Ebene Magazine – When the giant lizard suddenly reached the supermarket in search of food, see how the video caused ‘catastrophe’ hi


There was chaos in a supermarket when a giant lizard reached there in search of food. Not only is this video viral on social media, everyone is surprised by seeing the 6-foot giant lizard. In fact, in a supermarket in Thailand, this 6-foot lizard starts climbing on a rack full of supermarket goods and seeing this, it makes people scream.

Viral on social media can be seen in this video how this huge lizard enters the supermarket and destroys the goods. It can be seen in the video that the giant lizard climbs onto the supermarket rack and then starts to knock the goods down. Then comes a time when she sits comfortably on top of the rack.

During this time, the people present in the supermarket are capturing the incident on their cameras and shouting at the lizard antics. It is being said that this lizard entered the supermarket in search of food. The incident occurred on Tuesday, when a canal lizard in Thailand spread panic and entered a 7-Eleven store in Nakhon Pathom.

As the lizard enters the supermarket, the staff and other employees hide behind the counter and then throw food and drinks towards it. Meanwhile, an employee calls the police and then the police comes with the rescue team and takes him to rescue. This video is being shared widely on social media.

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