Ebene Magazine – « We found a thylacine »: Tassie Tiger Hunter celebrates

Ebene Magazine - "We found a thylacine": Tassie Tiger Hunter celebrates

A THYLACINE hunter who claims to have taken photos of a family of three from Thylacines in the northeastern state says he is having the photos reviewed by experts.

In a three-minute YouTube video, South Australian thylacine hunter Neil Waters claims to have captured pictures of a mother, father and baby thylacine.

Mr. Waters sips a can of Boags Draft as he strolls through « a small town » in northeast Tasmania, describing the unpublished photos.

“When I checked my SD cards, I found some photos that were pretty darn good,” he says.

« I can tell you that there are three animals … we believe the first picture is the mother. We know the second picture is the baby because it is so tiny and the third picture is the father. There is a little hint about the mother and father, what they are with certain characteristics of them, but they are ambiguous. But the baby is not ambiguous.  »

Mr Waters claims independent experts including « canine judges, cat judges and a veterinarian » who saw the pictures.

He also claims to have sent the pictures to wildlife expert Nick Mooney of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Mr. Waters says he will « plan a strategy » for the photos when he receives confirmation of what they show.

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water, and Environment continues to record reported sightings of thylacines from across Tasmania.

However, the species remains « believed to be extinct » and there has been no clear evidence of sightings for more than 50 years.


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