.

Crone said investigators left the restaurant after speaking with the owner to present their findings to Toronto Public Health supervisors and that enforcement actions will likely be taken sometime this week.

« Due to the sheer number of people who are here right now, we do not currently have the option of physically removing them all. « . And that would be unsafe, ”he said.

« We understand the level of frustration, but the overarching consideration must always be public safety. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, the numbers are still rising and the focus should be on flattening the curve, ”said Crone.

Adamson Barbecue on Queen Elizabeth Boulevard near Royal York Road and Queensway remained open, although officials deemed it unsafe.

Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly seems to be enjoying this. He nodded his head at Rage Against the Machine and grinned ear to ear as the officers walked in (he’s in blue and black plaid). . Then he asked the media to leave his property. # covid19ontario pic. Twitter. com / D2Dgw9NgRU

The owner had previously come under fire for controversial comments he made back in April about how serious COVID-19 is and what offensive language is used.

Brad Ross, a spokesman for the city of Toronto, said, « City law enforcement and police are continuing to investigate Adamson Barbecue. The city will soon have more to say on this subject. ”

« I just wish they’d followed the rules. I can’t be angry with a businessman, they are hurting right now and they are fighting and they are doing everything to stay afloat, but if we leave everyone open we will be in worse shape, ”said Ford.

The crowd that Adamson BBQ is assisting in non-compliance with lockout orders has grown significantly. Many order to take away and gather in a confined space without masks. # covid19ontario pic. Twitter. com / jHuzgfO2ux

Insp Crone said the public health officials and bylaws were speaking with the owner and needed to take their investigation to their manager. But he is « pretty confident » the charges will be brought later this week. # COVID19Ontario image. Twitter. com / Bs2espr8Jy

City law enforcement and police are still investigating Adamson Barbecue. The city will soon have more to say on this subject.

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EbeneMagazine – CA – Restaurant Etobicoke is opening indoor restaurants despite COVID-19 lockdown restrictions

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