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South Australia has gone’ tough and early ‘with a raft of new COVID-19 restrictions as officials scramble to bring an emerging cluster of infections under control.

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said the situation was grave and time was of the essence in dealing with the outbreak, which currently stands at 17.

“It’s hard, it’s early. But I hope these are in place for the shortest time possible. « .

« If we act quickly and decisively, I hope we can get this under control in the coming weeks.

Among the mandatory changes that will come into effect from midnight on Monday, gyms, entertainment centers and gaming cafes will be closed for a period of two weeks with the cancellation of community sports facilities and training.

The number of funerals and family gatherings will be limited to 50, and all church gatherings to 100 people.

Bars, clubs and restaurants will be restricted to 100 people plus all other public gatherings.

All venues or events must adhere to a one-person rule for every four square meters.

Masks will be mandatory for personal care and elderly care workers if physical distancing is not possible..

The government has also passed a raft of advisory measures including urging people to work from home where possible, encouraging vulnerable people to stay home, and wearing masks if physical distancing is a problem..

Police Commissioner Grant Stephens said it was hoped all procedures would be required for only two weeks.

“If we see continued proliferation of this particular group, we will have to take other measures,” he said.

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EbeneMagazine – AU – Outbreak calls for new virus measures in South Australia
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