Ebene Magazine – Wayanad lost six dream projects during Pinarayi’s tenure ml

Ebene Magazine - Wayanad lost six dream projects during Pinarayi's tenure ml

Wayanad, a backward district, has lost six dream projects that have been awaited for decades during the five – year rule of the Pinarayi government. Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College, Wayanad Government Medical College The Sree Chithira Institute of Medical Sciences sub-center, the NCC academy on Makkimala Muneeswaran Hill, which was allotted to the district by the UDF government, and the Churam alternative roads, which would have been very helpful to Wayanad without rail, air and water transport, would have been completely abandoned.
The negligence of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who visited the district only seven times after coming to power (one of which was for the LDF election campaign), continued with other ministers in the Left government. These are the dream projects that Wayanad did not get during the LDF government.

Government Medical College
Despite being in power for five years, the Left government is leaving only announcements for the decades-old dream of Wayanad Government Medical College. The Left government was cheating the people of Wayanad by abandoning the medical college at Madakkimalai, which was built with stone, and deceiving the people by saying that it was going to take over land in Chundel and finally taking over the private medical college in the district. The budget also announced Rs 300 crore and more special services for the medical college, which has not said where it will start or where it will start. The completion of the Medical College was one of the important election promises of the Kalpetta MLA. But nothing came true. When the LDF ignores the Wayanad Government Medical College, which was the eternal dream of a district for political reasons alone, hundreds of helpless human lives are lost.

Sree Chithira Sub Center
The Left government has already stated that it does not want to start a Sree Chithira Institute of Medical Science sub-center in Wayanad. With this, 75 acres of land at Glenlevel Estate in Thavinjal Grama Panchayat, which was found for the institute, is likely to become barren. The center of Sree Chithira Institute of Medical Sciences was allotted to Wayanad in 2010. During the last UDF government, a headoff account of Rs 19 crore was sanctioned. Subsequently, on February 18, 2016, the Revenue Department took over the land and issued an order. Subsequently, with the LDF coming to power, further action came to a standstill.

Nanjangode Wayanad Nilambur Railway
The hopes of the Nanjangud-Wayanad-Nilambur railway line, the dream project of the district, have been dashed due to the betrayal of the Pinarayi government by the government, which did not even pay the allotted amount despite the route being approved as a detailed project document (DPR). Despite the DMRC report that the tunnel can be constructed without deforestation, the state government is sabotaging Wayanad’s dream project by ignoring the fact that the railway line passes through the Walayar forest in Kerala and the Gir and Kaziranga wildlife sanctuaries in India. The Nanjangud-Sultan Bathery-Nilambur railway line was approved in the Railway Budget on February 25, 2016 and included in the Pink Book to begin construction, following the activities and struggles of various organizations for over 100 years. Following the signing of the Joint Agreement between the Center and Kerala for the construction of this road, on 6-5-2016, the Central Government announced a central allocation of `3000 crore for 30 joint venture projects. On 24-6-2016, the Government of Kerala directed the DMRC to conduct the DPR and final location survey of the road. On 10-8-2016, the Railway Board approved these measures. On 9-1-2017, E. Sreedharan reached Kalpetta, convened a convention of the people’s representatives and gave an explanation regarding the construction of the road. He said the Nanjangud-Nilambur railway line could be completed in five years. He also suggested that funds be found for the track on the Kochi Metro model. A coordination committee comprising Wayanad MPs and MLAs was formed. Then on 6-2-2017, Minister G. Sudhakaran convened a public convention at Kalpetta town hall and announced the launch of Nanjangud-Nilambur railway line.
Out of the `8 crore to be paid to DMRC for preparation of TPR,` 2 crore was deposited in the account of DMRC by the Government of Kerala on 11-2-2017. But the order, which was issued at 11 a.m. that morning, was frozen at 3 p.m. With this, the Pinarayi government was subverting the dream of a railway.

