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History can often serve as the backdrop to fantastic cinematic moments both on television and in history To name a few examples we can cite masterpieces like’ Spartacus « , » The Tudors « , » The Last Kingdom « and » Vikings « , among others Joining this league of ambitious historical shows is the German origin of Netflix’s » Barbarians « – which tells the legendary battle of the Teutoburg Forest – an event that changed the course of history Of course, the first edition of the series immediately wowed fans of bloody, bloody, action-packed documentary-dramas inspired by the story. Now viewers are eagerly awaiting the news of the second season. Well let’s skip it all. right now!

Season 1 of « Barbarians » premiered on October 23, 2020 on Netflix It consists of six episodes The first season covers the events leading up to the Battle of Teutoburg Forest and its aftermath Now, in terms Of content, the show has immense scope to continue from here on. History nerds will know that the aforementioned battle had massive consequences in the later strategies of the Roman conquest

Once again, the first iteration of the drama managed to elicit a tremendous response and that was expected The streamer never went wrong with their historic plans All factors taken into account, we’re confident Netflix will be announcing a renewal If that happens in the next couple of months, we can expect « Barbarians » season 2 to be released in 2022

« Barbarians » Features Extensive Ensemble Cast Leading the cast is Gaetano Aronica as Publius Quinctilius Varus, Bence Ferenczi as Berulf Buddy Y, Jeanna Goursand as Thusnelda, Tibor Milos Kriski as Berulf Buddy, Jeremy Miliker as Ansgar and Laurence Rupp as Arminius We also have David Schütter as Folkwin Wolfspeer and Bernhard Shütz as Segestes Since the character of Varus is killed in the season 1 finale, Aronica is not expected to make a comeback in future episodes Otherwise, most of the remaining main cast should return for next season

« Barbarians » is a historical drama that takes place in the year 9 AD, during the Roman imperial campaign of Germania Three Roman legions and his auxiliaries are under the leadership of Publius Quinctilius Varus On the other hand, Arminius, a leader Germanic is well trained in Roman military tactics He leads and unites the Germanic tribes to fight against their invaders from the south

Season 1 ends with a devastating battle where the tribes defeat the Romans in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest Arminius sends Varus’s severed head to Maroboduus, king of the Marcomans – with an offer for an anti-Roman alliance This is where the first outing ends and the next season is expected to pick up on events from here when Maroboduus turns down the offer and sends the head to Rome for funeral

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EbeneMagazine – CA – Barbarians Netflix Season 2 Release date, cast, new season / canceled?

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