Ebene Magazine – Zhalgas Zhumagulov spoke about his preparation before playing at UFC 257 ru

Ebene Magazine - Zhalgas Zhumagulov spoke about his preparation before playing at UFC 257 ru

Kazakhstani fighter of the Arlan MMA Pro Team Zhalgas Zhumagulov (13-4) before the fight at UFC 257 talked about his preparation, and also analyzed his first performance in the promotion, reports Prosports.kz.

– Tell us about how you got to Boytsovsky Island. I heard that there were some difficulties.

– Yes, there were some minor problems. We left at lunchtime and only got here at night. We stayed a little at the border. I have been here for almost a month and a half, preparing in advance with the team.

– This time the preparation was completely different. We decided with the management, with the coach to come in advance and train here. In a month and a half we arrived with Sergei. In general, there were 15 of us. There are two sparring partners for me, and two for Morozov. There were also fighters with us. Three coaches arrived here with us. We can say that we are in our best shape.

– Tell us about the last fight. It seems that you yourself did not agree with the decision. Do you think you lost in that fight?

– Of course, there were mistakes. It was necessary to dominate one hundred percent. What was, what was. You can’t get anything back. I will go to this fight completely different. I know how to win, what to do.

– No, the difference was only in weight. This was felt in battle. Any professional knows how a kilogram is cut. How hard it is to recover afterwards. It was felt in battle. When the opponent got tired, he began to increase the pace. There were reasons why I stopped. It was hard. I am energized now, motivated only to win.

– I knew what I was going for. As he was, he remained so. It’s nice, of course, that my people are drowning like that for me.

– Many have bought tickets for this tournament. But you can get on it only if you are here for 10 days. Therefore, many had to hand them back.

– He surpasses me in grappling. And so, in principle, I will not say that he is stronger than me. I have seen more serious fighters. This time I paid a lot of attention to the fight. Worked on his strengths.

– The plans are big. But I’ll tell you about everything after the fight. Otherwise it will be disrespectful to my opponent. He also wants to win, prepares.

Zhumagulov’s rival will be the Swedish fighter Amir Albazi (13-1). This fight will take place on the UFC 257 McGregor-Poirier main event card. By the time of Nur-Sultan, Zhumagulov’s fight will approximately take place closer to five on Sunday morning.

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