Makkimala NCC Academy
Wayanad lost the NCC academy at Makkimala which was allotted to the district by the UDF government and the sabotage by the Left government on the birth anniversary of the district. The government is continuing its Anangapara policy against the move by the big resort lobby against the academy. Despite the dissatisfaction of even the Left parties with the bureaucratic moves against the academy, the government refused to intervene. It was during the last government that it was decided to set up the Makkimala Muneeswaran Kunnil Academy in Thavinjal Grama Panchayat. The Left government’s move was to feed the academy resort mafia, which could have provided better training to 3,000 students.

Traffic ban on National Highway 766
The reality is that the Left government’s stance has played a major role in bringing things to the danger of a complete ban on the national highway. Since the case was filed in the Karnataka High Court in 2009 with a travel ban, the Left government has taken a stance that insults Wayanad. The court accepted the contention that the then Left government of VS Achuthanandan as the Chief Minister was an alternative. The government attorney who appeared in court at the time was of the opinion that the repairs on the alternative road should be completed. In January 2018, the case reached the Supreme Court. It was the Left government headed by Pinarayi Vijayan that submitted the report approving the Kutta-Gonikuppa road as an alternative road before a panel of experts appointed by the court to help reach the Supreme Court’s decision on the closure of National Highway 766. State Transport Secretary Jyotilal had reported that the alternative road should be made a four-lane road instead of the traffic ban and the Thalassery-Mysore railway should be allowed. The position of the Principal Forest Conservator was that the travel ban should be from 6 p.m. In effect, these attitudes were very unfavorable to Wayanad in the travel ban case. The state government has issued a letter of rectification following the criticism, but has not agreed to change its position. With this, the Karnataka government strengthened its earlier stand. Following the protests, the state filed an affidavit in favor of the district in the Supreme Court, but it was too late.

The government is also indifferent in making the Wayanad Pass alternative road a reality. All the plans already announced by the government regarding the alternative road have come to naught. The suggestion of five lanes instead of the pass should have been raised earlier. The proposals were Chippilithodu-Maruthilav-Thalippuzha, Anakampoil-Kalladi-Meppadi, Peruvannamoozhi-Poozhithodu-Padinjarathara, Kunjom-Vilangadu, Meppadi-Chooralmala-Pothukallu-Nilambur. After the UDF government came to power in 2011, two alternative routes were announced. One of these is the Chippilithodu-Maruthilavu-Thalippuzha road. The other is the Elephant Camp-Kalladi-Meppadi road. With a budget allocation of Rs 2 crore for construction, people thought that one of the roads would become a reality. After this, the then Chief Minister visited the district and said that the Chippilithodu-Maruthilavu-Thalippuzha road had been sanctioned and work would start soon. However, the necessary permission to construct the road through the forest land could not be obtained from the concerned Union Ministry. As in the case of the Anakampoil-Kalladi road, the government is not intervening to get the permission of the Central Forest and Environment Department for the construction of the Chippilithodu-Maruthilavu-Thalippuzha road through the forest.
The Chippilithodu-Maruthilavu-Thalippuzha road easily connects Wayanad with Kozhikode district. The road is 23 km long and 8.94 km long is forested. The estimated construction cost was Rs 51.31 crore. The West-Poozhithodu road has been a topic of discussion for a quarter of a century. The 16.79 km long forest trail was inaugurated years ago. The Meppadi-Mundakkai-Nilambur road also remains a declaration. An amount of `20 crore was sanctioned in the state budget for 2016-17 for the Anakampoil-Kalladi-Meppadi tunnel. Meppadi is located at a distance of 16 km from Anakampoil via Kalladi. An alternative road will become a reality if a tunnel is built at a distance of five and a half kilometers. But the steps needed to make the district’s alternative path dreams a reality have not yet been effective. The announcement of the tunnel was made by the Pinarayi government without even applying for an environmental permit from the Center.

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