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The Italtrans drivers Bastianini, Marc VDS man Sam Lowes and the VR46 couple Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi made it to the finals with 23 points. and fifth place was enough to secure the MotoGP-bound Bastianini the crown by nine points over runner-up Marini.

It was Marini who got the holeshot from second on the grid, but he lost the lead when he selected neutral at Turn 3 and allowed Gardner and Bastianini to pass.

Gardner’s early attack resulted in him opening his gap to over a second after a couple of laps while the injured Lowes worked his way past Marini on lap four to advance to second place.

In the meantime, Bastianini slipped behind Bezzecchi, Lowes’ Marc VDS teammates Augusto Fernandez and Jorge Martin from Ajo KTM.

Gardner’s lead would be wiped out on lap eight, Marini and Lowes would continue on Turn 1, and the VR46 driver would open a lead of 1. 2s in front.

Gardner overtook Lowes on lap 13 on corner one after the Brit made a mistake a few corners earlier when he appeared to be starting to struggle with his injured wrist.

Marini would come under pressure from Gardner in the latter stages while Lowes somehow rallied to keep the pair in sight.

Bastianini continued to fight Fernandez for fifth place and came under tremendous pressure in the final stages as American Racing’s Martin, Fernandez and Joe Roberts approached him.

Gardner had come to terms with Marini on lap 16 and managed his decisive overtaking in turn 3. The SAG rider prevailed in a matter of seconds, claiming his family’s first Grand Prix victory since his father Wayne’s victory at the 500cc British GP in 1992.

Marini did everything to keep his title hopes alive, but Valentino Rossi’s protégé, who will team up with Bastianini at Avintia Ducati in MotoGP next year, would still have missed the title even if he had beaten Gardner victory.

Lowes’ heroic effort ended with securing the final step on the podium and third place overall, tied with Marini. Bezzecchi ended up 21 points behind Bastianini after the fourth race.

Bastianini held Martin back in fifth place, with Roberts, Fernandez, Pons rider Lorenzo Baldassarri and Petronas Sprintas Xavi Vierge rounding out the top 10.

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EbeneMagazine – AU – Portimao Moto2: Bastianini champion, Gardner wins for the first Times

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