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Tua Tagovailoa’s early play as the midfielder of the Miami Dolphins has definitely pumped excitement into the fanbase and created expectations. Tagovailoa is equipped to handle the stress of playing position in South Florida at a high level.. Miami’s search for a suitable heir for Dan Marino has been a long and difficult journey – and while Tagovelloa had a lot to do before he could successfully close the book in the team’s search, he’s well on his way..

The Dolphins draw 2-0 with Taguvilwa as a start and their victories came in very, very different ways.. Week 8 against the Los Angeles Rams was a thrilling and exciting win that included loads of defense and some major special team matches; The ninth week against the Arizona Cardinals saw the « arrival » of Taguviloa as a start with a few major defensive plays sprinkled in.

When added together, Miami should feel that no matter what type of script the game follows, the dolphins will be ready and able to win victories – thanks in large part to Tagufailua’s early flashes. ESPN’s « NFL Matchup » put Taguviloa under the microscope last week and explored exactly what the rising midfielder showed during his first two matches and why he was well positioned to start his game as a result of early baseline:

Using the full field of play and the comfort of working with his eyes completely across the field, this is the kind of mental manipulation and footwork that makes for strong midfield play.. . It would be understandable if the dolphins had kept him away from such readings as much as possible – but while dolphins don’t break down a set of odd pass concepts, they are clearly willing and able to let Tagovailoa work through multiple readings.. It can be vertical or horizontal, but Taguviloa has done well with what has been put on his plate so far, as explained by analyst Matt Bowen, « NFL Matchup ».

The question now is what will the dolphins put on their plate next. Expect a little more every time he wins a test.

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EbeneMagazine – AU – Watch: « NFL Matchup » crashes Tua Tagovailoa’s high-level skills

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