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Posted: 22:32 GMT, Dec.. November 2020 | Updated: 10:32 PM GMT, Jan.. November 2020

Great referee Nigel Owens says rugby union saved his life from a milestone this weekend.

The Welshman turns 100. Officiate Test in overseeing France against Italy in the Autumn Nations Cup and do so as one of the sport’s most beloved and respected faces.

His story also has a background of resilience after attempting suicide.

Nigel Owens announced that the sport of rugby will bring him before his 100th birthday. Test match saved your life

« I’ve spent about nine to ten years of my life pretending to be who I wasn’t and that almost cost me my life, » he told the World Rugby’s Between the Lines podcast.

‘From that day on when I had that second chance, I’ve always said to myself,’ Just be yourself. ‘.

‘I would like to believe that I have contributed to the game over the years and if so I am really glad because believe me, I owe rugby and the people in the sport more than rugby ever gets to me owe something.

A great referee says he spent much of his life posing as someone he wasn’t

‘I wouldn’t be who I am today without the great sport of rugby. Rugby saved my life. ‘

Owens, who will be 50 next year, added that he never expected to hit the numbers he got on the pipe.

‘When you’re a referee, you don’t really think about milestones. When I turned 71. I became the referee with the highest cap, overtaking Jonathan Kaplan. It wasn’t something that I was chasing, but something that you will notice and be very proud of, ”he said.

‘With these 100 it’s very similar now. If I were to tell you that numbers don’t really matter to me, and if a referee is to tell you that, I don’t think they are being very honest with you because it’s special, something to look back on.

‘With the great quality of referees out there right now, even very young ones, I think they will be some of them in the years to come to reach the 100 cap milestone. ‘

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EbeneMagazine – AU – referee great Nigel Owens: ‘Rugby saved my life’
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