EbeneMagazine – AU – Turkish Low-Grip « It’s not what the F1 is about, » says Russell


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Late appearances at the Istanbul Park circuit combined with no other chains operating before F1 left the track with minimal grip, making it difficult for drivers to gain speed.

The rainy conditions made it more difficult for drivers throughout the qualifiers and the Sunday race, which saw a number of turns and errors through struggles for control as drivers were unable to warm their tires. .

The Williams Russell driver finished 16th at the end, but was frustrated by the huge fluctuations in lap times depending on the temperature of the tires, saying it wasn’t a fun race.

Russell said: « The lap time varies by two to three seconds per lap, if you run the tires or not – that’s unbelievable. ».

“This weekend has not really been what Formula 1 is all about. I’m sure the show looked great, and I’m sure I would have loved watching it from my sofa at home.

“It was just a lottery for everyone out there. I like driving in wet conditions, but that was another thing.

Russell said it was disappointing not being able to maximize the potential of the fastest cars in Formula 1 history at Istanbul Park Racecourse.

“I think everyone was very excited to come here, and since the first lap in FP1, we had absolutely no control,” Russell said.

“The biggest factor was, without a doubt, the new appearance. From what I heard and understood, everything had to be done at the last minute, and the Turkish company or whoever ran the race did a really good job getting everything done in time, and they got delayed by some really bad weather.

“It was like driving on an ice sheet, and in fact the times I went off the track on old concrete my grip was much bigger than I did [on the track]. The concrete apron in the driving lane, which is usually incredibly slippery compared to the track, has much more grip than an actual racetrack.

When asked if fans at home could enjoy such an unpredictable race, Russell replied: “If you want chaos and carnage, and drivers to look like fools, there are other classes and sports you can go see.

“Formula 1 is all about the best cars, the best drivers, the best teams who go to the best tracks and show what they can do.. This weekend was not like that.

« I’m sure I would have loved it from the sofa, but maybe there’s a midpoint I’m sure F1 can learn from, and we’re not just going here and starting the dice week, week out.

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EbeneMagazine – AU – Turkish GP « It’s not what F1 is all about, » says Russell

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